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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. yangian
    Oh, this is so bad!
  2. Ahmad313
    So sad bro,:flushed::cry:
  3. ForceMajeure
    Thank you for you comparison.
    How would you describe the ergonomics of the cable you got with the YHS 002. Is it supple enough?is it annoyingly springy? Does it have memory wires?
  4. toddy0191

    I've had mine since August and they are the one iem I've had where burn in seems to have had the biggest affect. I'm also using a silver plated cable with them and share your observations.

    Can't sing their praises enough!
  5. trumpethead
    With the large tips with the smaller view the bass really comes out and the brightness gets settled a bit.Detail and sound quality are amazing at this price. Had them on for four hours last night, couldn't take them off, couldn't go to sleep..lol sub bass even snuck is head out. I think my brain is also adjusting to the sound signature...Very happy with these...
  6. roy_jones
    I was listening to them earlier tonight and was impressed with the separation and depth of soundstage they can produce.  The housings are very comfortable.  I've been wearing them down, but may try wearing them over-ear to see if I can minimize some of the cable microphonics I'm struggling with.  May have to get a clip to secure the cable. 
    They sound better than my UM3X which is much more expensive.  Still like the balanced armature IEM for their isolation.  Detail in the midrange is especially impressive with the XE800, and that's the most important quality for me in an IEM, with bass quality being second.  I've been toying with the idea of buying another pair as a backup.  It's funny because I've wanted a GR07 for years and just didn't get around to it.   
  7. yangian
    How about it compared to ATE?
  8. Vishal

    Totally agreed. Burn-in had biggest effect on these.

    Happy listening.
    toddy0191 likes this.
  9. roy_jones
    The ATE has so much more bass and warmer mids that it's a tough comparison.  The XE800 are neutral.  I just got done reading Joker's review of the GR07 classic and I imagine that it would be useful for those considering the XE800.
    I still prefer the ATE for music like Hip Hop or EDM and a lot of rock because they sound closer to full sized headphones because of their bigger bass.  I think you could find a few IEMs that would give you something close to the ATE signature in their price range (ED9/ZS3), but I'm doubtful whether there are many neutral options that can compete with the XE800 for under $20.
    Right now I use the ATE for the gym and and the XE800 for more critical listening.    
  10. SuperMAG

    What exactly are those shortcomings. How is senfer imaging compared to those. Also what iem under 90$ comes close to those 1000$ iems u have in terms of bass, soundstage and imaging and highs.

    Has anyone compared 4in1 to tenmark pro (burned).
  11. carltonh
    The cable with the YHS 002 is the same as the cable on the Musicmaker KK-Ting that I have (other than the mic on the 002), which looks identical to the cable Musicmaker uses on the Shockwave III and many other Musicmaker IEMs. It seems very good, none of the tangle annoyance like KZ standard cables are infamous for.
    Separately, the Musicmaker KK-Ting is just short of the rightly respected 4in1 in details, but is better balanced for a few dollars less. I'm not one to post a lot to develop hype. (I also don't hear a difference in soundstage depth vs width, so I'm not, and won't ever appear to be a pro-reviewer.)
    This also brings to mind how many Musicmaker IEMs I might have purchased due to hype if they had a mic to use them with a phone, but instead, I only have one awesome one that was sent to me by accident when I actually ordered a different IEM.
  12. carltonh
    The 4in1 has significantly deeper and more prominent subbass, a little better and more precise upper mids and treble, but the 4in1 has a more recessed midrange compared to the Pro. It might bother some enough to prefer the Tennmak Pro. For me, the YHS 002 is the best of both.
  13. Lurk650

    Didn't realize you had the KK-Ting. More details on them? Patiently awaiting mine
  14. dontcallmejan

    How long do I need to burn in these babies?
  15. trumpethead
    Whoa, slow your roll there honcho! Lol I also own the um3x and while I respect everyone's opinion I would have to differ on that one, with all due respect. The XE800 are fantastic for their price and getting better with more playing time the um3x are playing in an entirely different league with different equipment and a different sound signature. However I will respect your right to hear differently..lol
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