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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. ShakeThoseCans
    Okay, I guess you just saved me from watching it.
  2. Tonymac136
    Started watching it and got bored. By all means pick up on the fit issue of the Blon but discounting it out of hand is just silly. Also I don't really want to see a democratic vote. I want subjective opinions.
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  3. zachmal
    is he part of being banned as well ?

    how exactly are we supposed to form a conclusive picture what might be the best fit for us if a large part outside of head fi is being blocked from the discussion (the more differing views, input, opinions, infos - the better, right ?) and thus we're only able to discuss in a limited manner ?

    feels a bit like China and the great wall ...

    Anyway - the TRN V90 are pretty awesome !

    detailed, warm, not too peaky or bright, decent amount of bass

    waiting to get an upgrade cable to listen to them with it.

    I've long time hesitated to get TRN IEMs due to the several times already mentioned QC issues but perhaps those aren't so excessive like I imagined (and limited to older and cheaper models)
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  4. goms80
    Hello, I'm looking for an EMI/headset with detailed and neutral sound signature. In the price range $100, can I find some with great audio quality? Thanks in advance.
  5. ShakeThoseCans
    Ha ha, no I was just being cautious, since Youtube reviewers can be polarizing. I don't know of any rules preventing posting.

    The V90 is being rated highly, and I kinda wish I had taken a chance on it during the sale at the end of August. I don't remember what it was going for then. But you should trust your instinct - I had a good experience with the V80, and was ready to try the V90.
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  6. snip3r77
    Seems like v90 is the champ for this era. Choo choo
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  7. silverfishla
    I’m not joining any more hype trains....until this one comes out. NF Audio single Dynamic. Sounded great to my ears and under $200 (said the guy at the audio show). Liked it better than the Kanas’s tuned towards their flagship. Warm lush with detail. And...it was very pretty. Don’t know what it’s called, don’t know when it’ll come out. Don’t know much...but I know I looove you!!!! Sung with giant mole on head.
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  8. jant71
    ^ Called the NA1 :) I read less than 1000Yuan so that is $141 as of today. Seems like it is at the Spring 1 $130-ish but what will that be for domestic and higher on Ali and Penon and such?? We'll see :)

    I'm liking the color of the DK-2001...
    Just don't need that big adapt a plug. Hope there is a standard cable version.
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  9. 1clearhead
    Haha! At first, I had to do a "double-take"! :astonished: ...I thought it was the ZSX under a different name! :ksc75smile:
  10. baskingshark
    Hisenior B5+ can be customized in terms of shell colours and they have some psychedlic colours available.
    But tuning is not for everyone, very midcentric. I saw it on sale yesterday on AE ~ $83 USD (if u follow them on AE).

    The Guideray Gr-I also has some nice psychedelic colours too, apparently their shells are all handmade and you can choose the colouring. Retailing ~ $50 USD ish. Very few reviews though.

    Maybe u can try the DT6, retails about 16 - 17 USD. It is an affordable entry level IEM IMHO.
    I read good things about the Tin HIFI T2 but I haven't heard it, maybe the others can advise.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  11. LaughMoreDaily
    He might be right about them but if he doesn't listen to them weekly or even monthly it's a moot point. I prefer reviewers who use their stuff.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  12. goms80
    I think I made a good buy, a few days ago I bought it. Thank you very much for your reply.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  13. 1clearhead
    Okay, you got me sold on the BLON BL03! :deadhorse::head_bandage::flag_white:I give up! ...I couldn't resist anymore!

    They should be at my doorstep by 3 days! :tired_face:
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  14. AudioNoob
    If anybody wants my blon, pm me an offer(I'm in the US) it is too bass forward for me. I also have a tri i4 and an etymotic hf5 in case you want a panoply of iems :D
  15. snip3r77
    Await your review
    I heard it’s close to Oxgen
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