Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
  1. larry piencenaves
    hey guys, just bought the isk hf-2010

    first impressions: not really great, ootb it sounded bad, its hollow sounding mid were recessed, bass is lacking body and the treble is a little bit harsh. after 35 hours of burning in, the sound quality is quite good enough, but still the major flaw of this headphones is that the mids are so pushed back its either i have to turn up the volume or use an equalizer to elevate 500hz-4khz by 1 or 2 db. it sounded dull IMO.

    i dont really get the hype and reviews people are giving this cans, its good for the price but not really amazing, or maybe it just need more time to open up the sound.
  2. Saoshyant
    Hmm, Superlux HD-631 for $30. I remember reading promising reviews, but the price had doubled. Might be the lowest I've seen it in quite some time.
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    I don't like the looks of that headband. It looks like a sort of modified version of the 'wing' system on the 668b, which I am not a fan of. For $30 it could be a good buy, but I don't think I would pick up a set with that funky headband
  4. ClintonL
    any other bluetooth over ears apart from advance sound model 3 and k802?
  5. superuser1
  6. TheEndGame
    Got the Bosshifi B8 and I love it so far. Got a problem with Left/Right channel balance though. Everything seems louder on the left. Is there any way to fix this? Also do the HM5 pads fit on this?
  7. Cruelhand Luke
    This is only what I have read in this thread but yes the HM5 pads fit, and I have seen a couple of people say they prefer the stock pads....I know this because I was interested in buying a set and read anything and everything. It's all in this thread somewhere.
  8. nomad1
    HM5 pads do fit Bosshifi B8. But they change the sound signature too much (in a bad way) so I wouldn't recommend changing pads of B8.
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  9. Humblepie
    Correct. The stock pads are best with these headphones. Although the HRM6 pads I have work as well since they are basically the same. You won't find replacement pads for the B8 from China so that seems to be the only option if you want to keep the sound signature the same and still be fairly comfortable.

    side note, the House Use Products headphone (has that label on the side) AKA Langsdom VA800 came in the other week.

    All I can say is mostly ho hum. V shaped sound with grainy treble. The headband is not very usable really. I looked to me to be a self adjusting band, but it is not. It is very much crap in design. Comfortable enough once you get it on properly, but it is a pain to get it adjusted right. Overall not very impressed with them even for the $45 I paid.

    @Cruelhand Luke
    Glad you like the 681 over the 668B. Those were my thought exactly when I posted about them before. I like the 681 sound, and the 668B was basically not very good for me. Way to bright, way too harsh sounding, and not very comfortable to use with those wing flaps on my big head.

    I sort of slowed down on purchases of late :) Only picked up that VA800 (rather call it this than the House Use Product), the status audio CB-1 (which was broken and I had to return but haven't replaced), and the Blue Mofi from the combo deal during the holidays to get the Mofi with the Blue Yeti microphone for $140. I actually got lucky and unlucky with the deal on that. Package arrived looking like someone played soccer with it in the rain. Box was soaked and banged up so bad, the internal packing didn't hold and retail box/packing material was also all messed up. Luckily the products looked to be ok. I messaged Amazon about the packaging problem and they just gave me full credit back since they didn't have a replacement for it anymore. Lucky!]

    Couple reasons for the slow down in purchases is because it was the holidays (aka buy gifts for others and not for yourself season),. and I am trying to get a Fostex/Emu purpleheart headphone to round out the collection I got going :) Of course I'm a cheap butt, hence why I have a ton of inexpensive but good headphones, so I'm basically trying to get a pair on the cheaper side of what I've them go for in the past. Maybe I'll get lucky soon.
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  10. Cruelhand Luke
    I'm glad you brought up those stupid flaps. I am learning that in the Headfi Universe my head is a Small/Medium, most headphones fit me fine at or very near the smallest setting. Nothing is ever too tight a fit, and rarely something is weirdly too big/loose (Akai 50x, I am giving you serious side eye right now.) My point is, I don't find that headband comfortable either, and honestly I don't think I can even really give the 668B a proper listen...I get annoyed trying to forget the two contact points on my head....the 681 is comfy, especially with the hybrid pads from Senitek.
    On the one hand for curiosities sake I'd like to be able to properly A/B the two...but why? I want to give back to the community and I know that people are curious about these two ...I mean, I obviously was, I bought them both simply because for $36 it was worth it to me to just KNOW what they sound like.
    On the other hand without even bothering to really compare the two I already know: I really like the way the 681 sounds, and I really don't like the way the 668B, I am ready to tell all y'all what I think.
    Instead of going through all the trouble of a comparison, I'll say, if you are trying to decide between the two, get the 681 and some Sentiek hybrid pads. I got mine at some really good sale prices, but the last time I looked, it still would only be about $35.00 which is an absolute bargain. (Vs about $43 for the 668B)
  11. Supa Boy
    Guys, can you help or guide me? Taking into account the following characteristics = Bass quality, Sound stage, Imaging. It has to be extremely pleasing for long periods of use, non-fatiguing.

    What is the best closed-back headphone for gaming = Yenona Adapter-Free DJ Headphones, ISK MDH9000 or Takstar Pro 82?
    What is the best open-back or semi-open headphone for gaming = Superlux HD668B, Superlux HD681 EVO or Samson SR850?

    What is the best USB DAC + headphone AMP for gaming (To connect to the PS4's USB port and computer) = SMSL M3 or Sabaj D2?
  12. Pharmaboy
    Best inexpensive closed back is a no-brainer: any of the ISK MDH9000 clones would be my pick--bass somewhat elevated, but tasteful/tuneful. Far better soundstaging than you'd expect, solid mids, treble all there & nice, not "in your face." My favorite of the clones is the Marantz MPH-2, which occasionally goes as low as $39 on or BTW, I also have the Yenonas, also bassy/impactful, but somewhere along the line my pair became significantly brighter, something I haven't completely been able to ameliorate (very comfortable & light HPs, though).

    My pick for best open back isn't Chinese/Asian, nor is it particularly cheap (but it's a no-brainer): Fidelio X2s.

    Full disclosure: thought I wrote a video game years ago, I've never actually played them. So I honestly know nothing about how gaming are supposed to sound. Still, my guess is if a given headphone can handle loud rock/pop w/poise & character, it's probably more than ready for gaming.
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  13. paulindss
    Well, the only thing i can say. I have a superlux hd681 and It is amazing for gaming CS go. I listen to It with a +6db in Bass in my fiio, put a litte paper in the speakers to tame the highs -find the mod around here. And they are a daily driver for me. I Just ler them plugged in the pc. Amazing to Everything. But mainly imaging and soundstage. Music/gaming is Very Nice on these.

    HD 681 evo are not open back, Samson is rebranded superlux.

    One of the most safe bets for gaming is takstar pro80 - discontinued. And isk-hd2011 wich i think its same thing or kinda similar.
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  14. Lurk650
    I have the LyxPro HAS30 which is a 9000 Clone and its what I use for gaming via XB1. Have that ModMic 5.0 and works like a charm. Also got a V-Moda cable since the stock cable is long.
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  15. Pharmaboy
    I had an HAS-30 last year...ended up giving it to a friend. It sounded identical to the Marantz MPH-2s, with a few slight cosmetic differences
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