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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    If I had the time I might invest as we'd all like to reach our end game IEM. However I also enjoy trying new IEMs (and headphones), if I got the IE800 would it stop me shopping for more? Probably not.
    I think it you can get 90% of the sound quality at 20% of the price then it makes sense to go for the Asian IEM
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  2. farhat
    link for cables? 
  3. nocchi
    What's chinese iem is comparable to carbo tenore? I kinda like the sound signature of tenore so I'm looking for anything similar or better chinese counterpart.
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  4. pangji
    how about the sound quality of kinera ba05
  5. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Anyone tried this amp, seems decent for the price: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Breeze-E47-portable-amp-suite-double-performance-47-amp-circuit-free-DIY/32737899861.html
    Quad parallel follower opamps, No feedback circuit design, Changeable opamps (sweet), Nichicon FW caps, Omron relays, Foxconn jacks (love these), Alps vol pot.
  6. gwompki
    That seems like a great deal. I would love to hear more info on these.
  7. audio123
    alpha delta d2 on massdrop
  8. obelisk619
    Anyone tried the macaw rt-10?

    any comparison between it and senfer 4 in1, kz-zs3/zst, mi hybrid, ath im50/70?
  9. TwinACStacks
    I had a pair of RT 10 that I gave away. Although they are a nice sounding IEM their treble is piercing. It was like an ice pick in the ears.


    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  10. ozkan

    You say RT10 has piercing highs but Z03A don't have. I'm confused. :confused: Because I cannot stand LZ Z03A's piercing treble.

    And if the treble on the 4in1 is anywhere like those on Z03A's I'll skip them.
  11. Vidal
    RT10 doesn't have piercing treble
    I have all of those here with me now apart from the ath im50, well the the wife uses the Hybrids.
    RT10 is not piercing at all, in fact compared to the 4in1 it's a little dark.
    Is there a specific thing you're looking for?
  12. ozkan
    LIEDCHEN MARK III Headphones HIFI Monitor Headband With MIC Ultra Bass Stereo 3.5mm Plug For PC Game Video
    (from AliExpress Android)


    Freaking big! :)
  13. ozkan

    Which one do you prefer between RT10 and 4in1?
  14. Vidal
    My personal preference is for a bright earphone so 4in1, the RT10 is a very good IEM though.
    On that list my preference would be
  15. Ahmad313
    Have anybody here ever experience a true 360 degree soundstage from a iem,  doesn't matter in any price range,  pure BA or DD or Hybrids... 
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