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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. 1clearhead
    Give them some time to burn in and get them settled. They really are well made especially in the tuning department, which does a pretty good job in setting different tuning moods. I still use them occasionally besides having many others in my possession. I think these are quite good and competitive for their price, a Magaosi product well done, IMHO.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
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  2. Cevisi
    I see you buy alotnof low fi mid fi stuff why not get a totl instead of 10 iems you are not happy whit
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  3. Tonymac136
    Why not? I can spend 30 on an IEM and next week do it again. If I spend 300 on one it is ten weeks saving. If I'm not happy the risk is massive. Also, diminishing returns. No 300 IEM is 10 times as good as a good 30 one. Sure, when I find a promising end game I will have an expensive IEM. But for now it is all about the discovery. I have a 1500 hi fi setup and a couple of pairs of fair priced cans for the end game.
  4. SciOC
    Also, that's not how obsessive compulsive disorder works!

    A lot of the fun is researching, ordering, inspection and comparison of different IEMs. That's what makes us hobbyists.

    Do you realize how many times per day I open penon/linsoul/Ali?

    I like having some TOTL great but it's really fun to consider some gear as disposable and not as a investment.
  5. thejoker13
    What source did you use them with?
  6. kkazakov
    AK SR15 mostly, but tried them with iFi micro and Loxjie P20, not much improvement whatsoever..
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  7. thejoker13
    Okay, it definitely wasn't your sources then, lol. I believe fitment is probably the biggest differential between people's impressions. I had 2 friends of mine audition them, and one absolutely loved them and immediately ordered a pair, and the other one hated them. I noticed my sending buddy couldn't get them to fit right as he has pretty small ear canals. For me, they're very detailed and great to listen to at low volumes and that's why I enjoy them so much I guess. Some gear makes me feel like I need to keep turning up the volume to enjoy them, while the DQ4 was the exact opposite for me.
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  8. kkazakov
    Maybe because I don't listen at low volume at all... Maybe it's the fit, who knows. Oh, anyway :) Enjoy yours :wink:
  9. Cevisi
    I think we have different goals. For me its important that the music sound good. I know i like U and V shaped Iems and for me there is only one option for buying a new Iem. And that is for an Upgrade
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  10. Tonymac136
    IEMs aren't really my primary focus though. My main Hifi was bought in 2003 and has remained the same ever since (though I have chopped and changed my turntable a couple of times). It cost as much as all of my portable gear put together. Likewise I have my favourite cans and I am totally happy with them. IEMs that I listen to in bursts of maybe an hour at a time, it's nice to have the variety. Fwiw my absolute favourite IEM are one of the cheapest. Spending big bucks is no guarantee of great sound or even an upgrade.
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  11. FastAndClean
    music can sound good on a 30$ earphone too
  12. Tonymac136
    $30? That's expensive. My BL01s cost £10.26.
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  13. SciOC
    I don't know if it's different goals so much as different philosophy. To this day the tfz e5 is still one of my favorite sounding sets. V shaped is my cup of tea as well.

    Basically, as long as you're happy, do whatever. I'd generally rather listen to my RHA CL2, which cost about $800 when I bought them, and would probably rate them as a 9/10. I'd rate my $65 tfz e5 as an 8.3/10.

    It's fun to have 10 "good" varieties of something for the same cost as one REALLY good one.

    It's like members of the sex you're attracted to. Just because the one you have can be a 10/10 doesn't mean you can't appreciate a 7/10...

    If I just generally didn't like the way headphones sounded, then I'd consider myself to have the wrong hobby.... I like or love most sets I hear.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  14. FastAndClean
    i was referring to your beloved BL3 because i have them to, can i live only with them and be happy? definitely
  15. Tonymac136
    Yep. The BL03 is fantastic. But I could in hardship live with just the BL01. I couldn't live with just my Sennheiser IE60.
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