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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. kahaluu
    Agreed. The DT86 really left a bad taste in my mouth. Doubt if I'll ever purchase another JiangHai product again.  
  2. jescereal
  3. omgflyingbanana
    Would also like to know this.
  4. carltonh
    I bought the YHS 002 at the same time as the Senfer 4in1. I think @hakuzen said they were comparable. Plus it supposedly included a good mic/remote MMCX cable. I'm glad I got it. It really is equal to the 4in1 in sound quality, it gets a better, non-recessed midrange vs. 4in1, but looses a little bit of soundstage, comparatively. Both have exceptional treble and bass extension, quality, and separation. For those who think the 4in1 is a bit bright, then the YHS 002 might be a better choice. It is also a more natural fit for me, similar in fit and shape to the Tennmak Piano. I could easily see people split in opinions whether YHS 002 or Senfer 4in1 is better. The 4in1 also has both slightly more bass, and more accurate bass than the HLSX 808, but even more V-shaped.
    I have both. I think they are the same sound quality, but where I feel the UES has slightly less bass than I would prefer, with 4in1 just right, the UES has midrange just right, but 4in1 has slightly less midrange level than I'd prefer.
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  5. darkdoorway

    I made the mistake of A/Bing the 4in1 against some almost $1000 ciems today. Revealed some shortcomings. 4in1 still came out well...but can't compete in most areas..
  6. omgflyingbanana
    Interesting. Anyone have a FR graph of the UEs?
  7. roy_jones
    The housings look nice on those YHS 002, but damn is the nozzle ever wide.  The wide nozzles are one thing I hate about DD IEMs. 
  8. roy_jones
    I can't believe I didn't notice the difference in bass response when I tried the AE foam tips that don't slide all the way to the housing.  I just tried them again and my issue with the bass being too light is fully corrected.  I liked the XE800 even with the lighter bass, but with the right tips I'm now very happy.  I don't have any of the current FOTM IEMs like the Senfer 4in1, but I'd be surprised if they surpass the XE800 with the right tips.  
    Eventually, I'm going to have to try the tips you linked in your other post.  I'm so partial to foams.  I'm really happy with the AE foams that are knock off complys, generally. 
    Much thanks for suggesting that I should be able to get more bass with these. 
  9. Cinder
    I honestly don't understand why that is so surprising. No matter what many people claim, there is only so much an under $50 IEM can achieve. 
  10. Holypal
    But it's good to have a list of best iems for $0-50, 50-100, 100-200,... right?
    So more reviews better.
  11. dontcallmejan
    Recently got the Tennmak Pro with the SPC upgrade cable using the Xiaomi Piston 3 Medium tips.
    With the Xiaomi tips(it has a wider bore than the stock tips), the bass got reduced in quantity but same quality. Mids and Treble became more present.
    Details slightly better. 
    I don't know it this is a placebo effect or it really is an upgrade but with the upgraded cable, details and instrument separation was made even better.
    Mids became clearer, more sparkle in the treble. Bass became tighter and controlled. 
    With this set up, the warm tennmak pro became neutral with a slight warm tilt with good sub bass.
    Got these September 24, 9am(GMT +8). Not fully burned it yet.
  12. carltonh
    I guess I don't understand. The nozzle seems similar to most IEMs, and fits most standard tips.
  13. roy_jones
    If only the XE800 didn't have the most microphonic cable I've ever encountered, and they isolated better, I would be in heaven.  I've never owned any of the VSonic GR07 series, but I understand why there was such hype around them now. 
  14. B9Scrambler
    IMAG1284.jpg IMAG1249.jpg
  15. Darkestred
    So, i have an update on the 4in1s.  I decided to give them to my friend the 4in1s.  I bought this cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Earphone-Upgrade-Cable-Snakeskin-Line-With-MMCX-for-Shure-SE215-SE846-SE535-UE900-Headset-Audio/32707286906.html because it has a mic.  The cable was ok until he started using them.  The L side came out of the sleeve and no longer works. 
    I then go to switch MMCX on the Senfer and as i disconnect the cable the connector from the ear phone pops out...build quality suspect?
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