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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. jrcai
    Never mind. I just figured out. There is an output selection. You have to select i2s. SQ wise, don't know, still in the middle of burn in...
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  2. HK_sends
    Glad you were able to get it working! :thumbsup: Please pass on your impressions after you've had time to burn it in.

    -HK sends
  3. jrcai
    Hi, Andy,
    I also installed bubbleupnp and enabled DLAN in idap6, but I can't find idap6 as a render . Did I do anything wrong?

  4. burdie
    Dear Cayin, one of your main competitor in China already released a direct challenger to Idap-6, Aune S5.offers better technical specs such as DSD1024, PCM768, DST, External USB CDROM, Internal mSATA connection, Infra Red Remote, Dedicated app (internal testing stage), and cheaper
    Cayin may be better in term of USB Dac support, SQ (have no heard the sound of S5), Software (I have a very bad experience with the Aune S1)
    Hope Cayin can quickly rectify the remaining issues that previously reported, and add additional features as much as possible
    TB2yAlDdiMnBKNjSZFzXXc_qVXa_!!3323147479.jpg TB25QJUdnmWBKNjSZFBXXXxUFXa_!!3323147479.jpg TB2LV8vdbZnBKNjSZFKXXcGOVXa_!!3323147479.jpg TB2mZTNesuYBuNkSmRyXXcA3pXa_!!3323147479.jpg TB2b0q7dfiSBuNkSnhJXXbDcpXa_!!3323147479.jpg
  5. alphanumerix1
    Okay ^ ?
  6. Andykong
    I sincerely hope it is a better network player. If they are indeed our competitor as you have put it, and they come out with a competing product 1 year later, as you have put it again, they should beat the iDAP-6 in each are every area. This is how it should work in digital audio market, and this is why digital audio market is advancing rapidly.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  7. Reliance
    I have just received my IDAP-6 yesterday and my issue is that the Cayin does not see the NAS (Synology). Both are on the same LAN with a Netgear switch. Doesn't work in Ethernet as well as wifi connection. DLNA option is On.
    Any clue?
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
  8. burdie
    Go to your router setting to see whether DHCP assigned IP to Idap-6 or not
    If there is IP assigned for IDap-6, try the following
    - use another router to connect both of your NAS and IDap-6 to eliminate potential incompatible with your router (you are using another router with DHCP to your Netgear Switch?
    - Update firmware of your router
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  9. burdie
    Understand the evolution on technologies. I do not ask for at par technical specs but any updates on firmware to rectify previously reported bugs.
    Aune is much smaller in corporate setup and not famous as compare to Cayin, but such company also found the important to have dedicated appz as remote control (though still in beta internal testing)
  10. bodhidharma
    To do this as I have to proceed, I have not yet succeeded via DNLA
  11. Mr.Jones
    Read this topic from begining again and you will discover that this player is DESKTOP player not NETWORK player :wink:), sold it.
  12. Uri Cohen
    I just want to post that Bubbleupnp was updated today (the app). So far when trying on other Upnp/DNLA devices I have lying around (Fiio X3 3rd Gen and PC using Foobar2000 DNLA render) I am getting 80% success gapless rate. Just don't do any track seeking or changing tracks and so far it is working great. Of course with Tidal it's still 16-bit/44.1khz, but mconnect (another DNLA app program) does support some of the MQA titles at a higher bit-rate (but no success with gapless on this one).

    To be honest, I'm more excited on Qobuz coming to the US, both buy and stream makes it an interesting option.

    Either way, as long as gapless mostly works on my end this player I will pick up. It supports USB out and that's a big factor for me.
  13. Reliance
    Thanks all for your inputs. Just decided to send it back to the shop, the sofware part needs to be improved (at a minimum).
  14. Uri Cohen
    @Andykong I have a question, is the SOC of the iDap-6 is based on Linux? My DAC (Ayre Codex) will work on music streamers by USB if they are some how based on a Linux OS. Thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  15. Uri Cohen
    Well then....I went ahead and ordered the IDAP-6 from MusicTeck today. The only way I will know that this will work 100% with my Ayre Codex DAC is by ordering it and have a home trail myself.

    I just need the unit to do well in the following:

    *Accepting USB Hard Drives
    *Output USB Audio to the Ayre Codex nicely and able to run hi-rez
    *Work just fine as a DNLA Render with Bubbleupnp via wireless
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