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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. Netforce
    I would probably echo that Glendale would be the easiest way to get to Canjam. Montebello 60 on the weekends shouldn't be bad though and I do have a preference to the Montebello area.

    Near LAX obvious benefit is not having to travel far from the airport when you arrive and take off. I just absolutely dread having to go towards LAX every single time.
  2. third_eye Moderator
  3. Zachik
    Thanks guys for the feedback.
    Since I am staying only 1 night, and going to the airport after 2nd day - not too much of back-and-forth from-to the hotel...
    I was also hoping several visitors (i.e. non-locals) would jump in and say they stay at one of those locations.  Always more fun to hang-out with fellow head-fi-ers after the show closes! (and carpool from-to the hotel)
  4. bosiemoncrieff
    My recommendation is to find an Airbnb (or hotel) along the Metro Red Line, the only true subway in the city. Good public transit in the city is scarce, and this is the only example I can point to without qualification. I will be coming from property we have in Venice, and likely take the 733 along Venice Blvd to DTLA. Will likely bring K1000 and HE-6, as it is the amplification of those cans that is the most fraught.
  5. third_eye Moderator
    We're pleased to announce Echobox Audio as a Show Sponsor of CanJam SoCal 2017!
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  6. bosiemoncrieff
    Do we have to schedule sessions with the HE-1? If so, how do we do it? Does it need to happen in advance?
  7. third_eye Moderator
    We'll be posting details as soon as we get them. Stay tuned.
  8. third_eye Moderator
  9. bosiemoncrieff
    Just bought flight and Saturday pass!
  10. buke9
    Awesome I love my Triple Drivers can't wait to hear the Quad's.
  11. conflict0102
    I'm a local so I'm looking forward to attending this event. 
  12. bosiemoncrieff

    Not sure if this is possible, but I saw Z Review's video from his sesh at CanJam NYC, and it wasn't clear whether there were any classical tracks to listen to. Pop music is fine, but it would be nice if there were at least one orchestral piece in their lineup. Not sure if you can make requests or whatever but it seems like an obvious box to check for the preeminent headphone manufacturer in the world. 
  13. third_eye Moderator
    Yeah, that's a very valid point and we'll pass this information along.
  14. third_eye Moderator
    We're pleased to announce Focal as a Show Sponsor of CanJam SoCal 2017! 
  15. danieldpagan
    I would love to go but im not sure if I can do a 6 hour flight from Florida. I can barely do 2 for New York. I wish there was a Canjam Orlando. Would make sense since its the most popular place to visit but its like nobody down here does meets :frowning2:
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