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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    Enjoy :) its a great pair up
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  2. cr3ativ3
  3. cr3ativ3
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  4. Lookout57
    The best reasonable cable I've found is the SXC 8 balanced on the WM1Z. I preferred it over the Reference 8.
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  5. Bart147
    Thanks for the suggestion , I'll keep it in mind .
  6. subguy812
    How does it pair sound wise vs. stock? How are the ergonomics?
  7. cr3ativ3
    I have the fiio in 4.4 balance and stock in 3.5 so sound comparison is a little bit difficult.

    Ergonomics are great , it’s very soft and lightweight. Softer than the stock. Very comfy.
    Sound is clean , clean and uncolored . The cable doesn’t make the Solaris brighter. ( silver has this rumor) it’s just a cleaner sound , very well separated. Bass is full of texture .
    It delivers the same effect as my Thor silver 2 :) strongly recommend :)
  8. subguy812
    Take the 4.4mm out of the mix....I dont use 4.4mm
  9. cr3ativ3
    You can get it in 2.5 and 3.5 too
  10. subguy812
    I see that. If it doesn't color the Solaris, has no memory wire and at least similar ergonomics to stock it sounds like it would be perfect.
  11. AlanU
    The Pure Silver Fiio balanced cable is a fantastic price point. I have zero hesitation purchasing the Reference 8 but I just ended up with the Fiio Pure Silver cable after auditioning the two. My "perception" I found the Fiio to have an ever so slight change in marginally larger soundstage and separation. The Reference 8 had slightly more smooth refined sound but we are talking "splitting hairs" between the two. If there is not A to B comparison on a regular basis your hearing will normalize and you'll still simply enjoy the Solaris. As I mentioned I'll happily spend $400 CDN on the Reference 8 but I'd probably buy another $2000++ IEM and use my existing fiio cable. SQ is all subjective from person to person.

    Using this Fiio balanced cable vs stock Campfire single ended cable with my Andromeda's made a significant change in SQ using my A&K SR15. I honestly cannot believe I was using the single ended cable for so long. I've been informed that the balanced section of my A&K SR15 is extremely good for the price point in the A&K line. The drastic improvements from single ended to balanced with my Solaris is equally and shockingly different and much improved.

    Couple days ago I picked up some Bluetooth IEM's for my daughter at my favourite local shop "Headphonebar" . I happily auditioned the Kann Cube once again. I still did not buy it due to size and I'm rather sad...why? The amplifier just is an incredible match with the Solaris. As I walk out with no Kann Cube in hand I still enjoy my SR15 due to form factor and sound quality. The Cube has a very different presentation of music with incredible reproduction of vocals. Not a dark warm sound but just has this great realism and it just sounds right to my ears. Never would have though the same exact pair of IEM's can have a different and noticeable different signature with the SR15 vs CUBE. I'm going to patiently wait and see what A&K has to offer in the next year.
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  12. Rockwell75
    I'm also planning on swinging by Headphone Bar to try out the Cube. Great shop-- I bought my Solaris there months ago. Unfortunately for the Cube it's too big to be truly portable and lacks the 4.4mm connection I require on DAPs these days.
  13. Andrew DiMarcangelo
    The KANN Cube is an incredible pairing with the Solaris. Even Ken Ball himself said he bought 4 of them for Campfire’s demo kit because of how much the Solaris shines with KANN Cube’s power.
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  14. ok3wire
    Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered trying the iFi iEMatch?

    Having owned the Solaris for a couple of weeks now, I’m continuing to learn more about them while dialing in my use of various source components. As mentioned previously, my standard set up had been iPhone XS Max > Apple CCK > Mojo DAC section > iQube V1 headphone amp > Shure SE530. Sensitivity and impedance wise, the iQube and SE530s played very well together. When swapping the Solaris into the chain, though, I noticed that to achieve normal listening levels, even in the low gain setting, the volume knob on the V1 barely needed to be turned at all - maybe getting to 6:30.

    Static or hiss was not the issue for me. Both the Mojo and iQube were dead silent in the background even in this somewhat extreme configuration. But I do suffer from some low frequency sensitivity, primarily in my right ear, that’s an unwanted souvenir from my flying days. I quickly became aware that listening to certain songs with the Solaris could create an uncomfortable flare or bloom in this ear down in the bass region. Knowing this wasn’t the fault of the Solaris’ tuning, I first tried some tip rolling and found that the silicon ones lessened, but didn’t eliminate, the sensation somewhat compared to the foamies.

    I then got back to thinking about what effect the low volume setting on the amp might be having. On a whim, I got the iEMatch and added it between the Mojo and iQube. I devoted a few hours of listening with the iEMatch on its “High” setting and a difference that I would describe as subtle, but unmistakable, was noticed immediately. Going directly to some of the more troublesome songs, the bass flare issue was somewhat attenuated. That said, the volume setting on the V1 was still at a point where there wasn’t much juice flowing through the amp. The knob was now maybe at the 7 o’clock position.

    Hoping to possibly get more into the amp’s sweet spot, I then tried the “Ultra” setting on the iEMatch. Here the difference was profound. I was easily into the 9 o’clock position on the volume and the flare problem has basically ceased to exist. I can even use the foamie tips again which are a slightly more secure fit in my stove pipe sized ear canals. As well, I’ve not noticed any degradation of SQ in any other regard using the iEMatch.

    Again, I understand that our issues aren’t exactly the same. But I just thought I’d throw my positive experience out there on the off chance that a relatively inexpensive $50 investment might be able to restore your enjoyment of certain favored source components.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  15. Hellraiser86
    Could you please share some impressions with your Gold Cable, maybe a comparison between the stock?
    Because I want to upgrade and it really looks great (but is on the end of budget^^)
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