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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. MuZo2
  2. originalsnuffy
    MuZo2 beat me to it.  With a 5.1 setup your can approximate a 360 soundstage.  But with stereo IEM units, that really is not going to happen.  Now you can have a great open sound that approximates a live concert venue or the the recording studio soundstage, but that is not necessarily 360. 
  3. ozkan
    It is impossible to get 360 degrees soundstage except binaural recordings.

  4. crabdog
    Big and beautiful. Love that steampunk design! Added to my wishlist.
  5. carltonh
    I'm not a drummer, although I have a drumset, (as well as a 10 guitars and a bass guitar and a dozen mostly guitar tube amps) but I guess I never noticed before today that drummers generally don't use the ride cymbal much when the other instruments are playing "thick" parts. I tend, as a listener to pay attention to the ride cymbal for a sense of air, separation, and clarity. This is also one of the places where I notice hybrid IEMs really stand out. I'm listening to some experimental progressive metal jazz fusion, and finally hearing some ride cymbal at times to hear exceptional separation that good IEMs (KZ ATE and ED9) can't quite show the detail that the good hybrid 4in1, YHS 002, and HSLX 808 can  properly relay. I'm sure there are pure dynamics I don't own like the MEE Pinnacle that can portray this, but not at the under $40 price the Chinese hybrids can do.
  6. stilleh

    Check out, not an iem but something special. I'm waiting for my early bird purchase... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/248983394/ossic-x-the-first-3d-audio-headphones-calibrated-t
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  7. 1clearhead
    --> I'm with you 'Vidal'. [​IMG]
    I rather have a clear sounding IEM, MID to HIGHS where I can tone down the clarity, if needed.....then to own a MID to BASS sounding IEM, which I can't even bring out more details.
  8. Ahmad313
    New arrival Super Audio T8,  8BA iem.
  9. crabdog
    Yeah I just saw that. Hope they sound good because they look awful.
  10. Ahmad313
    According to Super Audio line up super 6,  Dolphins and T7 i think this will be a good sounding iem. 
    I don't know how they stand against DZ7/DZ9. 
  11. d8n0g
    In case anyone is interested, I posted a review of the bosshifi B3's.  it's my first review, so go easy!  It's a great iem...
  12. obelisk619
    well I just recently tried the rt-10 versus the kz-ate, zs3, tennmak pro and so far I think the rt-10's sq is what I've been looking for all along. I just wanted to know how it compares to those other famous good sounding iems.

    and yes, I liked that the rt-10 does not have a piercing treble, it made me think twice if should get one or not but for now I'll stick with zs3 and upcoming zst.
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  13. Vidal
    I've heard they spent ages refining the sound, eventually they managed to get the hollow eerie sound that you get at Old Trafford on match day. 
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  14. VinceHill24
    In case anyone's interested, found the Xduoo X3 on sale at Gearbest now at just 77.99$, what a no brainer price makes me wonder how Gearbest do business.
  15. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Vidal, then either you aren't treble sensitive at all OR I had a defective pair, because my RT10's had highs that actually made me wince, they were simply like sticking a pencil in my eardrums. Admittedly I'm a little treble sensitive, but I'm not that treble sensitive.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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