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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. randomnin
    You didn't understand my post because you didn't understand the Sonarworks article. Sonarworks measured M50x, and I assume they got something similar to RAA raw graph, because it's the same model. Then they compensated that raw in accordance with their ideal (to see how far it is from it - that's the blue lines), which I'm arguing looks something similar to Harman in raw form. Then they calibrated (equalized) the headphones and measured again - and that's the purple lines - close to their flat, compensated ideal. If the measurements of the equalized headphones were posted raw, not compensated (which is made look flat, because flat is the ideal in audio people's lingo and because it's generally an easy to understand form), it would look close to the Harman target curve (because of the reasons I laid out in the preceding post).

    But, yeah, I suppose if the IEC standard, according to which the raws are made, was changed to be the same as Sonarworks' compensated, that would make a flat measurement the same as the most used sound signature. Or if all the people doing mastering in the world agreed to turn up those frequencies that are different between IEC raw and a compensated graph and then the gear that looks flat according to current IEC would sound right. While the compensated flat wouldn't anymore.

    Yeah, this really is nowhere in a billion mile radius close to the name of this topic. I like off-topic almost as much as graphs.
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  2. mbwilson111
    There is a list. Check out @Slater s signature at the bottom of any of his posts.
  3. Animagus
    Thank you!
  4. rad7
    Surprised to see the EZAudio D4 at my doorstep today. I ordered it on 11/11, so the shipping just took 12 days. I'm using it with Cayin N3 & the initial impressions are very good. I cannot believe that it costs just $8! I just wish the bass is a little punchier & it is also a little brighter than what I'm looking for, but otherwise an excellent IEM.
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  5. dondonut
    Try (partially) blocking the nozzle bass vents. When I completely blocked the vents with Scotch tape bass became too excessive for my taste, but you might like it. You can play around with taping and subsequently making holes in the tape with needles or just partially taping the whole done. Alternatively use tips to block the vents. :)

    Honestly though, increasing bass too much will really affect those nice mids.
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  6. rad7
    Thank you! I 'll try doing that when I get a chance :smile_phones:

    Yeah, the mids are amazing for an $8 IEM. Really impressed with it.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  7. mbwilson111
    Maybe you just need to try different tips. I have KZ Starlines on mine. I could not get a seal with the stock tips.
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  8. rad7
    Yeah, the stock tips are no good. I couldn't get a seal with them either. I swapped these with the tips that I use with my other IEMs within minutes of listening to them.
  9. crabdog
    The OS V3 bass is boosted (as are most IEMs) but is in no way overpowering. It is still my favourite sub $200, along with LZ A4.

    DMG vs OSV3.jpg
    OS V3 (green) vs BGVP DMG
  10. Otto Motor
  11. Slater
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  12. Otto Motor
    It is indeed. But it is also reality to have been banned for this (because some backbiter secretly reports people) and not getting re-admitted even half a year later for no good reason. And this can happen to you, too.
  13. trellus
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  14. Otto Motor
    It may have been the combination of stock tips and my ears. You find another review here.
  15. Otto Motor

    Cable impedance is part of the output impedance and can alter the frequency response: https://goo.gl/eX3b4d This is basic physics and can be calculated. Here "output impedance for dummies".

    Cable looks make no sonic difference. Burn-in does not exist as the movement of electrons over time makes no difference to anything.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018

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