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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. audio123
    the ibasso IT03 is an outstanding iem.
    with ibasso being an established brand, it is no surprise how good the it03 is.
    it is totl sounding.
    take it from @twister6
    "It actually does, from 3D soundstage to a very impressive low end extention down to a healthy doze of sub-bass rumble. Just think of it as Andromeda with a little more sub-bass and a more revealing upper mids."
    will upgrade mine with litz cable to propel it even further [​IMG]
  2. roy_jones
    Yeah, it's funny because I don't even think it's that close between the two.  I'm a little biased because I much prefer dynamic driver bass (especially sub-bass) and the more neutral tuning of the XE800.  It's really not that crazy when you consider that the XE800 are basically a GR07 and a lot of folks preferred the GR07 to the UM3X. 
    I have very different beliefs about audio than most here and I tend to shake my head at a lot what goes on outside of the "sound science" section of the forum.  For example, I don't think there is any significant difference between my Sansa Clip and the $3500 Astell and Kern AK380.  Blasphemy, I bet you're thinking!  :wink: 
    I get a good laugh out of seeing a lot of posts here about the dramatic differences between cables and such...
  3. trumpethead
    Ha! I know what you mean. I am not a die hard audiophile and while I do own a lot of earphones I don't really have high end sources. I Love my Sansa Clip and the only amp/dacs I own are the Xduoo X3 which I just got recently and the Fiio E6 amp and the E11 Amp. Don't know how to Rockbox anything. I still love listening to cds more than mp3 or flac. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing..lol...scared to get into hi end sources and amps and add another addiction..I do know that for 18 dollars the XE800 is a steal.
  4. Cinder
    No, you are perfectly sane in your concern. I have a $60 HifiMe DAC that sounds identical to a $230 DAP. While not an entirely perfect comparison, it does have something to do with what you are talking about. 
    But the quickest, easiest, and (most of the time) best way financially to increase your sound quality is to upgrade your earphones or headphones directly, as high-quality sources hit the point of diminishing returns quite quickly. I for one can't even tell the difference between a FLAC and 256Kbps Mp3 file when played off my AP100 via ZMF Vibro Mk II and Accutone Pisces BA, so I'm with you on that boat.
  5. Tonx
    How is build quality by YHS? On the photos it looks like low-quality iem[​IMG] Such type of iems like Piano,Pro, UEs,YHS has always better fit by me.
    And how is Senfer UEs compared to YHS?
  6. dontcallmejan
    I prefer them over my Vyrus :D Comfort and SQ wise.
  7. dontcallmejan
    How long do I need to burn in them?
  8. pashhtk27
    Hello, I wrote this in the takstar thread, repeating it here:

    I am looking to buy a headphone for portable use under $30. Has anybody here heard the ISK HP-960B, since they seem to fit my purpose. How would they compare to Takstar HD2000 in sound quality?
    I am looking for transparency and good vocals.

    Or any other over the ear recommendation in that price range that I can buy?
    Thanks in advance.
  9. nhlean96
    I'd suggest the Superlux HD681B (the best version is red, which is very rare). Nothing can beat that in term of transparency, clarity at that price point
  10. Tonx
    It's a bit hard for me to prefer something over Vyrus. Vyrus has really big potential by playing with nozzles and tipps. At first I have used vyrus with gold nozzles and standart tips, but then I have tried silver + Rock Zircon's tips (bass remains fast the same as with gold+standart tips, but soundstage becomes wider and sound becomes overall a bit more detailed)
    But I admit that Pro has great soundstage. I hope that Tennmak's 2 new iems have 2dd too.
    Btw in Russia is now URBANFUN hype-train on the way, anyone try it?
  11. dontcallmejan
    Yes, I think that's the main advantage of the Vyrus. It's very versatile until you find what you want. With my current Vyrus setup (Gold filters + whirlwind tips), the Pro edges out on the bass quality which is why I prefer it. Other aspects, they're about the same except the Vyrus handles the treble better. I guess it's all down to preference. :D
  12. Sylmar
    Out of interest, which IEM is the Vyrus? Can't seem to find it.
  13. Tonx
    Tinity Vyrus
  14. peter123

  15. pashhtk27

    I want something for portable use. I know superlux sounds great but they are all huge except hd661 which is out of my price range. :')
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