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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. gazzington
    I don't own the standard Andromeda and I'm wondering whether to get the standard or gold. Help!
  2. Clemmaster
    If you like bass or V-shaped sound signature, get the Gold.
    If not, get the Gold and do some EQ!
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  3. 8481
    I had that issue before, try contacting them if you can order off the aloaudio site instead, they can ship to Malaysia from there but not from campfireaudio for some reason.
  4. FanaticSkull
    Have anyone tried recolor or coat the finish on the green Andromeda? I have the funny idea to use washi tape to wrap it, gives it a little more color.
  5. hellfire8888
    thanks.. i will fly to Hong Kong next week. My friend told me HK have plenty of stock
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  6. jordylee18
    I hate audiophiles.... ok now that thats out of the way I've spent the last couple weeks doing some reading on my next iem purchase. It was between the Andromeda and the JH 13v2, the last more or less bc I wanted customs. But it seems that the new generation of universal iems are basically just as comfy and isolate as well as customs.
    So with that in mind and having taken a big chunk out of a glowing andromeda while simultaneously shitting all over JH thread on super best audio friend's, my purchase finger began to twitch. Until I read a super recent Reddit post comparing the Andros and their fr graph to $20 Chinese iems.
    I've been using a set of Westone W30s for on the job use all day long since 2015 and love them. Also have hd6xx's through schiit multi and Crack for at home. It feels like I'm in the dark again regarding whose brand of TOTL iem to purchase again. If any one can reassure me on either the andros or the Solaris, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or the jh audios either 13v2 or 16v2. I have a really gorgeous set made up on their website. Blue with zebra wood.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  7. gc335
    I'd take what you read on Reddit with a grain of salt. Bashing seems to be an olympic level sport there. I just picked up the Andro Gold and love it. ZReviews just reviewed them and liked them. Check it out on YouTube. I also have the JH Layla custom. I really like the sound of both but I would probably take the Gold over the JH. Cheaper, you can sell it if you want and the wait is shorter. The fit of the Gold is MUCH better than the original Andro in my opinion. I owned the Andro twice. I don't see myself selling the Gold.
  8. BeerNuts
    What reddit post, and also are you really taking it seriously? It is impossible for a $20 CIEM to be anywhere close to a pair of Andros. If that was the reality then everyone would just have $20 headphones. Audiophile doesn't not mean idiot spending 1k on the same sound as $20. This isn't the greatest bamboozle in history.

    Green Andros are universally loved and reviewed as being amazing, Solaris are also amazing (I have owned both). You can't go wrong with either one. They are different iems have different sounds and fit differently. So that will really be what you need to consider. CFA does have a 15 day return policy so you can see what fits your needs after you read up on them.
  9. jordylee18
  10. Clemmaster
    Wait, what?! ZReviews liked something above $99?!!
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  11. virt
    I was still Hong Kong two weeks ago and many retailers have them in stock. Hopefully you’ll find a pair.
  12. gc335
    I know... I had to watch it twice. haha
  13. BeerNuts
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  14. jordylee18
    The andromeda gold look absolutely stunning in black. Much better than that green. Will need to do some research on the sound of those.
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  15. gc335
    Agreed. They look even better in person. I loved the sound of the Andro but it got a bit dull for me after a while. I like a warmer signature. The Gold has the strengths of the original with a little more warmth. It takes them to the next level at least for me. These are a limited edition and may hold their value fairly well. I had issues with the original Andro fit but I have zero issues with the Gold.

    If you so want customs also look at Empire Ears. If you like a warm signature the Bravados are awesome. You sacrifice some quality for quantity with the bass but it sounds good to me. Another one to look at is the 64 Audio N8. A friend of mine has them and really likes them even over the Bravado.

    So many options.... I really feel like the Andromeda Gold is a clear winner. I don't know if it's the honeymoon phase with me right now but if I had to sell all my stuff and keep one headphone it would probably be the Gold.
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