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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Slow_aetk Contributor
    I just got one IDAP-6 and I have a few problems:
    - I cannot use the 2 back USB-A to connect my Toshiba USB drive?
    - When I use the front USB, the Cayin does not see the disk 1 time for every 3 bootstrap?

    Any Idea?
  2. simon740
    Has anyone noticed if there are any dropouts with HDD with own power supply? Or what is best to use .... 2.5 HDD, 3.5 HDD, SSD or SD card?

  3. gullivero
    few days ago i connect just that - a HDD with own power supply and i didn't notice any dropouts...and with 24/96 or 24/192 also no problem...but i think i will invest in one SSD because of a noise of hard drive...what i don't like is also that it not goes "through folder" even if it is on "yes" on that option...but this is with disk that is connected on a back and it is nfts (don't know if this is important for that)...before that i connected some older Verbatim disk(fat32) and it work "through folder" option...work also with SD card. Also a kind of a problem is that because if you don't play music for 15 minutes or more Cayin will be in a "stand by" mode ...if i turn it on again it will not "see" that HDD and i must turn of and again on....(Dont know how healthy is that for HDD)....thing is that now 500 GB SSD is cheaper than some SD cards with similar capacity...
  4. Ricardo007
    is the SD card reader inside the cayin IDAP6 is certified UHS-II?
    In order to take advantage of the maximum speed (low latency) of pro SD card like Toshiba Exceria Pro SDHC 16 or 32G (UHS-II bus / class 10 / U3 / 260Mb/s / Fat32)), which came recommended by Ebayan of 6 moons in article about crazy SD card reader from lessloss... (http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/lessloss5/1.html).
  5. santodx5

    Have the issue with NAS does not keep log in info been resolved?

  6. santodx5
    It seems no one wants this product anymore :frowning2:
  7. connect2812
    Question to the owners of this device:
    If you turn the joystick while playing music, the sound disappears. This is seen in the video.
    Does your device have this effect?

    Thank's in advance
  8. project86 Contributor
    I have not experienced that particular issue, but once in a while something similar. What are you playing from - USB drive, SD card, or...? I notice I get dropouts at times, I have narrowed it down to a specific USB drive and one of several older SD cards, all of which are likely on the slow side. It also happens more with hi-res and particularly DSD rather than standard CD resolution. And it happens when the display is actively showing me the album art within the first second or two of playback. Sometimes I can make it happen again by messing with the menu and then letting it go back to album art.

    My theory is that the device doesn't have a ton of processing power and calling up the artwork, plus decoding the stream, is sometimes more than it can handle when using slower storage media. Faster cards/drives might read ahead more quickly and buffer, thus allowing some wiggle room for playback while the processor handles another task for a second or two.

    I'm just guessing here but it makes logical sense. I notice in your video things are fine at first, but after you switch through a few screens then it begins to glitch. Maybe try swapping in different SD cards or drives, that may help somewhat. Aside from that, get everything set the way you want so you don't have to navigate the menu as much during playback. Not ideal, I realize, but that's the best I've got.
    connect2812 likes this.
  9. connect2812
    Thank's for your reply! I use Samsung 256GB microSDXC class 10 UHS-I U3 Evo Plus.
    I'll try other storages and write about the result!
  10. project86 Contributor
    Well that should be a fast enough card, but it's worth trying another just in case. Also maybe play with using a thumb drive or USB HDD/SSD, just to see if you get better results via different methods. I feel like storage speed is one part of the equation but perhaps not the only aspect.
  11. connect2812
    I tried USB flash-drive, also tried to play mp3 - the problem is still there :frowning2:
  12. gullivero
    I own a same sd card(Samsung 256GB microSDXC class 10 UHS-I U3 Evo Plus) and have some dropouts from time to time (maybe once per day or twice) but i will try later this with navigation joystick -- but also there is no need to do that during music playing...Btw i have no droputs at all with hard drive (WD blue) connected via usb....
    connect2812 likes this.
  13. connect2812
    I have a problem when using the card and when using the USB. Of course, I can control the device via a smartphone, but I just bought idap-6 and still have the opportunity to replace it if it turns out to be a defect. I asked for your help in determining whether it is a defect or not :)
  14. gullivero
    Oh...not lucky today -i was out and now is storm with thunders here so i have to do that tomorrow ...(i have to turn off everything and unplug from wall because there is lot dead electric and electronic devices in this parts because of storm and thunders...) sorry for that but for sure i will try this...
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