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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. josesol07
    Thank you so much, closing my 2018 IEM quota with BQ3
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  2. TechnoidFR

    I have gt600s with 2 drivers and they are very awesome. I prefer globally as10 because they are technically better and more controlled
    But gt600s have 3 nozzle. Great idea and very polyvalent. Very fun, balanced and brilliant for classic
  3. stryed
    What's in the lucky bag? I'm confused.
  4. TechnoidFR
    You've an iem and certain bags have iem more expensive than the price
  5. stryed
    I don't get why we get to pick mic vs no mic, grey or black.

    EDIT: ordered.... God damnit!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  6. Zerohour88
    And I do have to be the devil's advocate and remind anyone that might be reading that for some companies, its much easier for them to tune several drivers to reach their target sound signature rather than develop a single DD/BA from scratch that might or might not perform up to par. Companies like Dita, Campfire Audio, Hifiman invests tons of time just to make one model or even DD/BA that costs thousands to recoup the R&D costs.

    Its not as simple as "why don't they just make a DD/BA that sounds good"
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  7. TechnoidFR
    Ah ah you understanded
    I'm curious that I'll received
  8. stryed
    After looking at all the IEMs that the store sells, the lucky bag could be the macaw rt-20. Seems pricier than 10eu though...will wait n see
  9. nxnje
    What could a lucky bag contain? Even an expensive nicehck IEM or just cable and stuff like that?
  10. groucho69
    Actually I think it all the same item
  11. TechnoidFR
    Oh exact. But it seems interesting after read description
  12. nxnje
    Ordered it too.
    Hope it's not that but maybe the PHB can be a good idea :D
  13. Otto Motor
    I was also asked to review it although I have no clue what is in it. But I like the term "fukubukuro", that's classic Japanese and reminds me of my Japanese class 25 years ago. And of my childhood in Germany where it was called "Wundertüte" (wonder bag). My wife says, here in Canada it is called "grab bag". Well, I grabbed one.

    fukubukuro.png Heinerle_2.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  14. Otto Motor
    I don't think anybody is bashing Knowledge Zenith. I would rather claim the opposite: if anything, they get favourable treatment here.
  15. HungryPanda
    I had to grab a fukubukuro and got one for my wife too
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