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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Metalomaniac
    External storage, as internal doesn't have enough space for Spotify files.

    I've lost offline Spotify files from internal storage, so that's not a solution for me.
  2. arnevf
    I am just listening my FLAC songs and waiting for a final and easy solution by Cayin or Google team.
  3. NicholasS
    Hi folks.

    I have N5II for a while and experiencing some issues with its performance and stability. Especially it's started after I updated its firmware to v3.5. For instance, clicking "Stop" button doesn't stop a sound immediately, but in a couple of seconds with a single sound click-type glitch in the end. Sometimes it disconnects from bluetooth and while trying to reconnect slows UI down that makes it almost impossible to work with. Among other issues I found is an impossibility to play a sound via bluetooth headphones while being connected in DAC-mode and a hiss in while its screen is on in the same DAC-mode. And some other issues that make me a little unhappy by using it often.

    So the question is: does anybody have the same problems, or I'm just a lucky one to have them? It's also my second N5II (the first one I sent to a service center because of its buggy "pixelated" screen from a factory), they sent me back a new one.

    I also wrote to Cayin's support, but mostly it's just "try to reboot it", "did you double reset it?", "this is a custom Android OS, so not seeing a year picker in calendar is normal", "try to buy another cable", etc. They update their firmware very rare knowing that the same UI has bugs and just simply can be improved dramatically just listening to customers feedback and adding nice changes. But seems they don't pay much attention to it, they don't even take care about their official website that looks like a crap in 2018 for such company. Sorry, I'm kinda a little angry with them, because my experience getting worse with the time of using the DAP... All that makes me thinking about switching to something else. For example, looking towards yummy R6 and upcoming Android 8 with aptX/LDAC that I need a lot.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  4. Piratair

    hello, even trying this method, it does not work, the message "google play services stopped" appears without stop. it prevents us from using the reader. May we have help, a solution, thank you.
  5. mr8382004
    Hello Andy or Cayin support, can we just install the Chinese firmware and set the language to English? After all we can just install any app we like using the apk method and avoid those Google services. This is just a suggestion if the chinese FW is much stable than the English .
  6. Metalomaniac
    I have the same issue with the Stop button being slow, haven't run into the other issues you're having - although I don't use BT.

    I'm in the same boat with you with the frustration. The constant and persistent issue with losing Spotify offline file has made me look elsewhere, along with the awful and weak 3.5mm connection which is inexcusable in any device, let alone a premium device like this.

    The thing is, I don't think any DAP based in China will be reliable with Spotify, as they don't have Spotify in China to even test any solution. Wish Sony still made Android-based DAPs, as the one I had had rock solid software.

    This latest issue with the constant error messages popping up is the last straw. I can't recommend this player to anyone wanting to use Spotify.
  7. NicholasS
    Did you try to relocate the file to SD card? Any similar reports about the issue on internet from other users?
  8. Metalomaniac
    They are on SD card. This is a well-known issue with the DAP, and other similar (Chinese-based) DAPs.
  9. NicholasS
    Thx, good to know. I tried to use Spotify & Bandcamp apps for a short period of time, but decided to postpone for a while. So there is +1 item to the list of "why I have to change the DAP".

    Btw, just a little "how-to" optimization of the DAP's UI that might be helpful: if you go to device "Settings" / "About" device an click 7 times "Product Version", it'll activate "Developer options" within "Settings" menu. This is a standard Android feature where you can play with some OS options. I disabled all available animations ("window/transition/animation" scale set to "off") and just in case set "Force GPU rendering" to "on", so UI becomes a little more responsible, at least feels so, or I want to believe. :)
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  10. thedud3
    For anyone's concern, i've been solving the 'Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped' issue on my end by following @Andykong instructions ... :
    ... PLUS, with also hitting the 'UNINSTALL UPDATES' button.


    This actually should restore the previous version of Google Play (before the new one causing the issue).

    Neither a perfect solution but at least, i don't have the repeating & annoying 'play service has stopped' alert box anymore.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
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  11. Andykong
    Thank you very much. This is the second report that temporary solve the problem with uninstalling Google Play updates, in fact I have suggested "Uninstalling updates Google Play Store app" might stop that in a previous post.

    Silvia (Cayin Support) was following up on this because she has a N5ii that run into this problem, unfortunately she has been hospitalized since weekend so I don't have the latest update from here. My N5iiS didn't have this problem so I can't verify the solution. I'll issue a PDF instruction to solve this problem ASAP.
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  12. Andykong
    Temporary Solution to Stop Google Play error in N5ii/N5iiS

    We have received numerous reports regarding "Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped" error message recently. We now confirmed that the situation is caused by an unannounced service update from Google. The recent N5ii/N5iiS firmware has been running smoothly for over 2 months before user run into this error. The following instruction will direct you to uninstall the latest Google Play update and stopped the repeating error message.

    1. Clearing Google Play cache data
    • Swipe from left to right to pull out Application Menu, Select Third Party Application to enter Application Drawer, Click ES File Explorer to access Local Memory
    • Swipe Left or Right until you arrive the Homepage screen of ES File Explorer, select APK
    • Select User Apps at control area
    • Select System Apps from pop-up menu
    • At App Manager page, find Google Play app, Select and Hold the Google Play icon, an quick menu will display at the bottom of the screen, select "More"
    • Select Property from the pop up menu
    • Select Force stop at the Application page of Google play
    • Scroll down to select the Clear Cache option.
    • Reopen Google Play at Third Party Application page
    • Restart your N5ii or N5iiS
    2. Uninstalling Google Play Updates
    • Follow previous steps to access the Application page of Google play
    • Select Uninstall Updates
    • Restart your N5ii or N5iiS
    This should restore your Google Play to previous version and stopped the Google Play error message temporarily. If you are unfamiliar with Android system, please down the detail instruction with screen capture here.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  13. Piratair

    hi and thank you, this method works, I do not receive messages from google ... ouf I would say because it was intrusive and extreme. I could not use the drive every 5 sec the message appeared ...
    I thank all those who participated in finding this solution, and more particularly Andy because since they released this reader n have always improve and follow up their product to listen to his customers.
    Many brands should take seed, it is sure that it will influence my future purchases in the world of nomadism and music, I thank him.
  14. rezaswandira
    Since the play services bug had been (temporarily) fixed, lets talk about handling and care

    How do you guys take care of N5iiS' finish? Mine starts to show "stains" between the buttons (the most barehand touched parts) or maybe there's some recommendations from Cayin themselves?

    Thank you

    DSC_0189.JPG DSC_0190.JPG
  15. alter4
    Hi Guys,
    I have question, while my N5iiS loading I hear strange noise but only in right channel (I use normal unbalanced 3.5mm out). what is more interested it requires near 10 seconds till noise fluctuations tail off. I am curious is this an issue in my instance or normal/regular behavior?
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