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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. gc335
    In person, the green ones also look great. I love the look of Campfire IEMs. My favorite so far is actually the original Polaris. I liked the blue with the matte black face. Other may not agree but those look awesome in person.
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  2. Random Lunatic
    Oh you can definitely go wrong - I heard the original Andro’s and upon initial listen, I wouldn’t have paid much more that’s 20$ for them; just sounded boring and unimpressive. Similar impression to WhatHiFi’s recent review of them actually.
    That’s not to say a lot of people don’t love them, but it definitely isn’t universal. Sadly - cause I loved the design, so was really hoping to like them.
  3. Random Lunatic
    I’d actually agree with the linked review, as it turns out - would definitely not recommend the gamble of a blind purchase on these... might be in the majority that like them, might not.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  4. Clemmaster
    Let me guess, you listen to them on a crappy phone?
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  5. Ty89m
    Traded in the V3 Andros for the Gold Edition, not sure how I feel just yet - treble seems quite intense/shouty, first time I’ve winced due to piercing brightness, and I don’t find Utopia to be overly intense... Also not sensing much low end increase to be honest. Perhaps I need more time, but I’m thinking the OG Andro was more my speed. Mine also arrived chipped, a first for a Campfire product - even my first pair of B stock Andros were perfect, odd.

    Granted, this is from an iPhone XS Max with dongle, will try from RME DAC when I get home, but if anything lower OI of dongle should darken it up.

    I’ll give it some time, as most seem to enjoy this new tuning.
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  6. gc335
    What tips are you using? Are you sure you're getting a good seal? To me the treble is perfect and I definitely feel like there is more bass.
  7. Ty89m
    Spiral Dots, and CA marshmallow foam - foam helps a tad, but not my preference for comfort. It’s mainly snaps, cymbals etc. Some tracks worse than others, much like anything. I’ll spend the weekend with them and see if I warm up to them. Will say, I’m a huge fan of the green, but the black/gold is sharp looking for sure - shame my set is chipped on one of the edges where the two halves meet.
  8. theveterans
    I find that the dongle has some wierd treble peaks that makes the Andromeda sound stringent
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  9. Ty89m
    Certainly smoother via the RME ADI-2 DAC. Not as easy to lug around though :wink:
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  10. Random Lunatic
    Astell & Kern AK240 and a Mytek Brooklyn. So no.

    Again, I'm just pointing out the Andromeda isn't the second coming of christ; you should still listen before buying, unless you're willing to take the gamble or know your tastes align with a reviewer.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  11. mashuto
    I feel like you had to be aware that saying they wouldn't be worth 20 dollars to you would definitely ruffle feathers. It's the type of statement that seems destined just to stir up controversy. It just happened to have a genuine opinion wrapped in there too. No iem is for everyone. And for that part, totally respect your opinion.

    However, I did decide to go in blind as I unfortunately have very few ways to test things out beforehand. And just received gold #885 about twenty minutes ago.

    First impressions from my cayin n6ii are real good. They sound... Right, for lack of a better word. Very very detailed, soundstage is good. To me they feel lacking in bass, but that's likely more to do with my current baseline as I have been listening to the atlas and more recently the obravo cupid. It just lacks the physicality o am used to from dynamic drivers. But it doesn't necessarily feel lacking in regards to the rest of it's presentation.

    Anyways just some very brief impressions from like 10 minutes of listening so far.
  12. kdphan
    that's a first - the andro isn't worth $20 :sweat_smile:

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  13. Random Lunatic
    I knew it would ruffle proverbial feathers, but on the other hand, the reason i said it was because it was one of the few instances over experiences where it was true (sonically, it’s clearly built better than a 20$ iem); I often enough come across stuff I don’t personally like, but I can still appreciate the objective quality of the product, if the tuning is just off to me or the like - this was one of the very rare cases where a product just genuinely sounded that bad to me, or that unimpressive.
    In other words expressing that to me it didn’t just miss my personal taste slightly, it was way off, in apparently every way.
    So to the accuracy of the point, maybe not 20$, but I’d take a Tin T3 any day over what I heard, and I find T3 bright (ie not my preference either)... and I find that close enough to 20$ comparatively.

    And I know the lack of ability to audition all too well...that’s why I’m so cautious.

    Anyway, enough of that nonsense, it’s good that you enjoy your Gold edition!
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  14. mashuto
    Yea it's all good, just wanted to point it out because I figured you should likely be expecting a certain type of response from your post.

    And I am cautious too, but luckily have not been steered wrong with the high end ca stuff I have bought (regardless of any controversies). And to me the gold's sound quite nice. I have heard a few iems in my day that sound wrong or off and for me at least I am happy to say these are not one of them, and technically they are quite good and seem very resolving. But as always, subjective opinions and preferences and all that. I certainly don't think they are perfect and they don't hit every note for me, but now up to about an hour of listening and I am quite enjoying them.
  15. Tristy
    How does the andro GSE hold up to the atlas on the rest of the frequency range?
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