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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. longbowbbs
    I think he wants Ethan to pay for his shirt...[​IMG]
  2. buke9
    Will he pay for mine?
    longbowbbs likes this.
  3. third_eye Moderator
    If you volunteer, I sure will!
  4. LarryMagoo

    Wise ass!  :wink:
  5. Gibson59
  6. EZE99
    Can frequency response graphs be made?
  7. jude Administrator
    Yes, the Audio Precision team can measure pretty much whatever you bring--headphones, amps, DACs--and will provide you with a flash drive with a report of the results plus the APx project file used to create the report.
    These measurement sessions are available to DIY'ers, curious hobbyists with gear they've been curious about measuring, and companies who would like to see how their products measure with the industry's best audio analyzers.
  8. EZE99

    How many headphones can be measured in 1 session?
  9. GLowaslike
  10. asquare3376

  11. Sam Edwards
    I'll probably have to work that weekend, but I'll try to spin by on my way to/from.
  12. EZE99
    Anyone know what kind of sales/dealz Campfire Audio has brought to past CanJams?
  13. FinalHQ
    [Reviewer Wanted]
    We'd like to announce the reviewer wanted campaign for the F series within USA.
    We're looking for:
    -3 reviewers for F7200 and F4100
    -3 reviewers for F7200
    If you're interested in it, please check the reviewer wanted page:

    We are looking forward to your application!
    *Kindly to be advised, the review campaign only limited for the reviewers
    who can come to our booth at CanJam SoCal to pick up the demos.


  14. Jalo
    Final product I like to review: F7200, F4200, and Sonorous X (just trying :))
    Headfi user name: Jalo.
    Final product owned: FiBass, Lab II, Used in past, PF X, Heaven IV, V Vi.
    Source Gear: Sony Walkman Wm1Z, AK 380cu, RWAK240SS, Lotoo Paw Gold-Diana Edition
    Location: California
    Previous review: Lab 2 in the Final thread, See post numbers: 6999, 7000, 7013, 7113, 7119.
    Can Jam SoCal: Final booth will be my first stop on Saturday, looking forward to see Michael and JoJo again.
  15. jwbrent
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