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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    One of the entry level hybrids would work well with this IMO and be within your budget
  2. shacola

    Well, I also agree with him the build quality is unbeatable: almost no strain relief, bad soldering work so the durability is not very high.
    He manages to keep his 1st zircon a little bit more than 6months but mine only survive 1month, the soldering wasn't good near the driver...the jack plug and the cable around the mic are also a weakness.
    I think the build quality can't be judge in 1-3 days but the design of the IEM can give us a hint about the durability (no strain relief = not durable).
  3. Degree
    Do you have any suggestions/list? 
  4. Vidal
    I'll PM you a list as I'm not allowed to post suggestions on the forum. I'm a member of the trade and I sell this sort of stuff and it could be viewed as advertising. Hopefully others will post suggestions so you can see take few view points before spending the cash.
    I like a similar genre of music so I kind of know what works.
  5. 1clearhead
    Good to hear, thanks!
    I'll just stick to the original PL30's, since they have great soundstage and width for that matter, and I'm very happy to have tuned them at their punchier setting with the built in tuning knob. Luckily, now a days you can swap tips and get the airy and sparkle signature I needed out of them.
    Yea, the URBANFUN has a warmer sound signature with the likings of those that prefer a warmer signature, but doesn't disappoint at all at its price point!
    But, I am truly still in the 4in1 cloud 9......gotta' love them!  [​IMG]
  6. mebaali
    You have a point. Maybe, if I try them now with my current audio setup and musical preferences, I might find them different in sounding.
    Meanwhile, been listening to a mixture of genres (Synth Wave/Post Rock/Pop/Alt Rock/New Wave) on my recently recabled Havi's since morning (using OnePlus One at 40% volume via Google's Play Music app). These sounds better than I give them credit for. While most users associate Havis with their incredible soundstage, I am mighty Impressed by its Vocals. They sound very natural and a bit forward to my ears. With Viper4Android (and myriads of its options tweaked for my preference) enabled, there is a bit more body to the entire spectrum of frequencies (lows, in particular, sounds a bit meatier now). Like, what I am listening with Havis.
  7. Expansion
    Do you think that this soundcard could contain fake chips? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/HIFI-ES9018-K2M-SA9023-AD823-2-USB-DAC-Decoder-With-Volume-adjust-3-5mm-output-USB/1497284_32711825626.html
  8. ratex
  9. Majin
    I can compare it to a piston 2 if you want.
  10. ratex
    Sure, go ahead!
  11. mebaali
    I don't own Rock Zircon but I do have ED9. To my ears (when using Fiio X1 + NX1 combo), ED9 with either nozzles (shiny or brass) provide much more energetic (brass nozzle having a bit more treble focus whereas shiny one having a fun sounding signature) sound presentation than Piston 3 (which is not as fun sounding as my Piston 2.1 and sounds kinda bland).
  12. Vidal
    ED9 - brass filter - very balanced quite airy a lot less bass than Rock Zircons
    ED9 - gold filter - more bass, narrower soundstage still less bass than Zircons
    KZ ED9 is superior to Rock Zircons in all but comfort. Zircons are good but the ED9 are a mainstay of the Chinese budget IEM. Two sound signatures in one IEM for a similar price
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  13. Majin
    My thoughts exactly except the gold filters are taking a bit hit in clarity and makes the bass bloated. The Piston 2 are a step above the brass filter clarity and have better soundstage but for me the Piston 2 have too much bass. Tried out several tips and some heavy duty clear shure tips do tame it a bit.
  14. slowpickr
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  15. s4tch
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