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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. morndewey
    Re cable connection wobble from CA email response:
    “There is a bit of tolerance on the MMCX connections so that the earphones move freely. There may be a slight wobble due to this variance.”
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  2. episiarch Contributor
    Thanks. This was very helpful! I tried IO at CanJam yesterday and I too found the isolation story kind of weird. Despite my having well-fitting eartips, the isolation was very low in some ranges. I'm glad to find it's not just me.
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  3. sandler42
    Hi I am using campfire IO with FIIO Q5 DACAMP and source is samsung s9 . As there is a peak in mids of IO , some times the mids vocals become too shouty. Since FIIO Q5 is bright as well, i dont think it matches well with IO. Could anyone please suggest a good dacamp or a DAP which will best suit IO and resolve the peak issues ? Please note i am also buying a satin mmcx occ 2 copper litz cable to make the sound a little warm.
  4. Perfectofi
    I have a long past of editing for audio/ video and usually would go for more of a flat reference model.....then I stumbled on to the IO. It is a bit brighter than what I am use to but I absolutely love it. The highs and lows are tuned excellent....I also love the mids as well, I hear a lot about mids scooped out, hollow, missing.....I strongly disagree....and remember ears are part of ones genetic code, and environment that ones ears were conditioned in while growing to adulthood......everyone hears and perceives sound different than the next.......there isn't a perfect earphone that will appeal to all.....That being said, the comments about the mids "in my opinion" is that the lows and highs are quite accentuated for a BA, so maybe this is curving perception? I get ample and accurate mids, and the highs and lows are tuned a bit more forward.....I love this IEM and look forward to see what CA put out next. Just ordered the Orion and the Jupiters....I love the fact that each of these IEM's are tuned different and can be accustomed to a specific ear.....this can be costly and quite dangerous to a manufacturer just for the fact that if a group doesn't like that specific model it could and probably will fail......CA doesn't seem to care about this and they move forward with their vision ammacably, as one that is trying to change an industry should......super impressed.
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  5. Perfectofi
    I have an AK SE100 (and its awesome) but honestly I use my Ibasso DX120 more than anything and works excellent with the IO.....using the balanced port is even better.....I personally got the 99$ balanced cable fro ALO and it works great....
  6. lomenhk
    Sony ZX300 is one of the best DAP to pair with IO I reckon. Using the Beat Audio MARS 4.4mm balanced cable with IO, I do not hear any peak in either mids and high. The whole sound signature is balanced with a bit warmth, smooth, sweet and musical.
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  7. JustJoseph
    Hi, I doubt that changing the source or cable will change the midrange response by much. You can check out Antdroid's eq settings though:

    Edit: Apparently some people got offended by my opinion so I changed it
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  8. Perfectofi
    You could have responded to the question instead of forcing your opinion..............again. He own's these already (as do I) so insulting his IEM's doesn't answer the question he asked.

    These will respond to an eq just fine.

    I totally disagree with you though as the mids respond perfectly fine imo, the highs and mids are a bit forward for sure which puts some people off.

    There is no perfect IEM for everyone, all ears are different and people like different types of music.

    We get it, you don't like them. you have said it 100 times in this thread.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  9. cleg
    My video review about the IO

  10. jdnyc718
    I'm finding the high-mid peak can be significantly mitigated by using an iFi iEMatch (Ultra setting). It lowers the dynamic range which brings the frequency response closer to neutral. It's a $50 add-on but I think it's worth it. If anyone has one on hand to experiment I'm curious what you think. I'm using the included foam tips for now. If anyone has had success with a more comfortable ear tip option please let me know.
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  11. cleg
  12. Perfectofi
    You didn't offend me at all, we all love the hobby here at the end of the day....for me it is that you have repeated your point that these aren't for you over and over and over again......add something to the conversation instead of repeating how much you don't like them over and over again....it adds no value to the thread, especially when someone asks a genuine question and you pepper it with a negative response.
  13. JaredM
    I had the exact same issue. Returned it once, they claimed it was fixed, sent it back, still didn't work. I tried several cables at first thinking it was the cable, but no, the IO's have issues with the mmcx port. I basically wasted my money and they sit in a drawer not being used. I didn't want to spend more of my money shipping it back just to get the same headphone back unfixed.
  14. MyPants
    My unboxing and first impressions of the IO, full review coming soon.

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  15. JaredM
    After this post, I decided to just email Campfire and explain how the first time I got the return nothing was fixed and I didn't want to lose another round of shipping charges for nothing. This time the sent me a label and I returned them. About a week later they sent me a brand new pair of IO's. I've only had them for a day or two and I'm treating them like they are made out of glass. No wiggle so far, but I'm also not pushing it. Going to keep these as protected as possible so they last.
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