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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. wakokokoyz
    i was referring to that home screen. offline mode means set manually in spotify? no need to set that, no connection means itll play whatever is saved in the device. i dont relog every time i off the device.
  2. Mayth
    That's the thing, it looks like everytime I'm not going to the Home screen after my listening sessions, the next reboot, it will ask me to relog.

    And I just got a new message : Error downloading, you have reached the limit of the offline devices. BUT I GOT ONLY ONE LISTED https://www.spotify.com/fr/account/offline-devices/ >< I have to re-download again. Seriously...
  3. seanwee
    Just got my hands on the N5iiS


    I have to say, it feels much heavier. More than what the actual increase would suggest. Probably because of its small size which makes feel very dense.

    The volume wheel has a lot more resistance too. Can't say I'm a fan of that. The old one was just right.
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  4. ngs428
    Ohhh. Comparison review coming? Hopefully...
  5. seanwee
    Unfortunately I would not be able to do a side by side comparison. Sorry to disappoint.

    I had to RMA my N5ii because it wouldn't charge all of a sudden.

    Maybe more pictures would appease you? :grin:

    N5iiS with its leather case installed





    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
  6. ngs428
    Thanks for the pics. I just have to move my N5ii along since the headphone jack gave out. I like the concept of the N5iis, but it is more than I want to spend. I was looking at getting another N5ii since I loved it, but now you reported a battery issue. Not sure how reliable it will be long term.

    I see Shanling just announced the 5s flagship this AM. No specs yet that I have seen. I would guess the price to be around what the N5iis is.

    Issue for me now is that I have no DAP at all, looking for that replacement.. $350 usd range. If you have any thoughts. I am between another N5ii and and a shanling m3s.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
  7. seanwee
    I just had a listen. It seems like instrument separation and layering is a touch better. However, the sound does seems less articulate especially around the mids. The midbass also seems to be slightly higher in quantity but the bass is also less tight.

    I don't trust my audio memory at the moment enough to rule it out being placebo though. I have listened to a lot of other gear while my N5ii was unavailable. Then again, it could be because this unit has not been burned in yet.

    Yes, I did notice an improvement over time as I used my N5ii. I have a few specific tracks I only use to test out gear and don't listen to normally. So when I go back to that specific song after any piece of equipment has been used for a while and it has improved, I will be able to notice it.

    In its current state, it seems a touch warmer and more full bodied. The old version is cleaner and thinner sounding if I'm not mistaken.

    Sound aside, the doubled ram indeed has a noticeable effect, the navigation is completely seamless now. YouTube playback still drops frames but at least the navigation is smooth.
  8. seanwee
    I wouldn't worry about the battery issue though, it seems like an exceedingly rare case. One of my FiiO X1s also gave out that way.

    At 350 dollars or less the N5ii is uncontestedly as far as I've heard. I have been looking at the Xduoo X10 mk2 but I doubt it will be able to best the N5ii.

    At 400 dollars you could give the Opus 1S a shot though.
  9. ngs428
    I did see the Opus 1s on MusicTech for $400. Did you post a comparison between the N5ii and the 1s? I will have to do some searching.
  10. seanwee
    I have not tried out the 1S. Nowhere to demo that over here.

    Reviews say they are close though.
  11. stillWanted
    As I was shopping on Aliexpress I discovered there's a "Brands Shopping Week" sorta event going on, there's ton of stuff you can "pre-order" for quite cheap. Found out the only shop which has the N5iiS will sell it for $402 (474$ currently), and he offers a $25 coupon. Dunno if the event is bull**** or nah and if you will be able to use the coupon along with, but damn I am really interesed at $377. :gs1000smile:For this price it's the best DAP you can get right ?
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  12. ngs428
    Hard to say.. I see you are not in the US. But I would only buy from Musicteck. It is $499USD

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  13. seanwee
    If it is real then there's no doubt about it.
  14. Andykong
    All N5ii or N5iiS on Aliexpress are unauthorized, they are sold by retailer from China who didn't have the authorization to sell Cayin products to oversee markets, over 90% are not even authorized retailer in China, they just solicit product from domestic market when they receive an order. These DAP will not have warranty cover. Your local dealer will not provide any service, and Cayin will ONLY provide domestic warranty service to these machines, meaning you have to send the player back to your Aliexpress seller, and ask them to submit the player to Cayin within China territory in order to legitimize domestic warranty. You'll be lucky if the Aliexpress shop is willing to take care of you in such cases. All too often they'll just ignor you or disappear from Aliexpress (actually, reopen under a new name) suddenly. The worst case we heard, they collected you unit and then disappeared, leaving no trace for you to follow up.

    If you think the deal worth the risk, then I have no further comment.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  15. ngs428

    Trying to do a WiFi firmware update to my N5ii tonight. Your server seems really slow, cutting in and out. Is there an issue on your side?
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