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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Nimweth
    Burn in isn't just about the movement of electrons, it concerns the mechanical behaviour of drivers, diaphragms, armatures, etc. This can change over time.
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  2. peter123
    LOL! It may also just be in your head....
  3. Animagus
    Or is it the ears that burn in and get used to that frequency response better. Haha. That's another curveball. :p
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  4. BrunoC
    The brain adapts to different sound signatures. That's a fact. Try listening to a bright IEM for some time and then change to a more bassy one. The bass may sound overwhelming, much more than yesterday when you listened all day to that same IEM.

    You can reset you brain by listening to a more neutral IEM like the Hifiman RE-400..

    That's why I don't believe in reviews that don't have at least several testing days.
  5. Nimweth
    Absolutely. There is a major psycho acoustic element as well. I test my IEMs for at least a week with familiar material before coming to any conclusions.
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  6. TechnoidFR

    For reviewer ( and other )
    Black Friday lucky bag

    Triple driver mmcx connector

    For the ep10 i found thé ep10 very very nice for the price ! The deep bass is very cool ! Voices are very derailed and natural for me with lot of "body"

    For 23€ it's great deal
    What is your opinion After few days

    And anybody make an order for nicehck m6 ? I love the macaw with this system of filter
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  7. Dcell7
    i couldn't resist so i ordered one (blue) :beerchug:
  8. Podster
    Of course they are in my head, their iem’s! Do I need to shove them all the way in:open_mouth::scream:

    Sorry Peter, could not help myself on that one:beerchug:
  9. TechnoidFR
    I compare directly. I change all 30sec the pair and I compare with 2/3/4iem
    I can be more accurate. But it stays subjective with our preference. And our experience with lots of iem is very different of three. I retake my first iems and I don't have the same opinion ( I see more default or quality ) itsi very difficukd

    When we see review of BA10 we see the big difference of perception
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  10. TechnoidFR
    For me there is an impact for few iem and headset but in reality this is rarely effective. I think there are pre burn in or "ready to use" with new technology driver. With 30/40 headset/iem I feel the difference for 5 products.
    The most difference was the backbeat sense. The driver had a bad quality when I leave the PR agency, I'm fear to have defective headset but after 3/4h it was far better.

    Nicehck is a good seller, even for iem we do not know what to expect
  11. peter123
    Ha ha, Tim. You can stop pushing when the tips tickles your brain :wink:
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  12. Nimweth
    Yes, it can be tricky to be objective. I go back to my reference IEM and then back to the one I am testing but it's easy to get confused! Major differences are OK but finer details can be difficult to discern.
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  13. TechnoidFR
    Yeah. When is detachable iem and the sensibility is the same. I use two different iem to compare ( zsn to left and zst to right ). I can feel the difference more easily
  14. Dcell7
    I know, most of my chi-fi stuff have been ordered from Jim.
  15. TechnoidFR
    I don't know that. But now I understand one of this message where he mentioned head fi.
    For me, little french reviewer it's a very good partnership! I can tell a lot of iem to french community. Very generous

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