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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. buke9
    Let me guess ping pong?
  2. third_eye Moderator
    It sure is! Moe is a serious competitor. 
  3. EZE99

    Might have to wipe the floor this year to set the record straight.  Will compete hard core haha.
  4. SkylarGray
  5. Jalo
    I will be there for two days, please let me know if you want to listen to the Lab 2.  On afternoon is definitely not enough.  At least spend a day and have fun.
  6. LoryWiv

    How can those of us not on Facebook enter the contest...(besides signing up for the account I've avoided having all these years! :)) ?
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  7. jwbrent

    Hi Jalo,

    Yes, the schedule has changed. We're going to come first thing Saturday and spend the whole day there (thanks to those who suggested this).

    I'll pm you to get your number so we can meet. I want to experience Nirvana through the Lab II. :D
  8. VerucaAssault
    Hi, I'm with AQ.
    We don't think you should have to create a social media account just to enter the contest so you can enter by coming to the AQ booth at the show, auditioning product then signing up to enter.
    The social media share is a second entry, so if you sign in at the show you will be entered once to win.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Looking forward to seeing you at CanJam!
  9. EZE99
    @Jack Vang Will Empire Ears be coming with any special deals?
  10. gevorg

    Very interested in this. What kind of speaker system/room will be used for the Realizer demo? Would A16 backers be able to get a copy of their PRIR measurements?
  11. third_eye Moderator

    FREE Gear Measurements with Audio Precision

    How Does Your Gear Measure?
    Sign up for a free test session at CanJam SoCal and find out! 
    Whether you’re an exhibitor or an attendee, this is an opportunity to test your equipment—headphones, DACs, amplifiers, etc.—with high-performance audio analyzers and consult with one of our audio test experts.
    Offered as a free service during CanJam SoCal, this is your chance to receive key audio measurements of your product or prototype and receive a flash drive with a report of the results plus the APx project file used to create the report.  Each session includes 30 minutes of time on one of two test stations and time with one of our audio test experts to discuss your results.  
    To register for a test session:
    Register using the Sign-Up form here:

    * CanJam SoCal attendees will need to provide their Eventbrite ticket number in the designated field on the sign-up page. Click here to purchase your CanJam SoCal 2017 ticket.

    Audio Precision will be in the Atrium II demo suite
  12. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, as a reminder T-Shirt preorders are due in this weekend and no later than Monday morning, March 27. To reserve your shirt, please reply in the thread (do not PM) with your Head-Fi handle, the size you want, and how many of that size you want - all separated by pipes. If you need to order multiple sizes, please start a new line. For example, this is my "order":
    T-Shirts are $30 each, and will be both picked up and paid for at the show, although we must have your reservation now in order to guarantee your shirts. As a reminder, CanJam SoCal volunteers do not have to separately order their T-shirts as we will be providing them.
  13. LarryMagoo
  14. AxelCloris Administrator
    You're ordering extra shirts for Ethan? So kind. :wink:
    Evshrug likes this.
  15. buke9
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