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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Nimweth
    I agree. We've been so used to V-shaped responses we think the bass is lacking in a neutral IEM. After all that's what Hi-Fi means, high fidelity, faithful to the original.
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  2. Makahl
    Damn, after spending more time with MoonDrop Kanas Pro this week I realized something wasn't sounding that right. Cymbals were crashing weird and drums overall sounding too hollow. The typical sound when I wear the 2pins upside down on my KZs. So... bingo. Testing it with a multimeter the KPE's 2pins are soldered inverted.

    I've made a video comparing it with a TRN V10 cable (I apologize for the webcam quality):
    I've sent it to the seller, now let's see how this goes. I hope it's just an isolated case.:frowning2:
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  3. Animagus
    Yes. I am always on a lookout for flat response headphones/IEMs. Sure some V-shaped ones like the affordable iBasso IT01 sound fun but a flat response/neutral IEM helps when you want to listen critically for layers in the music without the boosted frequencies masking them.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  4. Nimweth
    While on the subject of neutral IEMs or perhaps 'accurate' might be a better description, examples I have would be Whizzer A15 pro, Elecom CB1000, TRN V80 and a Tin Audio T2 look-alike by a banned seller (probably the best!). I also rate the Artiste DC1 but that has an elevated bass, though not too extreme.
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  5. jibberish
    Just noticed that you can get the BGVP DMG for $99 with Prime shipping today on amazon.com, using the site's coupon plus the promo code @B9Scrambler posted on his site. Very temping, despite the fact I'm still waiting for 3 IEMs to arrive from 11.11...
  6. demo-to
    My Black Friday recommendation for those who are not afraid of using EQ to get a balanced signature.

    KZ BA10

    + highly recommend foam tips in order to get a more natural fatigue free timbre.
    Tip rolling was necessary. I settled on harder foam tips which don't suck too many details and clarity.

    Fit is good to very good. I have average sized ears. Nothing hurts or is uncomfortable. The memory wire...well I hate memory wires and use my TRN cable instead.

    With the aforesaid configuration you get a balanced, natural, lively, airy, warm and fatigue free and also forgiving tonality with many details though. Very enjoyable with many gengres.
    No overly BA typical metalic coldness is perceived.
    The bass BA is capable in reaching the deepest frequencies.

    The stage is very well set and slightly better than average in its dimensions I would say.
    Instrument separation and layering are also very good. Everything plays well hand in hand so you get a feeling of nice coherence.

    Unfortunately, the sensitivity is not as good. The sound quality drastically improves with volume up and vice versa.
    You have to love it loud to enjoy this IEM the best.

    The EQed BA10 is a clear improvement over the EQed AS10 and well worth its price imo. I paid 64€ plus 13€ custom fees and I am satisfied.
    Actually, I didn't expect much from the BA10 and was close to sell it unopened and am nicely surprised, now.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  7. stryed
    I have the same experience with the KZ ZS5 v2, you need to enjoy playing it loud & spacious and perhaps even EQing the treble slightly. At low volumes they sound terrible,tiny, thin & tinny where only sibilance comes through.
  8. antdroid
    I spent some time this week trying to rank all the IEMs i listened to this past year for more than just a few minutes. Hopefully some of you may find it useful. Thank ranking takes into account price/value and performance. Some probably won't agree with my sentiments, but that's okay. :)


    pretty much all of these are on sale somewhere on the internet.
  9. phthora
    Very helpful list! I know a few folks that will be getting HiFiMan Bolt in their stockings instead of coal this year... :smiling_imp:
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  10. chinmie
    now I'm curious how and where would you put the DM6 on your list, seeing that HBB also has the ME1, and most of the top 5 on your list. i hope you could audition it in the near future
  11. antdroid
    Definitely will at some point soon. There's a huge wait right now to get one apparently because of all the orders. @Hawaiibadboy and others started this hype train, and I want to be on it too! :)

    I would have just bought one earlier, but I spent too much money lately on other headphones, amps, dacs, and other random bills and expenses.Trying to purge a few of my older headphones and amps right now. :)
  12. SciOC
    If I had to guess, there will be a flash sale on the dm6 tomorrow if they did the DMG today on MD.

    It's weird how much hype is around the dm6 but there aren't a whole lot of profiles of it's sound or comparisons to other mainstream, established IEMs, mostly a lot of vague "these are really good" statements.

    Wish I could demo them, but I'll have to play the chifi roulette yet again.
  13. Dizzle77
    Got my DM6 on Wednesday. Hoping to get some time with them this morning to break them in. Got Ted @ headphonelounge to change one of my silver litz cables to MMCX/4.4mm
  14. april435
    Banned seller something-something NEED to be talked about. They’re everything I wanted from the Tin Audio T2 and more. Slightly boosted bass, natural mids, and, dare I say, neutral treble. If the T2 are just a touch too bright, the something-somethings are just right.

    I’ll forever be saying that it doesn’t matter how many balanced armatures you put into an IEM - a single, properly tuned, well done dynamic driver will stomp all over the countless BA’s.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  15. B9Scrambler
    PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BANNED STUFF. It's a great way to get the thread locked and people banned.

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