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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. fokta
    1st time for Qp2r,
    2nd time for N6ii...
    all pair With Solaris...

    I find QP2r Hiss, consider very noticeable compare to DX221mk2.
    N6ii handle Hiss better then DX221mk2. But DX221MK2 can feel the Dynamic in low volume ( Vol 9).
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  2. 40lb
    Fearing my QP2R will fail me out of the blue I've been looking into getting a new DAP to replace it. Was able to try the Kann Cube (SE only) and didn't feel anything special from it during my quick listen. What do you think of the three?

    I love the reference sound of the QP2R with the Solaris.
  3. Rockwell75
    The N6ii has nice synergy with Solaris and has great battery life. Furthermore it has the promise of additional motherboard/DAC chips down the road.
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  4. 40lb
    I've been so hesitant on the swappable Amp/now DAC band wagon for a moment now. Seems many are headed in this direction might not have a choice. Seeing twisters review of the T-01 DAC for the N6ii I just might bite, I miss the sound of my old N6 and would be very interested to hear how it plays with the Solaris.
  5. Rockwell75
    Be aware that the T01 has 40% less battery life than the A01 (if that matters to you) and sounds very close (as per @twister6 's review).
  6. fokta
    Hmm.. i got to admit, Qp2R really Hiss in balance jack... in the level where it really disturbs me...
    When u listen Solaris with it ? u used impedance Adapter ? it's really a question mark for me ....
  7. 40lb
    I don't use a impedance adapter, the hiss doesn't bother me very much. I'm a little selective of what tracks a load up into it but when music is playing I can't hear the hiss. I only use balanced.
  8. uthood
    Just got my N6ii today to pair with my Solaris. It's a really nice DAP and sounds great. Fantastic pairing with the Solaris (and my Utopia as well). Background hiss is noticable on very quiet sections, but not when music is playing.

    I'm coming from using my phone for streaming and an Oppo HA2SE as my DAC/amp. I do miss the bass boost for some stuff where it's fun to have a little more boom, and the Oppo does a fantastic job of boosting without being muddy or bleeding into any other frequencies.

    I found a frequency response graph on ASR for the Oppo comparing the curve with and without the boost. Looked like it boosted 5db from 10Hz up to 150Hz and then gradually declined as it approached 1k. Wish I could find a way to replicate that.

    Not a dealbreaker by any means. I'm only a few hours in and am really happy with the purchase.
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  9. 40lb
    40% is pretty extreme but doesn't worry me, just care about the sound overall. The N6ii with the A01, does it give the Solaris a warm sound or is it still balanced?
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  10. Rockwell75
    The N6ii has a fantastic EQ and should be able to do the trick for you. I'm actually thinking of picking up an Atlas to have on the side for those times when I feel like a kick in the pants.

    Warmish tint. Twister's review of the N6ii describes it aptly.
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  11. uthood
    Keep in mind I'm only a couple of hours into owning the N6ii with the Solaris...

    I'd say it's still pretty balanced, maybe a tad bit of warmth. I used to have a chord mojo didn't like the pairing at all, felt like the warmth of the mojo messed with the detail of the Solaris. The N6ii adds a bit of warmth while retaining the detail.
  12. uthood
    I saw the EQ within the Cayin app, didn't try it yet though.

    Wondering if it applies only to music played through the app or if it affects streaming music as well. Will have to dig further this weekend.

    I stream almost exclusively.
  13. fokta
    I see... ok. Here is my field Impression based on my experienced:

    N6ii and DX221mk2 are same mid centric.

    Soundwise, DX221mk2 more reference (flat) then N6ii.
    N6ii felt warm signature if compare to DX221mk2.

    DX221mk2 Mid / Vocal, capable to give more micro detail in Lo & Hi Mid.

    N6ii, handle Hiss better then DX221mk2 (With Solaris).

    GUI, N6ii run smooth and more fluid then DX221MK2

    Low volume dynamic feels still DX221MK2 better then N6ii (my preference Cup of tea)

    So IMO, is now matter of your ear and usage preference...
    FYI, I am a CAYIN fanatic also, ex user N5iiS and dreamer of N8. Love those Warm CAYIN sound Sig...
    but I stick to what I have right now...
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  14. 40lb
    I fell in love with Cayin thanks to the N6, sold it which I deeply regret, been wanting to go back but I want that reference sound for my DAPs. Hoping the T01 bundle comes out soon, I'll mostly like jump on that compared the other options.
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  15. 40lb
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