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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Brian Coffey
    You can if it is Rockboxed.
  2. smy1

    People say his reviews are kinda inaccurate
  3. Shaya Kutnowski
    In what way? Biased? Unknowledgable? Paid for...? I'm not on here often enough to hear what people say? :wink:
  4. alucard177

    I don't know who's the reviewer but that's not my impression of the Rock Zircon. I can only agree with the build quality and the high freq part.
    Shaya Kutnowski likes this.
  5. thanderbird
    yes, but I want to know the EQ it uses.
  6. Brian Coffey
    I think its Parametric but not sure how many bands. Their is a forum for it here http://www.head-fi.org/t/803844/rockbox-xduoo-x3 Also there is a post here http://www.head-fi.org/t/820747/chinese-asian-brand-info-thread-portable-headphones-and-iems/1155#post_12912957 that @Pastapipo mentions the DAC you asked about the other day.
  7. wastan

    I got a pair for $25 and they're definitely worth more than that. I find them a little bland and subdued, but given that I've been distracted with other toys lately (Vyrus, 4in1, ZS3), that probably means i haven't tried enough to see what i can get out of them.
  8. thanderbird
    Jesus ... I think I was not clear. I have a TK13, and just want to know if the twin equalizes it in X3 with Rockbox. Sorry if I seem rude, it is not my intention.[​IMG]
  9. Brian Coffey
    Anyone seen this yet?  https://m.id.aliexpress.com/item/32731235531.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productSubject=New-XDUOO-XD-06-Headphone-Amplifier-24Bit-192KHz-High-Performance-USB-Coaxial-Optical-DAC-Tube-OP&shortkey=VnIfqYfa&addresstype=600
  10. 1clearhead

    Thanks 'mebaali' !
    I always had a feeling that the soundstage were as wide as the Havi's. Glad I was able to pick the SoundMAGIC PL30's up once again! I don't know what it was, but they sound a lot better to me with today's equipment than they did 3 years ago when I sold them. I've adjusted the little knobs on the side to a thicker bass setting, then I was able to swap wide-bore tips 'till I found the right fit and satisfying sound signature. And, WOW! Can they really perform; Vocals are incredible, the wide soundstage I can't get enough of, and and the overall details are slamming!
    I would have never said this 3 years ago, but in today's hi-end DAC and headphone amplifiers these perform way better than they ever did in the past. I'm glad I was able to pick these up in a "brand new"  package at my friends store here in Beijing, China!
    I would suggest others to pick one up and try it in todays equipment. And make sure to adjust the knob to the thicker bass setting. What these didn't do for me 3 years ago made up for it with today's DAC's and headphone equipment.
    ....These are definitely a keeper today!
    I have these.....
    They also have a new version of them the PL30+
  11. polychroma23
    Recently bought Havi B3 Pro 1 with Topping NX1A. Can't wait to hear that soundstage you guys praise and talk about [​IMG]
  12. 1clearhead
    .....Man, come to think about it? I might just pick-up the SoundMAGIC PL30+ and see if there's any differences or enhancements to the older version. [​IMG]
    pashhtk27 likes this.
  13. nhlean96
    I have owned it (PL30+) for 2 months. It sounds fine, smooth mids, tight bass with right amount of sub-bass, but not as punchy as the Quadbeat 2. Treble lacks some sparkles, which is well done by the Quadbeat 2. Mid is just right for vocals, a little bit forwarded. Soundstage is more depth than width.
    I rarely listen to it, just keep it in the box and use the QB2 when traveling by bus. A fine IEM, nothing stands out but nothing is bad either.
  14. Majin
    They are like 15 euros now (mobile app). If I didnt like my Monk Plus i would have bought it but next step is Havi or an even more expensive IEM.
    I guess the Urbanfun has been overshadowed by the 4in1. 
  15. Degree
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