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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Chaz1952
    New bug appeared on my player this morning (Owned for almost a month):
    Album art was replaced with stock Cayin art "The Rose in your life" in FOLDER, ARTISTS, ALBUM views
    I re-scanned folders (2x's) but that did not return art. Also WIPE CACHE PARTITION did not solve issue.
    Only a full FACTORY DATA RESET returned art to display. However, previously sharp & detailed covers were displayed blurred. Toggling to HOME & other music files cleared this up!
  2. Dobrescu George
    Hello everyone.

    I got N5ii.

    Early thoughts:

    - The packaging!!!! This is so freaking premium.

    - I actually like the silicone / rubber case quite a bit

    - The Volume wheel is too much love for this earth, I really dig the way it looks and especially the way it feels when turning it

    - The display color calibration is on the cold side of things, but with the way Cayin made the interface, it is not an issue for me so far (max brightness).

    - It comes with freaking plastic mSD replicas, this is unique to everything I unpacked and seen so far. Nice job.

    - I love the back button thingy, responsive, and it really adds a touch of personality to the device

    - The side buttons layout is good, totally can operate it one-handed.

    - The back of the device is lovely! Especially the fact that it comes with a nice protector applied, it will stay nice and shiny

    - I enjoy the overall design of the device so far

    - Came with a bit of battery left, but not a lot

    - Seems very responsive to touch

    - Menu speed is alright, good enough for a DAP, and does its jub quickly

    - Still unboxing, so I need a while to experiment with music and pairings.

    I am really enthused that N5ii looks and feels this premium, I mean, it is one of the very few devices that come with a full manual and such, it really feels premium while in hand, and it is a small device, quite portable.
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  3. CayinSupport
    Sorry that I am not very clear about your question. You referred" Album art was replaced with stock Cayin art "The Rose in your life" in FOLDER, ARTISTS, ALBUM views", do you mean like pictures below? I can only see album art shows in ABLUM page but FOLDER, ARTISTS. It will be much appreciated that you correct me by showing some pictures about your question. Thanks in advance!
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  4. Andykong
    Base on the sequence of the event, I believe this is software crash rather then an software bug, just so happened that the crash has caused damaged to the internal storage data that can only be recovered by a Double Wipe (Wipe cache partition and Wipe Data/Factory reset). Double wipe will rub the cache and internal storage data together, that's why we recommend to perform them at the same time.

    We shall noted your case for the moment, if the problem happens repeatedly, we'll need to investigate the potential cause of the internal storage error.
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  5. CayinSupport
    Announcement of Cayin N5ii Firmware v3.1EN


    New Functions and System Optimization
    1. Enhance USB DAC to support DSD Native.
    2. Add new “Lock Screen" feature, turn on to enable lock screen, turn off to disable lock screen. The default setting is on.
    3. Add new font size feature to allow user to select large, medium and small font size, the default setting is medium. This setting is invalid for the title text of the system menu
    4. Enhance Music scanning interface by displaying the storage path.
    5. Optimize the delay of USB DAC
    6. Partially rectify (significantly reduced the frequency) the bug that pop up volume control interface randomly
    7. Optimize the back tracking sequence in setting pages.
    8. Optimize the display of file information in "Favorite" and "Playlist" screen under List tab of main screen.
    9. Disable the volume setting of the USB AUDIO OUT
    10. Modify the playback setting to skip to the next song when the current song at the playback screen is deleted.
    11. Bug fixed: when switching storage device (internal storage or TF cards) during playback, player will occasionally jumped back to the Home screen
    12. Bug fix: maximum volume setting is invalid under specific operation.
    13. Bug fix: with idle shutdown is on, it will automatically power off when transferring files through USB connection.
    14. Bug fix: when charging the player at power off, the player will remain at standby mode and drain the battery after disconnect the player from the USB charger
    15. Other bug fixed and optimizations.

    Option 1: Local Upgrade Procedures

    Because the file size of the N5ii firmware is relative large (around 300+ MB), the most efficient option is to download the firmware package with wired network and perform the firmware upgrade manually as follow:
    1. Download firmware upgrade package from Cayin website, you should receive a compressed document N5MK2-ota-XXXX.zip
    2. Do not DECOMPRESSED the firmware upgrade package,copy the zip file to the root directory of internal storage or TF card of N5ii as-is.
    3. Hold on the previous key of right side panel and then press Power On/Off button like below until the player go into recovery mode.
    4. Specify firmware file location with the Volume control or previous/next buttons,
    a. select “apply update from internal storage” if the firmware file is stored on internal storage, Click Power button to confirm your selection.
    b. select “apply update from external storage” if stored on TF card. Click Power button to confirm your selection.
    upload_2018-2-8_13-9-21.png upload_2018-2-8_13-9-33.png
    5. You can move up and down to select xxxxx.zip via volume or previous/next buttons and press power button to activate the upgrade process.
    6. N5i will automatically go back into recovery operation screen, select “reboot system now” and press power button to reboot into regular operation.

    Option 2: OTA Upgrade Procedure

    Please check your current firmware and make sure you are using firmware version 1.1 or above. If your N5ii is installed with v1.0 firmware, please use manual upgrade option to upgrade your N5ii to a newer version. OTA firmware upgrade is only available to N5ii with firmware v1.1 or subsequent versions.

    When you connect your N5ii to a Internet ready WiFi connection, the DAP will detect a new firmware and alert you for firmware upgrade.
    upload_2018-2-8_13-11-36.png upload_2018-2-8_13-11-52.png
    The download time might vary from 30 minutes to several hours, depends on the number of concurrent upgrade users on the server. To improve our server efficiency, OTA will start on 10 February, and we’ll phase in the upgrade service by pushing the upgrade notification to selected N5ii units based on the last digit of the serial number over a course of 5 to 10 days. If you didn’t receive upgrade notification after we announced the new firmware, please wait patiently or opt for manual upgrade instead.
    upload_2018-2-8_13-12-25.png upload_2018-2-8_13-12-38.png

    As long as you stay connected with WiFi, you can use your DAP as-is while downloading the firmware at background. At the end of the download process, you’ll be prompted to confirm the installation of new firmware.
    upload_2018-2-8_13-13-2.png upload_2018-2-8_13-13-15.png
    At the end of the firmware installation, N5ii will turn off itself automatically and power on again. You will be advised to delete the firmware package in order to avoid repeated upgrade accidentally. Please verify that your N5ii is operating with the new firmware, you can find out the firmware information from the “About” option in Application Menu (swipe the screen from left “edge” to right).
    upload_2018-2-8_13-13-42.png upload_2018-2-8_13-16-20.png


    1. Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade
    2. Please delete/remove the firmware file from the internal storage/TF card after firmware upgrade
    3. Please perform a complete Music Scan after firmware upgrade.
    4. If you are using TF card to upgrade N5ii firmware, please make sure you only insert the TF card with firmware package into the DAP. Inserting two TF cards into the DAP during firmware upgrade might cause system failure because the system might not be able to identify the firmware package correctly.
    5. If you feel the DAP is not performing satisfactory after firmware upgrade, please wipe cache partition (in recovery mode) and restart the system.
    6. If the system freeze or cannot resume to regular operation after firmware upgrade, you can turn off the device by holding the Power on/off key for 12 seconds. The system will shut down in regardless of operation status. If problem persist, you can perform a Factory Reset (under Setting menu) or Wipe data/factory reset (in recovery mode) to resume the system
    7. Please insert TF card into N5ii before RECOVERY mode. If you insert TF card into N5ii after starting N5ii and RECOVERY mode it may cause system failure because the system might not be able to identify the firmware package correctly.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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  6. Andykong
    Dear all,

    For those who had run into dual TF card or music scanning problem previously, please try this new firmware and check if the problem remain unsolved. We believe we have solved the issue already but because the problem related to the composition of your Music Library to certain extend, we can't be 100% sure until we can test the firmware with a larger sample base. If your problem remain unsolved, please send a PM to CayinSupport and Silvia will mark down your details for further investigation.
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  7. Brownman_80
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  8. randomguy23
    Does this update resolve the static playback issue when using an external amp or DAC?
  9. Andykong
    I can't figure out the meaning of static playback, so probably NOT related to this firmware update.

    If you connect N5ii to an external amplifier through line out, it should work perfectly, we have not receive one single complaint on that so far.

    If you connect N5ii to an external DAC through Coaxial, it should also work perfectly.

    If you connect N5ii to an external DAC through USB Audio, you'll still have hear pops or noise, this is happening on some but not ALL DAC. I have provided update about this bug two days ago:
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  10. Slater91
    The problem with static noise overwhelming sound is still there, but there is progress: the new update fixes the issue with the player rebooting after a USB device has been connected. There is progress on this matter and I think Cayin will sort it out soon, given the frequency at which they are publishing updates.
  11. Andykong
    Next update will be mid-March, we'll break for Chinese New Year and that is a 2-weeks break, so the interval to next firmware update will be slightly extended.
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  12. Chaz1952
    Hello. The thumbnail album art for each file would appear correctly as in your first picture in the ALBUM view. However, when I would select any music to play, the large "popup" art in playing view would be the stock Cayin "The Rose in your life."
    Same behavior when browsing/selecting in ARTIST view and FOLDER view. Small thumbnails were OK, but larger art during selection/playing replaced by stock art. Solved by doing a double wipe as Andykong mentioned in his reply to this post. *IF* this occurs again, I will be sure to take pictures to illustrate more clearly .

    Planning on updating to FW 3.1 ASAP!
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  13. mr8382004
    Option to change the font size is one of my wishlist, hope in the next update there's an option to change the thumbnail album art on the album menu from 3 x 3 to 2 x 2's so it will look larger just like the AK's interface.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  14. Dobrescu George
  15. kubig123
    only 6 more hours to finish the download.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.25.22 AM.png
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