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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Not sure where to place this.

    CA IO is a two driver.

    This new model - Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4 is a three driver yet seems to intentionally/ unintentionally?? address some of the IO issues people had. Some were happy with the sound sig,..others were not.

    to my ears it is nearing reference if reference is a generally flat response on a frequency chart (i fo not have a freq testing rig so i can not check my theory).

    Rich, full, even, delicate, delicious sound

    Plus they share the same shell, so the outer dna is in common anyway.

    onwards....! C/2019 Q4 limited edition unboxing

    BED416CB-F9D8-4408-9DA1-9777C74BD9B5.jpeg 22F4F80E-7BAE-4965-8CCA-470DDAE2DC01.jpeg E9665482-B265-48DB-9301-78FD43176539.jpeg 121EBA96-1444-4D60-8815-37130F504B73.jpeg 43AE633F-667C-476B-8426-53E7FDB2017C.jpeg B99207F0-3EF9-489F-B0D0-3E3CB5A634EB.jpeg 567692A0-3B68-4AD8-9766-80CCBB4FAEF7.jpeg 19B82536-92C5-40E0-8FE8-5D5A17CFD13B.jpeg 8291782F-1F59-403E-8CAC-1489849BADFA.jpeg B017E5C6-AE4D-4600-9149-7D0DF9039082.jpeg 0AA68688-00FA-4604-87C5-D0500358E9DB.jpeg EEF52BB2-B8F5-4621-AA18-5F382D5DE811.jpeg F911E7EA-8BB1-4814-9B77-7D05E9D2EEE3.jpeg 4683CE7A-A6AE-46B6-B3CC-DC837F830021.jpeg 77E4F7B6-6BDA-471A-BA0B-77A18299AF5F.jpeg 01B877A1-DA90-45D5-BF6E-5D626F09657F.jpeg B7CD8DE6-F03E-48F2-9DCE-81B409304D79.jpeg 72E465FD-9087-4334-A389-CFDD5C979612.jpeg

    C / 2019 Q4 Overview:
    Housing material: Anodized aluminum housing
    Driver: Balanced armature type
    Number of drivers: 3 Drivers
    Technology: TAEC, 3D Printed Acoustic Chamber

    adopts acoustic chamber molded by ALO audio 10th anniversary special model 3D printer
    Japan and USA limited sale
    Strato Blue anodized aluminum case
    ALO Audio Smoky Litz Cable will be attached
    Silver zipper premium leather case

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  2. episiarch Contributor
    Thank you. This is very interesting.

    I found the IO had surprisingly little isolation from outside noise. (Yes, I got a good seal, played with fit, etc.) I believe others have found the same. I'm curious whether the new model isolates any differently (i.e. better) despite sharing the same outer shell.
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  3. ExpatinJapan
    Seems fine to me.

    but i will have a closer listen next time on my commute and also bring the IO with me.

    experiment time
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  4. boneburglar
    I'm apprehensive but hopeful that they can turn it around with the MW10 and the C after a previous string of failures. Can't speak for myself on the Polaris v2 and Solaris but they are definitely not adored like the Andromeda. One could even make the argument that they're been missing ever since the Comet and Atlas. I for one only have experience with the Orion, Comet, Io, and Andromeda, and they all have flaws that are hard to ignore at their respective prices. Especially so the Io, which out of every headphone and IEM I've heard, it might be my least favorite. Very hazy and no other redeeming qualities to speak of except for excellent fit.

    I don't know what a rich delicate delicious sound means but i hope the C finds success in... Whatever that means.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  5. ExpatinJapan
    I will start by saying i am a fan of Campfire Audios level of experimentation of trying out different IEM signatures.

    i am not a fan of every one of their releases, but i guess thats the beauty of it - something for everyone.

    The IO release kicked up quite the internet fervor when released and i followed it to t he point where i couldn't objectively listen to the earphone without voices whispering on either shoulder of mine into my ears.

    I usually have a media blackout on most new devices so i can gauge them for myself, then publish. Then go back and read opinions and see how off or on track i was. But this seemed unavoidable and popping up everywhere.

    Anyway - brief comparisons:

    IO - two drivers
    C/2019 Q4 - three drivers

    iBasso DX220, amp 1mkii, low gain, filter 3/ fast roll off.
    Stock Final Audio Tips.
    Lazy splitter test. Gd Enuff!

    ...so theres those differences, same shell and nozzle basically.

    IO - As has been already said. Basically
    On top a v shape, with recessed upper mids and extended treble.
    Underneath - laidback in a way, but technical, treble seems prominent due to the tame mids, wide sound stage.
    Decent fast bass.
    Some unnaturalness at times.

    - i should try them again with a dap in a similar price range.

    C/2019 Q4 - More fuller sound. *Hopefully someone measures it so we can compare to the IO. I would hesitantly say that the frequency chart would be fairly flat.
    It basically has plenty of everything without being mushy or smeared together. Theres a certain strength to the (wall of) sound.
    Sorry, but it is a rich delicious sound, decent fast full hitting deep bass, and luxurious low/upper mids, highs extending correctly and vocals just above the music (and not overly forward - how i like it). Male and female vocals reproduced properly.
    Quite easily accessible and enjoyable.

    isolation: i will check on the way home.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  6. ejong7
    Looks like you are using it with the DX160 (Q4 I mean). How is the pairing?
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Thats the DX220 (see amp).

    i should try it with DX160 as the price point is similar.


    i have asked Campfire Audio for Frequency Measurements but am not holding out much hope as they have not released the last couple.

    it would be good to compare with IO i think (Orion, Comet, Nova,...maybe Lyra/ii(?).

    I do not have measuring gear myself to make frequency charts - and the release is far off. I am curious and maybe others are as well.


    Isolation on the C/2019 Q4 seems fine in my noisy office and Starbucks Xmas music. (Various tips).

    need to recheck with various tips on my commute.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  8. Alabama
    Hello everyone. I'm currently considering picking up the IO or the Comet for use on my LG V40.

    I understand the Comet is a little harder to drive than the IO and I just wondered if anyone has any experience of either of these IEMs with the V40. The V40 seems to switch to high impedance mode from around 45 ohms so I expect the Comet will trigger it whereas the IO won't, so that's one of the factors I'm considering.

    For context, I recently let go a pair of Tin Hifi P1 which unfortunately didn't work out as they really needed amping to get the best out of them. The P1 were quite clean sounding but felt a little thin and I really struggled with the fit too (probably these two issues are directly linked!). Anyway, I'm just wondering whether the Comets will leave me in a similar position in terms of fit and juice. I really don't want to bolt on a separate amp!

    Also, just wanted to add that I've really appreciated all the detailed reviews and comments everyone has provided on the IOs in this thread - a lot of time and effort from everyone and a fantastic resource for people like me.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  9. boneburglar
    If there's a way you can demo either, I would strongly recommend that you do so. I have tried the Io, Comet, and Orion and I personally believe a used Orion at around $175 is the best option if you can find one. The Comet was a bit unexciting for my tastes, but the Io is tonally gronked. The Orion on the other hand, has that awful treble extension but the lower mids are pretty nice so it at least has some merit to me. That being said, I would not limit your choices to those three in the first place because cheaper options such as the FiiO FA1 beat all three in my opinion if we are staying in the balanced armature realm. Ideally at $300 you could start looking into DDs and hybrid setups if you're interested.
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  10. nephilim32
    I purchased the IO’s back in May of this year and they were the first IEM’s I’ve ever bought. I feel this IEM really educated me a lot on what I may like (consistently) from an IEM. One thing I can say is driver Burn In is definitely needed and very real with the IO. The sibilance really cut down quite a bit and the sparkle of hi hats being hit just sounded far more realistic rather than a bit shouty. I appreciate the wide soundstage and the highs on this IEM and listening to such songs that are fast paced like Metallica’s Disposable Heroes is a real engaging treat.
    My feeling now is to upgrade. The IO’s are no slouches, but I find them introductory. I’m ready for a dynamic driver that delivers more shattering bottom end.

    Atlas! I’m looking at you!!! :)
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  11. ExpatinJapan
    I got an response to my email today after i requested a CA C/2019 Q4 Frequency Chart.

    And it was a yes! :)


    (my apologies - i could not upload the file, so had to remount it via an app).

    non shrunk freq pic here: https://www.headpie.net/2019/11/campfire-audio-c2019-q4-frequency-chart.html?m=1

    *I will leave to those more experienced in these matters to interpret the chart for us all.

    IO - two drivers
    C/2019 Q4 - three drivers.
    - Same shell and nozzle.

    - Looks pretty flat as my listening sessions expected.

    @jude s Campfire Audio IO measurements:



    ...might be time for a C/2019 Q4 thread.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  12. boneburglar
    No pinna gain? Or are the graphs compensated?
  13. aminus
    I pray that the graph is compensated, lest it be the 5th or 6th example of Campfire not understanding pinna compensation.
  14. twiceboss
    Did Ken release any pricing yet?
  15. grek685
    кто знает где можно получить фото внутренностей (TAEC ™)?: Мышление:
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