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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. NovaFlyer
    Like you, I went from the SE530 to the Solaris, and I'm not looking back - they sound great and so glad I finally made that jump.
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  2. subguy812
    The Atlas and Solaris compliment each other. The Solaris is impressive out of the box, the Atlas takes time. As I stated in my Atlas review, the initial wall of bass started to subside and it is like a new IEM. Both IEMs are super engaging. As I write the Solaris review I will add some comparisons to the Atlas. The stage of the Solaris is just so well well defined.

    Never forget, nothing at this level sucks, it is all about finding a signature that checks your boxes.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  3. Malevolent
    The 530 to the Solaris is quite a big jump. You're missing a solid 10 years of refinements between these 2 earphones. For me, I went from more recent top-level IEMs to the Solaris, and I was already impressed enough to cough up the dollars for them. But, whatever.. as long as they sound great to your ears, it's a worthwhile purchase. Enjoy your Solaris! :)
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  4. NovaFlyer
    Thanks, enjoy your Solaris as well. I was just plodding along with the Shures since I was good using my iPhone as the source, and I was listening mostly during flights. Once I upgraded my iPhone and lost the headphone jack, I went on a search to find out how to use cabled IEMs with my iPhone and discovered head-fi and this hobby. And it's been a slippery slope in a great way ever since :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  5. Rockwell75
    Yup. I recently spent two weeks with a Sony IER Z1R and when I came back to Solaris I was amazed at how much I missed and (on the whole preferred) their sound.
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  6. Rockwell75
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  7. fokta
    wow... that's really an Upgrade...

    come to think of how i started and end up like this, was from my broken Gaming headset, finding this Headfi and trying IEM as alternative, at that time KZ ZS6, then tried and bought again other Hybrid IEM like TFZ King, CFA Polaris and CFA Solaris....
    And was one of exciting quest, meeting new hobby friend, learning new things, demoing other IEM, like Tia Fourte, Trio, etc...
    but majority of my quest is for DAP... because my ear alrd like Solaris that much
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  8. Audiophonicalistic
    I still use my shure 535 for gym and bicycle riding. Still love them and the isolation. However, solaris is a whole other level imo.
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  9. Malevolent
    IKR. This hobby is dangerous. Trying is free, but getting hooked... well, that costs your soul. :sweat_smile:
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  10. Malevolent
    To be fair, the Z1R is an exciting earphone that defines bass in a very, very good way. The Solaris, on the other hand, is a detail champ, and presents music in a natural, yet tasteful way. They both complement each other well, and I could see how one would choose the Z1R for dance music, and the Solaris for rock and pop.

    But yeah, I love my Solaris. I just wish CA's next flagship wouldn't be this big. :grimacing:
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  11. Rockwell75
    The Z1R has better bass, in terms of extension and definition...but on the whole the Solaris' more balanced presentation won the day for me. Even in some dance tracks the superior detail retrieval and layering of the Solaris stood out while the recessed midrange on the Z1R made me feel like something was missing, despite how much I loved the bass. (And let me add that the bass on the Solaris is AWESOME-- the idea that it is weak or limp is false and imho likely propagated by people who could never get a proper fit). Both the Solaris and Z1R are top tier IEMs and which is "better" really boils down to one's priorities and preferred sound sig.
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  12. NovaFlyer
    It's been quite the year...learning about headphones, IEMs, DAPs...going to CanJams...and best of all meeting new people that are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Yes, I've spent a bit of money...also got an A&K DAP and Empire Ear Phantoms. It's all great as I listen to music that I've never heard before and hearing my favorites in more detail. :ksc75smile:

    I still use my SE535 occasionally, but they are on their last leg due to the cable. Definitely a good entry IEM when I started with them around 2010 or so.

    I needed new things to spend my money on :ksc75smile:
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  13. CreditingKarma

    There is still fullsize over ear headphones and then 2way speaker setups. Speakers can get really expensive really fast. Especially when you are chasing the resolution and performance that you get with totl open backs like they abyss or susvara. Speakers do give you an experience that even the best headphones can't match though.
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  14. Malevolent
    Yeah, the timbre and tonality on the Solaris is top-notch. When you first try them on, you'd think that a balanced sound is all you're going to get from the Solaris. However, they are an engaging pair of IEMs, too; they play very well with a myriad genres. Lows aren't going to be as solid as that on the Z1R, but here on the Solaris, it's very well layered, with adequate slam on request.
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  15. Malevolent
    Well, before long, I'm sure you'll be opening your wallet again (as we all have). :sweat_smile:
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