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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. cr3ativ3
    Don’t expect to much difference to OG...
  2. Rockwell75
    In a hobby where people lose their crap chasing the final 5% in sound quality "not too much difference" is still something to be excited about. In any case, my enjoyment of this hobby is enhanced by trying new gear, especially refinements of gear that I already love dearly, so major differences or not I'm still stoked to hear it. Plus where I live abalone is considered a symbol of great wealth and power so it might be just what I need.
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  3. jmills8
    Salty Vage , same in Hong Kong.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  4. cr3ativ3
    Good luck that it is it what you’re looking for :) I probably try the u18t next
  5. fullbass
    It would be strange if there was a big difference between the OG and SE. Then it should not be called Solaris. Therefore, a new look with the Solaris sound may well be called SPECIAL
  6. jerick70
    If that was the case why would Cayin provide SE only output? Usually on discreet solid state kit DAPs include a balanced output too. At least this is how iBasso has done it.
  7. Rockwell75
    Nice! Have heard great things about it.

    It's been stated that there have been subtle refinements to the sound...but to what degree remains to be seen. And I agree...imho the AG Andro should have been called something else for that reason.
  8. jmills8
    A great amp will give you more power than a balanced amp.
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  9. jerick70
    That's possible. I wasn't thinking about power though. I was talking about usability and sellability. I'm talking about this from a business perspective. Most customers are going to want some sort of balanced output. Right now the 4.4mm is the most popular and everyone is expecting that, and they have spent money on 4.4mm cables. When the average customer sees the E01 and there isn't a reason for it to be SE only they aren't going to buy it. In fact iBasso had this issue. That pushes my thinking toward this being some sort of tube amp.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  10. loplop
    True Class A creates a lot of heat, so perhaps balanced wasn’t possible from a thermal perspective. IMO only of course. We’ll see what it is soon :)
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  11. SteveOliver
    E01's core design architecture consists of three parts, namely:

    1. The DAC adopts one ES9038PRO. The eight-channel DAC is output in differential current mode, and the four channels are connected in parallel to one channel, followed by IV conversion.

    2. The headphone power amplifier circuit is constructed by discrete components. It uses a low-noise audio special junction field effect transistor and a transistor. It has strong current output capability and load control capability.

    3. The power amplifier circuit has Class A (Class A) and Class A and B (AB) dual working modes, which can be switched instantly by the user through the UI. This is the first design on a portable player product.
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  12. SteveOliver
    005uHehCgy1g9dv22cqg1j30ri104jwj.jpg 005uHehCgy1g9dkzrvjyoj312w0qs7wj.jpg
  13. SteveOliver

    PM me for the link, not sure if its OK to share it here or not?
  14. LoneRanger
    Regarding Point 3 - I've not had much experience with Class A vs AB - so what's the point in switching instantly between the two? In simple terms does this mean that Class A just sounds a bit better and Class AB has more power?
  15. aaf evo
    Hmmm ESS9038 Pro has me intrigued.
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