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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. mattiav
    As a quick question - how large are these compared to the Andromeda? I’m half-considering these for my wife, who has fairly small ears, and for whom the Andromeda is definitely a bit too bulky and angular.
  2. shyylence
    they should be of the same size, however, the Io sits further out of the ear which makes it more comfortable.
  3. audio123
    My take on the Campfire Io. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)

    photo_2019-05-10_01-14-28.jpg photo_2019-05-07_23-32-09.jpg
    photo_2019-05-07_23-32-10 (3).jpg photo_2019-06-15_22-45-30.jpg
  4. AlbertoSoares
    Hello, I have the Andromeda and Solaris and am interested in these as a less expensive to take around, can anyone make any comments on how they sound with heavy and progressive metal? Thanks
  5. nekromantik
    anyone else find the new cables more easy to tangle and seems less strong? its much thinner then the older silver litz cables.
  6. ryanjsoo
    The twist beneath the y-split can make them slightly more prone to tangles than the original Litz, but the new insulation is softer so I don't find this to be much of an issue. It's roughly the same thickness and the new pre-moulded ear guides are a huge improvement for me in convenience and comfort.

    P.S. Here's some eye candy, the IO's colour scheme is proper vintage circus goodness, I'll have more detailed impressions up soon!

  7. NovaFlyer
    Great picture!
  8. ryanjsoo
    Thanks! Just posted my more detailed impressions on Everyday Listening, including comparisons to the Orion and original Polaris. Hope this is helpful and any questions welcome!

  9. waiho2k1
    Recently using PW audio Monile Ft. 1950s 4 wire cable with my IO, surprisingly the bass gets deeper, the mid and high sounds more control! Looks like a very good match. Previously was using ALO Super Litz 4.4mm by the way.
  10. littlenezt
    hi there, anyone having issues with wobble on the mmcx port out of the box?
    it looks like the aluminum housing didnt grab the mmcx port perfectly.
    already exchanged the IO once.
    my 2nd pair of IO still wobble out of the box.
    on my case only the left mmcx port that wobbles. oddly enough, both 1st and 2nd pair of my IO the right mmcx port didnt wobble at all.

    this video was my first pair of IO

    edit + update : video on my 2nd unit as you guys can see on the video, if i push / tap the port, it mushes / wobbles up and down.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  11. candlejack
    Really, you couldn't find one negative thing to say? I hope Campfire gave you some $$$ for this endorsement.

    I'm surprised you would keep both the Andromeda and Solaris. I only briefly listened to the IO, but if you're hoping for something similar to the Andro/Solaris, you need to look elsewhere.
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  12. morndewey
    I have wobble also. With mine it’s the right side. I’ve considered sending them back for warranty.
  13. littlenezt
    ooft, sadly i live in Indonesia and sending less than 2 weeks old item to the US is really a hassle and costly for me.

    for now im still waiting how the Campfire Audio Support respond to my email.

    edit for updates:

    the wobbles on my left mmcx port is getting worse than before.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  14. rogan
    Hah.. i never noticed.. but my left one wobbles, right is stiff.
  15. B9Scrambler
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