Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
  1. Cruelhand Luke
    When I wanted to get into motorsports and I was looking for a cheap/fun/reliable platform to get my toes wet, it seemed as if nearly every question had the same answer, "get a Miata"
    The Phillips SHP9500s has the same kind of legend now....when in doubt, get the 9500s they are that good & cheap.
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  2. Adide
  3. larry piencenaves

    sad thing is that the shp9500 in my country is overly priced (around 170$). i think ill try those superlux 668b instead, as based on zeos review they got a wider soundstage than the shp9500.
  4. Slater
    $170?? Holy moly that's ridiculous! Why so high?
  5. larry piencenaves

    because of the shipping fees and taxes.
  6. krabboss
    They're primarily an American product I think. I had to import mine from America and shipping costs on headphones can be pretty awful if it's not coming from Amazon. Importing into Australia like I did is okay-ish because the tax and duties are low, but the same isn't true for Europe and other places.
  7. nraymond
    Philips audio-visual division (which includes design and production of headphones) was called WOOX Innovations and was sold to Gibson in the US and became Gibson Innovations. They currently have some... business challenges. I recently did some research on the situation and it helps explains why worldwide distribution for the Philips headphones currently isn't what it once was:
  8. Slater
    Wow, interesting reading at the thread you linked...
  9. Alfisti89
    (While these are not Asian brand, they are still cheap and pounching above their price)

    I recently found a pair of ANC Bluetooth headphones (Xqisit oe400) for approx. 65usd. They got a similar design to the bose qc35 and that was the reason I bought them because I was curious how they would stack up against my qc35 and other bluetooth headphones, and wow... for the price these are silly, ofc their not as good as or better the QC35, but its not far off..
    there are some drawback like battery time is "only" like 12h vs bose 20-something hours, but there is also some perks some people might prefer with the oe400, like a punchier bass and a dedicated ANC on/off button.

    These are far, far better than I expected them to be for the price. They're a great choice if u want ANC headphones but don't wanna pay BOSE 350usd+ price.
  10. trellus
    Where did you buy them?
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    I picked up 2 sets of Superluxes: 681 and 668b ...from everything I read I really thought the 668b would be the clearly better headphone and I would listen to the 681 a few times and then scavenge the drivers for my Pioneer SE 305 project ... but, I love the headband on the 681 and I find myself enjoying their sound more.
    I am waiting on some pads in the mail and a splitter so I can properly A/B things. Right now they are sharing a set of Senitek cloth pads...which fit great and feel wonderful...but are VERY irksome to get onto the giant a few days I'll have hybrid pads or fat pleathers for everything to wear, no more swapping.
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  12. Cruelhand Luke
    My point, is this: the Superluxe HD681 is incredibly good for the $13.00 I paid for them. Add another $8.00-11.00 depending on which pads they wind up wearing and that is still less than $25.00. I need more time with them, but listening just this evening for a couple of hours, I compared them to my fidelio L2s ...and as fantastic as the L2s are..just comparing how they sound, they only beat the Superluxe by about 15%. I would argue it's a really crucial 15%, the L2s are just demonstrably better in sound....but if I only had $25.00 to spend on headphones? I would be STOKED to have the Superluxes. I haven't heard anything even close to this good for this cheap.
  13. Dobrescu George
    I was quite a bit curious about finding some chinese for over the ear headphones for a while now. Seems like I stumble more upon IEMs, one reason or another
  14. ClintonL
    Looking for bluetooth headphones for the gym, seen the onemore k802's, are there any other ones i should checkout?
  15. superuser1
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