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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. HK_sends
    Hey Andykong,

    Can you give any insight to any planned future firmware updates for the iDAP-6? Any planned features to be added or updated?
    I'm also liking the look of your N8!

    Cheers and Thanks in Advance! :beerchug:
    -HK sends
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
  2. Andykong
    We don't have any immediate firmware update schedule for iDAP-6 as of today.
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  3. HK_sends
    Thanks for the update. I was just curious.

    Cheers and All the Best!
    -HK sends
  4. cosie
    Hi all,
    My new idap-6 is hanging up frequently if I using it hard - very often changing tracks and very often do fast forwarding. SD or USB flash via hibilink - I can make it hanged up every 2-3 minutes by fast forwarding. Firmware 2.0. However it can play 24 hours without issues if you are not doing fast forwarding. Please suggest, is that a common/known problem? Or need I try to replace the device to another one?
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  5. Andykong
    I believe this is related to the Bluetooth operation nature.

    First of all, try to Fast Forward or Rewind with the physical button on the iDAP-6:

    FF and Rewind.jpg

    If your iDAP-6 has passed the test, then we can narrow down the problem to Bluetooth connection in stead of Hardware problem. Are you using an Android or an iPhone to operate the HiByLink control? If you are using an iPhone, can you borrow an Android phone and test the HiByLink with Fast Forward again? Vice versa, if you are using an Android phone, try to borrow an iphone and test the problem again. This will determine whether the problem is BT platform related. We should be in a better position to evaluate the problem when we have these inputs.
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  6. cosie
    hi Andykong,
    thanks for reply.
    Im using Android (Galaxy Note 5).
    I'll try, but I don't think the Bluetooth is root cause because iDAP-6 hanging up - no sound, no any reaction on buttons pushing. Only Off/On does helps.
    And seems the case is not while Fast Forwarding, but when pushing next/previous track.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  7. sergioalb64
    My impressions of using the iDAP-6 with an Audio GD D-27:

    I2S connection worked!...for the most part. PCM is flawless. DSD? There's a slight 'pop' sound when first entering DSD mode, which is fine really, very low, BUT, switching between DSD resolutions (DSD 128 to DSD 256, etc) causes the tracks to play with a lot of distortion (basically unlistenable), but i found out that turning the DAC off and back on would cause it to play the track perfectly...until it switches to another DSD resolution again, requiring another DAC re-boot. Oh and I haven't tried iDAP-6 to DAC via USB; I wanted this to be a dedicated I2S input device to my DAC.

    A bit annoying, but 95% of my music is not DSD, so definitely not a deal-breaker. Though I wish the iDAP-6 music library scan didn't max out at 30,000 songs. Overall though, very happy with the device, and looking forward to exploring even more of what it can do!
  8. Jandu
    Good news, Maybe there is a good chance that it would work with a R28. Any chance you may have a comparison of sound quality to a USB sourced from PC against the Cayin I2S?

  9. sergioalb64
    I hear some slight but noticeable increase in clarity and detail using the iDAP-6 I2S against PC USB. The volume is also higher using the iDAP-6; I have to up the USB input volume 10 steps in the D-27 to match the I2S volume.
  10. Jandu
  11. sergioalb64
    Another small update, this time regarding bluetooth connection to a Samsung Galaxy S8+. It works if HibyLink is disabled, and it works even with Wi-Fi on. However, I cannot pair bluetooth with HibyLink enabled, with or without Wi-Fi. Personally, for my setup, I will be keeping HibyLink off to use bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but it may be different for someone else. Just thought I'd share (BTW the iDAP-6 has version 2.0, latest (and probably last)).
  12. cosie
    Im sad that there is no option to manage output volume.
    For example you can manage it with Sotm via HibyLink.

    sergioalb64 - I dont have any issues with pairing iDAP-6 with Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
    Wi-Fi, bluetooth, HibyLink - always ON at iDAP-6. Just put On bluetooth at Note 5 side, confirm bluetooth connection setup with iDAP-6 and run HibyPlayer. HibyLink automatically setting up.
  13. CayinSupport
    2018 is a special year to Cayin because this is our 25th Anniversary, we have delivered several milestone products that summarized our effort in past three four years. We are fortunate to have customers who take us seriously and valued our contribution. Our highest gratitude and appreciation on this special day – we are so grateful for your support and we are looking forward to a fruitful and exciting 2019, and we hope you'll be there with us. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    project86 likes this.
  14. simon740

    Im looking a new transport for my Nuprime DAC-9.
    Will Cayin Idap-6 work with this DAC?
    Can this idap-6 compete with more expensive players/tranports?

  15. Andykong
    iDAP-6 should work with Nuprime DAC-9 via AES, coaxial and USB Audio.

    If you are using this player as digital transport with SD card or USB storage (harddisk, thumbdrive, or card readers), the iDAP-6 will work and sound tremendously well, you can read the impression from John (Project86) on page 1 of this thread, he compared the iDAP-6 to other players and some of them are really expensive.

    If you are using it as a wireless transport through BT, airplay etc, it won't sound as good as the local storage option but it is as good as you can expect.

    Unfortunately if you want to use it as a Network or DLNA player, the quality of playback is well-received but the player suffers from some operation issues such as no manual WiFi Setup (unable to work with hidden network), fail to remember the password of NAS (re-enter repeatedly).

    If you want to use Tidal or Spotify with iDAP-6, you can use a DLNA player with cloud/streaming gateway. BubbleUPnP seems to the most popular choice so far.

    The player is not MQA or ROON ready, but someone use it with their ROON server and works fine
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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