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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. Doug2507
    I've listened to vx with A01 (both with ample hours on them) for a few hours today, really good pairing. Found it hard to put them down. (see qdc thread).

    Very organic sounding with bucket loads of detail, 1st class imaging, very balanced. Can't go wrong imo unless you're after a particular signature / emphasis. I listened to everything from acoustic / vocals, drum n bass / techo / dance, modern rock / pop / alternative... Good across the board. Bass on felt too much at times for me though, very dependant on album /genre and felt it lost balance somewhat.

    The down side is the same as good hifi, you tend to listen to well engineered / produced recordings more and more as they're just so good to hear!

    T01 will be arriving soon (hopefully by the weekend) so I'll put it on hd tracks burn in for a week then give it a run.

    Really don't think you can go wrong with A01 and VX though, great pairing.
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  2. loplop
    If you mean wifi pollution in the signal while streaming... no fix. I just tested. This is likely a hardware limitation, and something that impacts other DAPs, as well (notably DX220 with AMP9).

    That's excellent news!!!

    Oh, no! I sold my KT90's!!! Terrible decision.

    I've been eyeing your HA300, actually, but I'm waffling because I'm not sure it would fully replace my ~18w tube amp for speaker-based listening (which is plenty for my setup). I *think* it will, but...

    That's interesting, though, I could get lost for months tube rolling.

    E01: very excited for this.

    A01/T01 Line Out: I can confirm that the signature of the A01 or T01 comes clearly out of the LO. I use both somewhat frequently for recording, and can easily tell which module I had when I made the recording!
  3. thecrow
    Much appreciate the update. Thanks
  4. KaiserTK
    I would like to also second the notion that around ~50hrs burn-in seems like when I noticed that things started to sound more coherent and less flat. Could be brain burn-in though.

    T01 really has a good mix of clarity and warmth.

    Do you guys like using the Cayin/Hiby music app, or prefer to use UAPP/Neutron? I wanted to get a UPnP streaming output option, and I was thinking of getting Neutron.
  5. RipVanWinkle1989
    Has anybody tested the N6ii with 1TB MicroSD card?
  6. Andykong
    The speaker output of HA-300 can only provide 8wpc, so be careful if you want to replace your 18w tube amp with a 300B SETA, you probably get beautiful midrange and very rich harmonic but losing the authoritative and control of a more power amplifier. If you borrow a 300B SETA from friend, even DIY items, and give it a try in your system, you'll know the pro and cons better before you make the switch.

    If your speaker really need more power and that is one of the necessary consideration in your next move, then getting HA-6A and CS-55A (KT88 version) might be a better bet, the total cost will be very similar to the HA-300, The HA-300 will outperform HA-6A on headphone application and that is a certain, but the CS-55A (KT88 version) will handle regular speaker much better then HA-300. All 300B SETA are designed to pair with speaker at higher sensitivity. So it really depends how important is the compatibility with your existing speaker system.

    The HA-6A is a tube rolling paradise for headphone users, you can easily create 20 different sound signature through different combination of tubes and TR/UL setting.

    The 3.5mm Line out signal are coming from DAC and LPF and these are where sound signature of A01 and T01 are dominated. Once the signal pass through this point, it will go through voltage amplification and headphone amplification stage and these tow stage are common design in A01 and T01 and they don't account for any sound signature variation between the two Audio Motherboard.
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  7. qsk78
    Agree. I can not say that T01 is better than the A01, it will depend on personal preferences.
    More “fun” sounding with excellent mids and bass textures or more “reference” sound with wider soundstage, more extended highs, tighter mid bass, better instrument separation.
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  8. chungjun
    And... a stroll into local store Zeppelin & Co. and was pleasantly surprised that N6ii case by Dignis (Callia) has just arrived in store!

    The fit is just perfect and I was so caught up trying to decide which color tone to go with I forgot to take pictures of them!

    Here's a link to Zeppelin & Co's Facebook of the 3 tones.


    I had a hard time deciding which I like best between the Light and Dark brown. Here are some official photos from Dignis.

    57ee2f2ff1dd51071ff382339a8cdf42_1572398344 (1).jpg

    On Dignis official website pricing is $110
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  9. cr3ativ3
    I would choose dark brown :)
  10. singleended5863
    I got the light brown which matched very well with black N6ii
    C8A7AAD7-F672-464F-BD57-59027F43FF90.jpeg C123CEED-6FD4-4D86-83A8-89F84409581A.jpeg 02B0417C-D8E5-4AD9-8A52-890E2D1FB49C.jpeg A91555EF-C0AF-48F0-8E99-82D242D37F5A.jpeg
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  11. jerick70
    That is great to hear! I'm really looking forward to this new board.
  12. jerick70
    I have the light brown incoming too. Should be here soon.
  13. Andykong
    We just identified a bug in v1.18 firmware. If you play DSD file immediately after you turn on the player, the music will sound scrabbered and the status bar will display 176kHz. You can still playback PCM files at this stage, but all DSD file will be affect. On the other hand, if you playback PCM file after you turn on the player, you can then play DSD file without a problem. If you run into this bug, just power off the player and then play one track of PCM music file, that should solve the problem tentatively. We are still analysing the root cause of the problem, will try our best to resolve this ASAP.
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  14. singleended5863
    Thank you for letting us know this problem after updating to FW 1.18. :relieved:
  15. buonassi
    at least they came forward with it proactively, without 'waiting' for users to report it. that's a plus in my book
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