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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Lurk650
    My Yenona review should be coming up soon. I didn't think the aftermarket cable I bought made that much of a difference but I ABd it against stock and yeah, it makes a difference. Noticeably in the bass and clarity.

    Anyways, stock pad on left and HM5 on the left. The stock pad is actually a thick material stitched in unlike how the material was on the M50. Don't think it's removable. Either way you can see how thin the HM5 is.

  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Here's a very interesting concept:
  3. Lurk650
  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
  5. Lurk650
    All good man! Just letting you know. Also, thanks! Probably the most effort I put into a review!
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  6. Vaga Liki
    I got my Yenonas last week and I've been listening to them since. My tldr: they're good headphones, worth the money, but they're not mind-blowing or anything
  7. Lurk650

    Couple of mods I did plus pairing with the Opus#1 and I prefer these over the AKG 7xx
  8. Pharmaboy
    After ~1 week off from the Yenona's (burning in & listening to my new Lyx Pro HS-30's), last night I listened intently to them for an hour. They now have MrSpeakers Alpha pads + 1-layer of lycra-type fabric placed inside the pads.
    They sounded amazing. I had difficulty taking them off to shut down the home office.
    I'd noticed previously that the Alpha pads slightly lowered the level of the bass (not a bad thing w/these bassy cans). More importantly, these pads pull up the midrange somewhat, such that the bass & midrange sound continuous &  balanced. This was the most positive tonal change resulting from the switch to Alpha pads. I had added the fabric insert to tame some remaining, modest elevation of the upper midrange and treble, which it did.
    Anyway, last night I noticed one not-so-good effect of the Alpha pads: they're so deep & inclined (1.5" on the deeper/back side & .75" on the shallow/front side) that the Yenona's aren't sealing well. They have very little clamping pressure to begin with--a nice quality that helps make them the most comfortable headphones I've ever used--but with the Alpha pads, this means the very large/deep pads sit in a "cocked" position against the ears & don't seal well: what little clamping pressure there is affects the front of earpads, and the back/deeper side of each resting more loosely against the back of the ear.
    What I did was lightly press each index finger against the outside of each earcup, and the sound "locked in" quite noticeably. The bass became more impactful and the soundstage (another good quality of the Yenona's IMO) widened a bit more. Pretty silly to sit there for an hour w/a finger pressing the outside of each earcup, but I gladly did--the sound was so good that way...
    I may switch the Alpha pads for HM5 "extra thick" pads, 2 more pairs of which are on order. I'm curious to hear what this sounds like, based on comments of @peter123 and @Lurk650.
    Regardless, I've already established to my satisfaction that the Yenona's sound is malleable & relatively easy to modify. Still loving these inexpensive headphones!
  9. slim311

    I have the KZ LP clones and you're not missing much, the sound is pretty meh. Boomy bass, rolled off highs. I never heard the Vmoda Crossfade LP, but based on descriptions of those, the way the KZ sounds is how I imagine the vmodas to sound. Plus they have pretty bad driver flex from even a slight push on the cups. The build quality is nice though, and it came with a v-moda like case, but even being a basshead, the sound is way too dark for me. It just gets tiring after a while. Maybe I should try some XL pads or something.
  10. mikp
    Got my free 6.35mm cable adapter today, and also the ausdom m05. Did a quick compare and had to lower bass in viper4android because the uasdom can not handle the same as yenona.
  11. crabdog
    Listening to the N650 with HM5 pads...mmmm very interesting. So far so good but need some time to A/B them and it's too late at night. They're more comfortable with regular style pads.
  12. trivium911
    Damn still have not receieved the ISK mdh9000s, i hope no one is waiting for a review anytime soon. They shipped on the 21st, posted on the 29th and left china to canada on the 30th. No updates since, and im frustrated. The seller just extended the protection but i want the headphones. I ordered a pair of hand made 5BA IEMs on the 30th which shipped out the 6th and they are already in alberta, i should be receiving them tomorrow or friday. What gives? Did the isks Get held up in customs? The seller said they remove the original box and put it in another box for better protection maybe it got flagged and confiscated. Shipped via epacket on both shipments btw.
  13. mysacisanorange

    Shipping from China to Canada usually takes a few days more than a month.

    It hasn't updated because it probably hasn't arrived in Canada yet. Still might be going through China export customs, along with other things it has to do before arriving in Canada. Once its in Canada, it should arrive within a few days.

    If it doesn't come by Christmas, I'd be concerned
  14. trivium911

    You mean trivium lol, but yeah its just strange that i was able to get my 5BA so soon, which should be today or tomorrow. Both were shipped epacket and the 5ba iems were shipped a week later. Oh well guess i just have to wait.
  15. Nachash
    Found this nice photo gallery of the Bosshifi B8
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