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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. ElMariachi
    This is just a guess, but it probably got lost in translation. I’m assuming they mean that the Bluetooth implementation has been adjusted giving it more stability.
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  2. Andykong
    Offically, I have to tell you that N5ii is not certified for aptX and probably will not be in the rest of our product life, this is what we have to stand by. Promoting aptX compatible required a long certification process, and will affect our existing BT license such as BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Process). Revising all our Bluetooth license worldwide will cost a hefty amount.

    Off the chart, I'll suggest you to find an aptX bluetooth headset and try it out for your personal exploration. That's the best I can say. :ksc75smile:
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  3. CayinSupport
    Please check the PM
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  4. ponop
    Hi I just bought this DAP recently its still on my way now ? is there any known bug other than random freze & hang and the onverted color ? and is there any fix for that problem ?
  5. CayinSupport
    Hi, 3.3en firmware has significantly reduced the frequency of random pause during playback, and speed up the resume when bug occurred. we are still trying our best to solve freeze bug and USB Audio Out issue. If you want to know more about N5ii, you can check previous posts this thread.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  6. ngs428
    Cayin, what does the new high quality option under Bluetooth do? I understand it is not aptX.
  7. PopZeus
    Sounds like Cayin tried to maximize performance on their existing Bluetooth hardware which can’t reach aptX levels but maybe goes a bit beyond their official spec in terms of performance. Can’t wait to try that out when my bt headphones arrive later this month!
  8. MyPants
    For what it's worth, what bugs there are haven't really hampered my experience with this player. I use it daily and see the bugs pop up pretty rarely.
  9. ngoshawk
    My N5ii video is live. Hope you like it. Cheers.

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  10. mr8382004
    Hello Cayin or anybody, what is the meaning of the symbol a triangle with an exclamation point inside? I just encountered it today when I tried to transfer files from PC to N5ii, and then the process hang up. I thought it's the SD card damaged and then I eject the SD card and put it in a card reader then make the transfer and everything goes smoothly. I try to reboot and clear cache then make another transfer with the SD card inside N5ii and the problem comes back again. Is there some thing wrong with my device or it's a bug? My SD card (128Gb Sandisk Ultra) has been mounted in my N5ii since December last year and I didn't encounter any problem and very seldom (more or less 5 times) does the unit itself behave abnormally.
    Hope someone can help and btw I'm still using v3.2en bec. I think it's very stable for me.
  11. Kuglopf
    Dear Head-Fi

    I am very much interested in a buying a Cayin N5 ii, but I would like to get clarification about two features.
    (I am sorry) I am an Apple addict and I was so far using iPod Classic devices; I loved them but the last one died recently and I am not interested i switching to iPod touch, because I use iPhone devices and they are just not suitable as music players.

    My questions are :
    1) I there an easy way to synchronise the Cayin N5ii with an iTunes library ?
    I am aware it is possible the export Tunes libraries to android devices. I ever had an Android phone and I managed to move manually my files and playlists, but it was not easy at all, because I had frequent errors interrupting the copy of files to the SD card. I had to start over and it took ages until I managed to copy my entire library (about 110 Go). Therefore it someone could advise an effective script or app to automatise the process, I would be grateful…

    2) it is possible to stream from the Cayin N5ii to an AirPort device ? All my speaker and HiFi devices are AirPlay compatible and I would like to be able to steam music wireless from my normal player.
    I know there are apps allowing to stream from Android devices to AirPlay speakers, e.g. Streambels, Allcast or Allstream. But here again, I would appreciate users feedback that such solutions actually work with a Cayin N5ii. On my Android phone I used DoubleTwist, and it was fine, because this music player app allows to steam music to AirPlay. However, on the Cayin, I want to use the native player application because I am sceptical that a third part player app would take all the advantages of the audiophile hardware architecture… Therefore I need confirmation that apps such as Streambels, Allcast or Allstream work.
  12. ponop
    yeah i dont find any bug with the software , its run perfectly and sounds great
    yeah same with my experienced in theese 2 days
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
  13. wakokokoyz
    same here. perfect player. everything works well. paired with 1more quad and ibasso it01, ended up using the latter more
  14. wakokokoyz
    a little suggestion for developer team:
    1. possible to put option to interchange forward and previous track button? one button will be pushed 99% and the other 1% of their lifetime

    2. the pull down from top, after disabling audio priority, its a hassle that the toolbar needs to be pulled down again to enable wifi

  15. Andykong
    (1) If we swap the button action as suggested, this will create an odd situation when button action contradict the physical marking of the button, we feel reluctant to do this unless the button reliability has become a significant issues.

    (2) We'll consider adding new features to N5ii if that is well justified and within our resource allocation, but we are unlike to change the UI again because we want to save one step of operation after the DAP is 6 months in the market. Changes like these will cause less disturb to users during the early stage of a product, mainly because of the small user community and users are still learning to use the product. Right now the N5ii user community is fairly large, and has developed their "habit" in using the N5ii already.

    In general, these are changes that might works out when we devote considerable resource to "convince" and educate the users, there are "windows" to do these but N5ii has passed that window already. We can consider these suggestion when we develop a new product, so thank you for sharing your experience, but as I said, these are unlikely applicable to N5ii due to timing issue.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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