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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. lazner
    Guys I ordered the Audiosense T800 per your recommendation from AE. Wanted a high level of detail, similar to Andromeda. Can't wait for them to arrive, to listen to my first Chinese IEM. Thanks for all the recommendations again!
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  2. Cevisi
    Have fun its a great set
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  3. PhonoPhi
    I think that I've read somewhere that if it does not cost similar to Andromeda, it can't sound similar by the law of proper profits:ksc75smile:
  4. SciOC
    I think they call that astell and kerns law...
  5. LaughMoreDaily
    I don't understand your signatures iem rating system. :frowning2: Outright?
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  6. Tonymac136
    Yeah. As in if all of the IEMs were exactly the same price. Purely judged on quality and fit etc. Example - I consider the BL-03 to be the best I own. The BL01 is not so good as the 03, the Senn or the Tin, but at less than half the price of any of the others it's downright amazing. The F1 and DT6 I've not listened to enough to judge yet.
  7. RikudouGoku
    Along with everything else the others have said, I am also too afraid to use a single expensive iem. If that one dies then its going to hurt my wallet but with cheap iems if they die I will not feel like that.
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    It sounds like you are paranoid. :wink: I have never had an earphone or headphone die on me.

    Does your T800 just sit in the closet then? That's $400 in my country and would be considered expensive.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  9. Tonymac136
    It's easy to lose them or whatever. And in the days when fixed cable was the norm breakage could be a problem too. I got the KZ because taking 100+ worth of Sennheiser out worried me. (I've lost or had stolen a few pairs of cx400 in the past). The rest is history.
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  10. DynamicEars
    Thats why my expensive iems are stay at home, while I keep playing on budget section in order to have on the go iem with best sounding for the price without that paranoid feeling.
  11. superuser1
    Listening to Moondrop KXXS with the BL and the sub bass is tickling my brains literally :D
    KXXS paired with a non lizt up-occ pure copper cable... blacker background really helps.

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  12. RikudouGoku
    I use T800 when I feel like it, switching around depending on the mood. And also I owned xiaomi piston 2, hybrids gen 1 and gen 2 and all of them died. With no sound through one ear
  13. SciOC
    I've only been back in the hobby for about 3 years now and I've had 4 sets die on me in that time. 3 out of the 4 were 2-pin, one was mmcx, and ALL had to do with cable connections in one way or another....

    I use my TOTL stuff only when I'm MOSTLY stationary as a result. If you have a TOTL pair die, it becomes an ordeal.... Especially shipping overseas.
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  14. SciOC
    Sounds great, how does it compare to your king pro in bass ability?

    I'm trying to figure out what current basshead set to buy in the midfi chifi category right now. Kxxs, tfz no3, tfz King ltd, and the non modern sony ex800st are all on my list.
  15. baskingshark
    I don't have the others, but TFZ No. 3 is one level short of true basshead levels (in quantity of bass). Nevertheless, it has very good timbre and quality (great decay and movement of air). There is a slight midbass bleed, some people don't like it, but I feel it adds a bit of warmth to the lower mids and makes the music more full.
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