Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

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  1. Cruelhand Luke definitely have the bug.
    I think you are on the right path though. I read everything I can find on modding headphones, look at all the boring pictures etc to get a better understanding of how changes in materials, placement of them, removal, etc affects sound.
    I mean, how do you think I wound up with silly putty around the drivers of an open backed NVX SPT100?
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  2. Nymphonomaniac
    Got the bug? LOL In fact, I wanna open everything like I should have done 30 years ago as a curious kid hehe Just came back from dollar store, velcro stuff is for changeable pads and I think its better than scotch tape to stick them hehe. Lot of experience to do! DO you know if there a VERY DETAILED PASSIONATE headfi thread about modding, like, full of pictures and great idea....feel its quite too scatter. And feel like we can learn about modding even if its not the exact headphones models we have that we read about.
    Now, I will stop talking about modding in this thread to not be out of subject....(this is why a search a vast headfi thread about it).
    Thanks for the tips man....and the bug!
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    I don't think there is mods thread...I mean there is a whole 'diy' section and lots of various threads......
    You just gave me an idea...what if there were a dedicated "mods" thread, one requirement:ppictures. You can post any mod, on any long as you have the pics to show us what you did. Sound like a good idea?
    EDIT forgot to mention, the dollar store is your friend for sure! Just one example? I buy these packs of foam hair rollers that are perfect as attenuators! They even have a memory wire inside, it's awesome.
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  4. Nymphonomaniac
    +1 000 000 000 for begining this thread WITH pictures! As an image worth 1000 words, it will be very very usefull for alot of DIYer! Please do please do....don't want to make a third thread and i'm not good enough about this to be credible.
    And yes, dollar store is my friend....there like 5 near my appartment, quite an invasion of those in Montreal lol Medical tape is interesting cause it have micro hole in begin to open computer stuffs to take piece aha, find a heatsink for the AMP-DAC....kinda crazy all those electronic waste, wish I can find some OPamp too hehe

    Cheers and don't forget to PM me if you open a MODS THREAD:):):)!
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  5. Cruelhand Luke
    So that's a yes? OK, I'll think about how to proposition it, then post something up, probably tomorrow.
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  6. Nymphonomaniac
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  7. Roderick
    @Nymphonomaniac If you want to get into modding headphones you should definately get into fostex t50rp modding. The most modded headphone ever by far.
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  8. Humblepie
    Well I've been using the Hifiman HE4XX a LOT lately. Still love them a ton, especially for gaming and streams. I also love the Audeze EL8's I also got, but not so much for games. Music only. Vocals through music are so nice and everything gels on the EL8s, but when listening to EL8 with stream, the vocals come in shouty and tinny. Very strange.

    I have on order though 3 new headphones coming.

    Status Audio CB-1
    House Use Product Headphone (also known as the VA800 Langsdom) from ebay
    Takstar pro 82 (yes finally ordered these now that they are back in stock)
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  9. Nymphonomaniac
    VA800 look quite interesting, well, there beautifull to look with there nice woods cups....did anybody share impressions about these?

    Well in fact, all your headphones choice look very intriguing hehe Will have to reads your feedback about them, I order the Takstar Pro82 too:wink:
  10. Nymphonomaniac
    So. I confirm Bosshifi B7 aren't bad afterall, I enjoy it with clear audio source, if source its too bassy it became too much. They can sound fatiguing too.
    But changing pad is a obligation, not a whims at all.
    Other mods, well i dont know if its burn in or tape to block the hole, can really make positive change, not finish to try them.

    anyway, I still prefer the ISK HF2010 way more and they cost about 35$.
  11. Supa Boy
  12. Cruelhand Luke
    Here it is. Hopefully we can get a lot of people to contribute
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  13. larry piencenaves
    hey guys, does anybody here have the isk hf2010 or hp2011?, i already have the b8's, and idk if its an upgrade. last time i almost bought them but didnt pull the trigger bcoz of the b8's being more good-looking (i still care for looks), but as listening to my b8's, i feel like its lacking in soundstage department, so maybe those isk might have a wider soundstage.
  14. paulindss
    I wanted to take a ISK-HF2010 as an upgrade to my superlux. But then i saw ISK MDH-8500 on Aliexpress, with a nicer design a datachable cable for the same price. ididn't wanted to risky myself. Anyone here has them ? They are the same thing as takstar pro80s ? How these compare do the semi open isk ?
  15. nomad1
    Isk HF2010 and HP 2011 are not upgrades over Bosshifi B8. If you want something slightly different but want closed back then take a look at Takstar Pro 82. If soundstage is more important to you then getting an open back headphone will be better (consider Philips SHP9500 in that case).

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