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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. mashuto
    Keep in mind I only have today listening to the andro gse and have had the atlas for quite some time, so my impressions are likely very much still forming.

    That said, for the rest of the frequency range I think the gse has the lead. Mids are more forward I think as it's less of a v shape than the atlas. Vocals definitely shine in a lot of tracks and sound very nice. Highs are almost definitely better. More resolving and detailed and I think they definitely contribute to that Andromeda soundstage everyone always talks about (I know, different models) that the atlas just doesn't quite have.

    I initially felt the gse sounded thin, but definitely that had a lot to do with being very used to big bassy Dynamics. Given some brain burn in here and they definitely feel more full now.

    Can't compare with the original Andromeda, but I purposefully chose the Vega and atlas over it due to personal preferences and it wasn't until the gse that I felt like it might be more aligned with my preferences. I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

    Also surprised at the fit. I previously (and still) own the Polaris v1 and always struggled a bit with the fit. I have some discomfort and wearing these on and off all day, but nothing too bad.

    I know that's a lot more than you asked... Just sharing some observations.
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  2. Tristy
    No that’s useful, thanks. It’s as I expected and what most probably would expect from a BA vs dynamic comparison. I just miss the airy treble of the andromeda but the bass of the OG andro was never enough to satisfy.
  3. mashuto
    The atlas treble definitely sparkles and is nice and crisp, but the gse is a different level I think as you would expect with ba vs dynamic. The gse is definitely airy, it's really nice. Verdict is still out with the bass. It's definitely present, and I imagine for most people it's enough or more than enough. Again though I just can't compare with the og andro and best I can say is that the bass is there, but it's more like you hear it without also feeling it like you can get with the atlas or other dd's.

    On another note, I was actually slightly concerned about the whole crossover less thing as the last ba iem I had that didn't use crossovers was such an unbelievable mess that it was pretty much unlistenable (Trinity pm4). But I definitely don't hear anything like that here, and would hope not for the price.
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  4. Lookout57
    I've found that the Andromeda Gold SE bass capabilities are cable dependent. I have and tested the Silver Litz, Reference 8, SXC 8 and Gold 16 in Balanced and found on the WM-1Z the best all around cable was the SXC 8. It really brought out the bass while keeping the imaging and details. I thought the Gold 16 would have been better but it neutered the bass.
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  5. gc335
    I'm listening the Gold right now out of a DX220. Zero treble issues. It's just right IMO. Have you tried some other sources? I also tried the Gold with my LG V30. No issues there either.
  6. Clemmaster
    Same experience with the 8 wire Therium cable versus the supplied smoky litz: the former brings the bass out quite substantially. It's too much, actually.
  7. mashuto
    A few more impressions of the special edition gold. They are very nice. Definitely not a major upgrade over some other things I have heard, but a refinement in some great places. Treble is super sweet. Not harsh or fatiguing, but wonderfully airy. I think its definitely my favorite part. Really adds to that sense of space, and to the perception of detail. Like a very small veil has been lifted compared to some other stuff. Bass is still not my favorite. Its definitely present, but as I said, it just doesnt have that weight behind it that a good DD can bring. I guess its the difference between something like the atlas bringing out bass in EVERYTHING, while it really only hits well in songs that already reach deep on the andromeda.

    There has been some talk of cables helping with bass, but I am not a huge believer that cables can make much if any real difference, but I have been in the market for a replacement for the atlas cable anyways, so I may be interested, especially if they can give me a little boost in bass with these. Anyone tried the effect vogue cables? They are about the price range I think I would be comfortable with.

    I also get some hiss with them on my cayin n6ii single ended. Its not bad at all but its definitely there. Might bust out my iematch to clean it up and see if it does anything else to the frequency response.

    Before purchasing I did find myself slightly conerned about no crossover and the fit, but both of those concerns have been alleviated. Whatever campfire has done, they definitely seem to managed to have pulled off the crossover less design, which I imagine is not easy with 7 drivers (though I am sure a good crossover design is likely not the easiest either). I have the polaris v1 and always had some discomfort, but these for whatever reason seem to fit much better. Maybe its the eartips. Speaking of tips, what does everyone find themselves using here? I like silicone and cant stand foamies. I tried spiral dot ++ as I figured that would keep things open and airy, but surprisingly to me, the final e tips actually seem slightly airier, which I didnt expect due to the smaller bore size. And they always seem to bring bass out slightly more, so thats what I am using now.

    And they are one damned good looking pair of IEMs, thats for sure.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  8. iBo0m
    I've found them to sound good with rather wide bore eartips (as well as OG/SS) - my preferences are clarity and open (thus little less accurate) sound though.

    So, Acoustune AET07/A, Azla Sedna, Symbio without foam... In case of Final E, I consider the transparent (little bit stiffer) to be the best sounding.

    I'm also wondering about the Effect Vogue cable impressions.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  9. ilovetoys
    As someone who couldn't stand silicon I keep putting the acoustune aet-07's on my golds. May of converted me me to silicon.
  10. mashuto
    Best place to get them? Amazon Japan? And which specific model, there seems to be tons of variation.
  11. ilovetoys
    Never seen them for sale anywhere besides mtmaudio.com They are located in Hong Kong so it took like 4 days to get them here in the states.

    AET-07 The only difference in models is one you get 4 pair and a case instead of 3 pair in a bag. My apologies they also have red colored ones only in medium. Then of course the sizing. If you know what size final you like you can probably choose what size you need based off that. I personally need M- in one ear and L's in the other. They don't sell a variety pack at the moment either to be able to try them out before ordering more. Was a little annoyed because at the time I didn't know 1 ear canal was larger as I always used foams and I just ordered the M- my first time. Don't let the colors fool you either, I thought I ordered grey center tips and received colored. I emailed them about and never got a reply.
  12. mashuto
    I have never used them, are they trustworthy? You have had good experiences with them? I would also be shipping to the US.
  13. ilovetoys
    Just place an order man. It's tips, not having a car shipped.
  14. mashuto
    I realize that. Still, its a foreign company that I am giving my personal and payment information to... Just want to be sure they are legit, that my info wont get stolen and that I will get what I ordered in a reasonable time frame, even from across the world.
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  15. ilovetoys
    You can use paypal if that makes you feel any better on the purchase. My bad, forgot to mention that. I placed 2 orders. Both times it took 4 days for me to receive.
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