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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. fokta

    is there new FW update on M5s....?

    @Dsnuts fiio M11 Pro ??? new model again ?

    DX160 looks promising..
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am waiting on what the word is on the Shanling M6 and Fiio M11 pro. In about a few weeks I reckon we will find out. DX160 is gaining some steam it looks like.
  3. fokta
    Sorry, Not intentionally to redirect the SOLARIS..
    but like my favo friend said... its a good year for mid tier / high mid tier DAP to shine.. blink to @ExpatinJapan

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
    ExpatinJapan likes this.
  4. fokta
    A quite interesting session with Shanling M5s...


    supposed to be a short time demo, turns to 2 hours serious listening session...
    2 things I highlight :
    1) Bass, wow... it was the same like my DX221mk2. this was why became a long session...
    black eyes peas "my hump", Problem "betta watch yo self", Hans Zimmer Inception Album.. all show great body bass, solid, not too detail sub bass, but was good exp.
    2) Hiss, but it managed better then my DX221mk2.


    During my session, when I told the store guy, that M5s had a good bass, he looked at me intrigued... he pulled another Solaris.


    Hehehe... it was my CustomArt Eartip all along...
    Using Standard Solaris with M5s, its dry Bright...
    also my DX221mk2, Neutral to Bright...

    well now I know, I must be very careful giving my opinion when Demoing...

    The session taught me alot...

    @Dsnuts, assuming u get a great seal... yes M5s is a great pairing with Solaris... count me in...
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  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    @fokta you need to message me. I have a bit of a cable tip for you. You need to try with your solaris.
  6. fokta
    Message sent...
  7. Hellraiser86
    Hey there. Yesterday I was on a limited audio event and there was a world premier with something I’d never expected at that moment.
    There is a new version of Solaris coming out. The unit I had the chance to listen to looked also quite different in colours (no gold on top and more looking like perlmut). To me the sound was quite similar but with a tiny bit more detail on the bass texture. I compared it with my own Solaris and unfortunately I like the new ones more :frowning2:

    I had not much time with it. You can imagine why. I also had no chance to ask for a precise release date (but in the near future) but pricing should be similar.
    Unfortunately this model will be limited to 750 units...
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  8. Tristy
    Solaris special edition black? Lolsss
  9. Hellraiser86
    Yes it was mainly black with a perlmut like cover where usually the gold from the other one is
  10. Tristy
    interesting... did the bass seem boosted? Or just more textured? They might of stuck another 10mm DD in there following in the footsteps of the legend. A bass head Solaris :scream: TAKE MY MONEY KB
  11. Hellraiser86
    It’s definitely no bass head IEM :)
    Can’t really say if it’s boosted because of the time I had. But it I heard much more textures in Synthesizers (music from Kraftwerk) in the mid to upper bass region.
    Tristy likes this.
  12. Tristy
    piqued my interest. Although I was really after a hybrid bass head iem like the legend... I’ll keep my eyes peeled!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  13. Hellraiser86
    I had the Nobel Khan, Empire Ears Legend X and The Wraith, Tia Noir as well as the 12 and 18 driver unit to compare as well. And i definitely preferred the new Solaris version.
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  14. Tristy
    Well how much better did you feel that it was than the original??
    Victoresque likes this.
  15. Hellraiser86
    I really liked it. I wouldn’t say it is that big jump in sound quality. But I preferred it because of the better bass. If I had to put it in numbers I would say (please take it with a grain of salt) somewhere between 5-10% (soundstage felt like it had a bit more depth too)
    Tristy likes this.
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