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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. kubig123
    Which OS version do you have?
    I have the lasted one and I can mount the microsd card like an external drive, very useful and much easier than using a specific app.

    I would also recommend to try with a different usb-c cables, I had one in teh past that did allow me to connect the player to the Mac.
  2. Prisyadkin
    Hey, is there a url for china firmware versions? i'm experiencing occasional playback stuttering, both in spotify and stock music player (my fw is 3.1en ). I've tried cache wipe and factory reset, still it stutters from time to time. Had no such problems on 2.0cn.
  3. lrlebron
    Does anyone know if the Cayin N5ii supports Bluetooth tethering? That would be an easy way for me to use the smartphones wireless connection with the DAP.
  4. PopZeus
    Thanks for the quick response. I can get my SD cards to load with a USB reader, so that's never been a problem. I'm trying to get the firmware package onto the internal storage, where downloaded apps from the google store are saved by the OS. The only way to do that is to plug the N5ii (in USB mode) directly to my computer, which won't recognize the device and cause the "turn USB storage" prompt to turn on. My situation is unfortunately I cannot update firmware from an SD card. When in recovery mode, the N5ii fails to recognize any external storage. I can confirm this is still the case. It HAS to be loaded onto the 32Gb of INTERNAL onboard memory in order for the update to work, but my iMac refuses to see the device.

    Edit: It turns out that the stock USB-C cable is the culprit. As soon as I found a different cable, it worked. Thing is, the stock cable does charge the device. It's just completely unreliable for anything else.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  5. gotoma8
    Okay, now that I've downloaded and extracted the new 3.1 version, how do I install this thing? I downloaded from the Cayin site via Firefox on the n5ii.


  6. gibby
    Post #1297
  7. seanwee
    Hello guys, I just got my own N5ii yesterday from a local audio store after my Xduoo X10's sound degraded (very peculiar).

    So far im very impressed with the sound of the N5ii. I am absolutely loving it with my QDC Neptune. I tried out the aune M2 and m2pro, FiiO X5iii, hidizs ap 200, and also the Opus 1 before settling on the N5ii. IMO only the Opus 1 can hold a candle to the N5ii but even then the N5ii has it beat in terms of soundstage, layering and bass extension.

    I encountered the volume bug right out of the box (2.1en) but I'm glad it has been resolved with the latest update.
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  8. scotvl
    Can you expand more on the sonic difference between the x5iii and the cayin N5ii, also the Spotify experience of both if you use it. thanks.
  9. Kravchuk2
    I upgrade the DAP to new firmware (3.1en) yesterday and found two problems in "folder" mode.
    1. Some folders on the TFcard strangely sorted. Here is a photo with example.
    2. DAP started to forget the current track and a breakpoint after reboot\shutdown in "folder" mode. Option "breakpoint resume" is on. Here is the video of this issue:
    I tried to wipe data and rescan the library, but nothing help. TF formatted to FAT32, there was no problem on a previous firmware (2.1en).
    Are this bugs known and what can I do with it?

    P.S.: Sorry for bad English...
  10. Chaz1952
    I have a Windows 10 PC and more often than not the N5ii isn't automatically recognized. I have found by switching the player's modes from USB to MTP, then back to USB, the DAPs storage (internal & sd cards) appear on Explorer for file transfers. I'm also using a good quality Anker cable, not the stock one.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  11. seanwee
    This is purely from memory so it may not be completely accurate.

    The first thing i difference i noticed about the X5iii and the N5ii was the level of warmth. The X5iii is quite a bit warmer than the Cayin N5ii imo. While I would consider the N5ii neutral, the X5iii is definitely warm sounding. The N5ii is also more detailed than the FiiO X5iii by quite a big margin. Clarity and instrument separation is also much better on the Cayin N3. Overall it sounds like the N5ii would be a big upgrade over the X5iii.

    Other than the sound, i would like to point out that the FiiO has SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER library scanning speed. I plugged in my 200gb microsd card containing about 10.8k songs into the FiiO X5iii and left it there for a while to scan while i tried out a few IEMs at the store. Surprisingly, even after 20-30 minutes the X5iii only managed to scan only 6k+ songs (N5ii takes about or less than a minute) . So I gave up and just used the folder explorer. The UI of the X5iii is also laggier compared to the N5ii.

    Personally I found the FiiO X5iii to be quite disappointing. I actually prefer the X3iii over the X5iii. It sounds cleaner and more detailed but that could be just because the sound is more forward and a tad less warm. However, I do remember the X3iii having a flat and 2D sounding soundstage lacking depth.

    I may or may not be going to the audio store again this weekend. If I DO manage to find some free time to go there again I will do a more detailed side by side comparison between other players in the same price range. (Actually my main motive was to try out the Echobox explorer, FiiO X7ii, AK SP1000 and the Hifiman HM 901 :p )
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  12. seanwee
    I sometimes encounter this but only when using a cheap ($1) aftermarket cable. It works flawlessly when using the stock and my huawei cable though.
  13. originalsnuffy
    Yes, the stock cable is troublesome at best.
  14. antikryst
    Anyone got freezing problems with the new firmware? Music sometimes just randomly pauses for about 3-5 seconds then starts back again. Well.. at least it resumes unlike 2.1 where it just freezes then you would have to open the player again and click play.
  15. seanwee
    Yes, I have encountered this issue too. About 2 times in 7 hours of use. I'm running 3.1en
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