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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. HungryPanda
    just a leg, nothing to see, move along
  2. mbwilson111
    well.. they are nice legs...

    and nice buds in the ears...
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  3. Degree
    Any recommendations for a bluetooth IEM thats <$40? It's annoying that I keep forgetting a dongle for my phone so I'm just going to get a pair of bluetooths.

  4. zeppu08
    Maybe u can consider fiio btr models..
  5. superuser1
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  6. crabdog
    Brainwavz BLU-300
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  7. crabdog
  8. superuser1
  9. Otto Motor
    The NiceHCK HK6 received a "euphoric" review here on Head-Fi. I had even commented that the review had been "euphoric". And now everybody is selling them fast? Makes no sense.
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  10. thebigredpolos
    Another vote for a Fiio BTR model, so you can continue to use your current wired headphones. I picked up the uBTR since it was pretty inexpensive ($27.99 on Amazon US with Prime shipping). Also waiting for KZ's new BTE model to be delivered, a 1+1 hybrid setup. Judging by the rendered photos, it looks like it's using the same drivers as the ZS4 (just my opinion based on the funnel-like shape on the end of the 8mm dynamic driver). Time will tell if they sound the same.
  11. thejoker13
    It's because they aren't as good as the review says. They aren't "bad", but not worth their msrp in my opinion. I bought mine off the classifieds here for 110.00, and they're good value at that price, but not the 260.00.
  12. theresanarc
    Thanks, that was me. Think I'll avoid those then since I don't want V-Shaped, just something with more of the clear flat sound I get with earbuds (but obviously IEMs needed because of their better isolation while commuting).
  13. randomnin
    Sort of off-topic, but I'm already here and too lazy to go elsewhere, so two obscure questions.
    Other than discomfort, are there any health effects to stretching one's ear canals regularly? #tripleflangeearrape

    If a poor MMCX connection makes one side quieter, can putting foil or metal shavings in the female connector, and then forcefully plugging it in, fix the problem? At least until I decide I need to unplug it again.
  14. snip3r77
    Fast fast buy Willsounds :p
  15. Slater
    Please don’t do anything like that! The mmcx is + (via center pin) and - (via the barrel). If you try either of those, you will short it out, or wreck the mmcx totally, or both. The mmcx is extremely fragile.

    You can try very gently tweaking the little locking washer ring on the male plug with pliers.

    There’s a post somewhere around here where someone shows an awesome illustration of what to do. It was originally referring to a tin audio T2, but it will apply to other mmcx too. If you search for the post you will find it.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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