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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Tonx
    I really dont understand why Ingping has such hight score [​IMG]
  2. Majin
    Depends on the person itself. Urbanfun has the highest score on that website and it beats out Ostry KC06 and all of the Tennmak IEMs.
  3. alucard177

    The earpieces look durable, but I agree that the strain relief on the plug is not. I don't know how much it's going to last. We'll see, but I'll just replace it with a neutrik plug when broken.
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  4. Lurk650
    KZ ATE

    No he does not EQ. Rockbox fixes a pitch error that's in the stock firmware
  5. loomisjohnson
    my two cents:
    1. ed9 has refinement and and naturalness unmatched at this pricepoint--imaging and instrument placement is uncanny. some find the treble too bright or peaky; bass (gold filter) isn't the ultimate in tightness, but is ample. overall, this really is competitive with much pricier iems.
    2. p3 is a very competent all-arounder--very open sounding w/ big soundstage. to me it overemphasizes the highs and could use some low end enhancement.
    3. i don't like the zircon, which sounds clear but unnatural to me w/giant bass but no midrange whatsoever. lots of people love these, however.
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  6. smy1

  7. Vidal
    I don't think he's biased, maybe lost his way a bit. He doesn't just get his IEMs from one supplier so I don't think he's being paid for his reviews. 
    Some of his reviews aren't how I hear things, he seems to have a problem with low sensitivity IEMs and bass seems to be his thing. To me this is the easiest thing to add, I've got a £2 'cones of boom' that does bass exceptionally well but little else.
    Now Audiofight.info with the exception of the Inping H60 placing seem to be more inline with my thoughts, their top IEMs tie in quite well with what I like. When it comes to deciding on what earphones to stock it's been a useful resource, along with the reviews in the two Chinese threads on here.
  8. Tonx
    Thats make situation even more strange, Urbanfun has 9.3 and Ingping  has 9.2. May be only first revisions of Ingping sounded good?
  9. Majin
    Perhaps, the ingping review is like 1 year old. Too bad I can't find any decent english reviews of the urbanfun and the one from 1clearhead is somewhere in the old mega chinese thread.
  10. Pastapipo
    I got my ES 9018K2M DAC from the same seller, doesn't sound fake at all to my ears.
    I'm enjoying it very much, it does add a touch a brightness, but also a lot of detail and layering.
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  11. loomisjohnson
    herewith is a short review of the HLSX (Magaosi) BK-50, with some relevant comparisons. i bought these for $35 from hck on ali.
    viscerally, the BK50 impresses immediately with nice packaging and solid build quality--they look like a substantially more expensive iem. easy to drive, quite light and comfortable, though microphonics are significant. soundwise,  i hear these as U-shaped, with voluminous, well controlled bass, mildly recessed but full-sounding mids and prominent, very well-extended highs. their overall character is warmish; they have the unusual quality of being very smooth without sacrificing microdetail. soundstage is large (wider than it is deep) and imaging/instrumental placement is very accurate. the BK50 is refined without sounding analytical or sterile. like the lz a2s, which they somewhat resemble, the BK50 sound great with mp3 and other lower quality files.
    compared to the a2s, the BK50 have better treble extension and drive and present more detail; bass goes deeper but is not quite as fast and well-articulated on the BK50 as on the a2s. soundstage on the BK50 is larger and the BK50 sounds bigger overall.
    compared to the shozy zero, which also have a warmish overall character, the BK50 are more  energetic, with a less crowded  soundstage and far better, more precise imaging. high end detail is similar.
    the HLSX BK-35 have a slightly brighter, even more forward character than the BK50, with more prominent mids and more high end sizzle, though overall clarity and detail on the BK50 is superior. again, the BK50 has deeper bass, the larger soundstage and more accurate instrument placement. fans of a brighter, more energetic signature could prefer the BK35.
    in contrast to the above, the XE800 is a completely different animal than the BK50--much brighter, more vivid and lifelike, with even more high end detail and a less colored sound overall. the BK50 has much more lowend presence and, especially, midbass texture; it is also a much larger, richer sounding phone. whether you prefer one to the other is dependent on your preference in sound signature.
    in general, the BK-50 does not seem to be aimed at purists seeking a  stage monitor; it is tuned for a more exciting, larger sound which is nonetheless very appealing if not wholly natural. the relative value of these is exceptional; for sheer enjoyment (if not accuracy) they are the rare beast that really does compete with the >$100 dunus, fidues, jvcs etc.
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  12. Brian Coffey
    I agree. My wife thinks the look nice like jewelry as well. 
  13. Roen
    One more thing that doesn't work for me with the 4in1:

    If I insert it all the way in to the second ear canal bend, I can only wear it for 2-3 hours before the sharp edges cause pressure soreness. As I pull it out, I lose some seal and isolation.

    I don't have this problem with the A2S (or the DBA-02).
  14. crabdog
    Large tips shallow insertion?
  15. Cinder
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