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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Nimweth
    Yes, I prefer the dull brass filter, too.
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  2. Slater
    If she is a destroyer of gear, I would get the EDR1. It's built like a tank.

    The other option is a cheap TWS. That way, there's no cables to destroy (which is usually the part that gets destroyed via tangling/pulling). The ~$20 QCY QS1 (also called the T1C) sound very similar to the KZ house sound (aka the EDR1).

    I love my QCY QS1, although the mic sucks and is basically useless. It should be used for music only. It's also not waterproof, but neither are the wired earphones you're considering.

    You would be the super hip uncle by gifting some TWS earphones. Most youngsters nowadays are so used to seeing wireless everything (headphones, charging, wifi, etc) that they view wired gear as 'old people' stuff.

    If you're looking for a recabled MH755, or a 100% genuine MH750 (that needs no recable), shoot me a PM as I can help with both.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  3. loomisjohnson
    Memt x5 or ezaudio d4?
  4. Viajero
    Just listened to it on my DT6 Pro and it sounded fine. I'll try to listen to it on my regular DT6 and see if I hear what you're talking about.
  5. Viajero
    I'm somewhat in between. I do think that the DT6 isn't the most natural sounding IEM I've heard, but it's also not way off to my ears. I admit that genres like jazz and classical are not the main genres I listen to, but even when I have listened to those genres I didn't find the DT6 to be way off or to sound bad, per se. But I do agree they don't sound as natural as some of my other IEMs. Honestly, I think the Sony MH755 still probably has some of the most natural timbre to me, but I'm sure not everyone agrees.

    I think it's something about the tuning in the treble region of the DT6 that isn't to some people's liking. To my ears the DT6 Pro does have somewhat more natural timbre. Maybe similar to the ZSX compared to the ZS10 Pro. But I can't guarantee you'll hear it the same way. We all hear things somewhat differently. I think that all the reviewers who rated it very highly were people who didn't think the timbre was way off.
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  6. baskingshark
    I agree that the Sony MH755's timbre/tonality is very natural. It is a very good set for the price, nice harmanish sound signature. Though the J shaped short microphonic cable is a pain. If they sold it with detachable cables or even longer non detachable cables, they would surely sell like hot cakes.

    Last night, I went to do some serious A/B listening with the DT6 I previously gave away (borrowed it back to compare the timbre issues). I compared it over a few hours with a few single DDs (eg BLON Cardinal/BL-03, Semkarch SKC CNT1, Toneking Ninetails, Sony MH755, TFZ NO. 3) and even a few multi BA sets with better timbre (eg Hisenior B5+, Audiosense T800, Westone W30). These are just my subjective opinions, and feel free to agree or disagree, but I still do think the timbre of the DT6 is quite artificial for acoustic instruments, especially in the treble frequencies:
    - After a tom/bass kick/snare for acoustic drums, there is a lack of "air" after that, which is usually found in real acoustic drum sets.
    - For strings (cellos/violins/violas), the timbre issues seem to be in the treble regions, so violins do sound artificial and not having more note weight/harshness behind each bow of the string. But for lower frequency strings like cellos, the timbre is not too far away from some of the aforementioned multi BA sets.
    - For woodwinds like saxophones/flutes/oboes/bassoons, there is no reedy/airy sound that is heard in the DT6, compared to some single DDs.
    - For brasses (eg trumpets/horns), the sounds are likewise artificial in the DT6, it feels there is lack of weight behind the sound and no movement of air/decay after each blow of the trumpet.
    - From what I noticed over the few hours of listening, the artificial timbre seems to be more pronounced in instruments that have higher registers, like violins/trumpets/saxophones/flutes, similar to what @Viajero said. The lower frequency instruments seem to have not too bad timbre on the DT6, maybe cause there is a dedicated DD settling the lower registers, and it is left to the BA/piezos to settle the higher register instruments. Amping and different sources don't help fix the timbre unfortunately.

    But I still think the DT6 is exceptional in soundstage/details/instrument separation/clarity for the price of < $20 USD. Hard to beat in value, especially if u are not too OCD about timbre and listen to other genres of music that don't utilize much acoustic instruments.

    I'm happy to hear the DT6 Pro is better in timbre. Most of the budget CHIFI hybrids/multi BAs have improved in this area in the past few months too (eg KZ ZSX has improvements compared to the ZS10 Pro in this area). A lot of my audiophile and band friends are not too particular about timbre. In fact, majority of reviewers do not even mention the area of timbre in their reviews. So maybe it is just for a few OCD folks like @DynamicEars , @citral23 and myself that are more particular about it haha.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  7. NeonHD
    Boys, I just bought myself my third xDuoo X2. Yes third. :laughing:


    Haven't even went through my 2nd pair before I lost it on the bus (along with the SD Card that contains my entire song collection :sweat:). The sound output of the X2 is something that I cannot let go. It serves as a nice reference point between my other sound sources.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  8. yorosello
    Does it able to be used as a bluetooth DAC too?
  9. XmarX
    I'm wondering how the DT6 pro fares against the Tin T2 ?
    Any idea ?

    Is the Tin T2 still the budget king when it comes to neutral sounding IEMs?

    Thanks for reading!
  10. SciOC
    For the record the dt6 pro isn't neutral. Definitely has a v shape.

    It's my new favorite under $50.... Need to compare to my bqeyz bq3 but it's going to be close on sound (bq3 fits better). OOTB tuning is very good IMO.

    Switching to acoustic music as I write this since I never heard the original DT6.

    Soundstage is exceptional, and not just "for the price". Bass is deep and has good texture. Could be a bit more forward....

    Timbre is, a tiny bit off without EQ, but sounds fine tweaked. No EQ/MSEB it can sound a bit honky and a little too thick at times but that is really a minor nitpick that I have to really look for. It only takes minor adjustments to fix though....

    Excellent pair, except I swear to God I'm getting a periodic shock on my ear where the metal is touching my skin.....
  11. Viajero
    The TIN T2 is much more neutral. The DT6 Pro has a lot more bass. I think the mids still come through with clarity, presence and detail, though. If you're after neutrality the TIN HiFi T2, T2 Pro and T3 are still some of the most neutral among the good sounding IEMs around $50 or below.
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  12. Podster
    In deed I can vouch for this upgrade be it either new permanent cable (THX Mr. Panda) or new cables via MMCX (THX Slater) and in all honesty probably the best iem for your dollar on the market period. When you think about Best Buy raking people over the coals for the POS $19.99 Skull Candies they sell the MH755's/750's may as well be a nice new pair of Kaisers:scream:

    Sony Trio.JPG
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  13. Slater
    Those black ones look cool!

    Is there anything special about them, other than the orange tips?
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  14. Podster
    LOL, doing a little fishin' are ya:rolling_eyes: In addition to your nice MMCX connector work your tuning mods sound excellent and I love the more open mids on the 750's. I'm still confused at whoever made the comment the 755's were bright:open_mouth: I don't believe I've ever owned a bright sounding pair of Sony anythings:confused: The high region lift in these black ones make them one of the best sub $100 plastic shelled iem's I've ever listened too and I've listened to at least one other pair of iems:thinking: Probably just me here but I think all three of them look killer:grin:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  15. dharmasteve
    So my only purchase from the 11/11 show will be here in a couple of days the SEMKARCH SKC-CNT1 via Linsoul. I am half expecting to enjoy but a bit wary that they won't live up to expectations. What will it be?
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