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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. davidmolliere
    No, I prefer to write them :D
    (and yes, sometimes they're accurate :wink: )
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  2. MrLocoLuciano
  3. qsk78
    Found a very good synergy of T01 with ES5.
    While I still prefer the S-EM6 V2 for its reference sound, sometimes you need more "fun" and "drive" on the go...

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  4. TheHighlander
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  5. cr3ativ3
    Can someone post the translation?
  6. rishabhgkp
    Are there any members of the 3.5mm single-ended party? This is it!
    When I heard the Cayin E01 audio motherboard, I laughed. This is Bakemon! Both Class A and Class AB are great. This is Cayin. Please watch at Potafes Akihabara on 12 / 14,15. I will not let you damage! looking forward to!
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  7. 111MilesToGo
    @MrLocoLuciano, thanks for pointing us to your review. In case you want to try an automated translation, I‘d like to point you to DeepL (website https://www.deepl.com). That one is by FAR better than all those ”biggies“ - you‘ll know who I am referring to. DeepL gives you free translations up to a certain length, so I guess you might have to do it slice-wise. Hope that helps in case you are looking around.

    EDIT: Just tried it, needed two slices. The translation looked just fine, it needs a few touch-ups. Out of respect, I‘ll leave it to the original author.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  8. Rockwell75
  9. TheHighlander
    Probably not. I just saw the tweet and post here.
  10. Rockwell75
    The E01 will come out right about the time I get my SE Solaris...will be a tempting combo to try out.
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  11. jmills8
    SE meaning single end Solaris ? The Solaris was nice but not great.
  12. Rockwell75
    Special edition. Tastes are relative-- I prefer OG Solaris to everything I've heard so far except the Anole VX.
  13. jmills8
    Cool , you thinking the SE will improve what you getting from the OG ? What are you fav bands that sounds good on the OG Solaris ?
  14. Rockwell75
    I'm not really sure what to expect...my interest is mostly motivated by curiosity and my love of the OG Solaris (and Campfire in general). My tastes are pretty broad-- lots of electronic, classical and classic rock. Limited amounts of hip hop and very little metal (beyond some early Metallica).
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  15. loplop
    There's a hint, at least (Class A, Class AB).

    I'm guessing this isn't Korg, but rather a discrete class A amp module (combined with the obvious ESS DAC).
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