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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. mashuto
    Yea, I likely will. I was honestly just asking to check and see if you had a good purchasing experience with them, as going in to purchase something completely blind from a shop I know nothing about, especially when a foreign one is not something I like to do, even for tiny purchases.

    But thanks, sounds like it was a good enough experience, I will check them out and likely order a few pairs.
  2. ilovetoys
    I contacted them about a question of tip colors and never got back to me. But I got what I paid for so I still call it a win.
  3. iBo0m
    I can vouch for mtmtaudio.com. I never had any issues ordering from them :) Also, the shipping is free at some point, I think.
  4. mashuto
    Thanks for the verifying too. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of different acoustune tips, two sizes of the aet07a and two sizes of the aet08a, as well as one of the aet-06. Lot of money to spend on tips, but I should likely be covered for any need. Too bad there was no sample package with different sizes, oh well. Will be looking forward to trying all of them on the andro gold to see if they are any improvement over the final e tips (which seem to be the current winner for me) both in terms of sound and fit. Ideally looking for a little more physicality in the bass, while maybe toning down treble slightly, ideally without losing any of what makes the treble excellent. Might be asking too much of just a tip, but we shall see.
  5. iBo0m
    I hope you will enjoy them! There will be definitely a difference in sound comparing them to Final E. BTW... I don't know whether aet07 is still for sale but last time I've checked, they were priced much cheaper and there is no diference between them (at least I haven't spot any) and the new aet07a... the biggest difference to me is the plastic box :D
  6. mashuto
    They did seem to have the aet07 (and aet08 too) in addition to the "a" versions, and they were a bit cheaper, but also included 1 less pair per each order, and for the price of tips I figured it would just be better to get whatever the newer ones were. Ill be looking forward to them. And seeing if I find the changes positive compared to the final e tips, which so far seem to be the best for me personally... Though sound changes between tips with the golds have been quite minimal, almost inaudible (tried out rha dual density, spinfit cp100, symbio, sd++). Seems to really depend on the IEM, I have had some where tips can make a large difference, this one doesnt seem to matter too much.
  7. bwardrop
    Well, I’ve been scrounging the net for a good deal on a pair of OG Andros. Stopped by the CA site today and noticed there were only 3 golds left. I hadn’t planned to, but I pulled the trigger. Now they are sold out. It’s a big upgrade for me. I currently have the Novas and Polaris 2 running on a Chord Mojo. More than I wanted to spend, but these seem special and I think they will hold value too.
  8. mashuto
    Not sure just how much value they will retain, but as a special edition, I also agree that I think it was worth jumping on board and there likely will be a decent second hand market for them. Though it wouldnt surprise me if we saw campfire use some of the tech/driver config from this one for another model somewhere down the road... perhaps a non special edition with a different shell or color scheme but with the updated driver configuration.

    Anyways, that said, I think they are pretty special. They have a great quality to them that really brings out detail. I said in a somewhat recent post that it was almost like a veil was lifted. Granted, its not going to be a huge difference, and it will likely be fairly minor overall, but thats how I felt. Though even though they are said to be more bassy, if you are used to the polaris 2, I wouldnt expect bass anywhere like that. I havent heard the polaris 2, but its my understanding that they are very very bass heavy. I do however have the atlas, and honestly found myself slightly disappointed with the low end on the andro gold, but I think thats more of a DD vs BA expectation thing. Bass is definitely present, just not quite the same.

    Also wasnt quite sure how long it would take them to sell out, but I guess here we are, will be interesting to see what number you actually get. Either way, enjoy the anticipation of waiting for them to arrive, and hope you enjoy!
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  9. M3NTAL
    The resolution of the Gold is an improvement over the OG Andromeda. I continue to be impressed by the golds technical ability.
  10. jordylee18
    Damn I missed the golds was planning on the greens anyway cant wait till they are back in stock
  11. bwardrop
    Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I’ll feel better when I get an order confirmation. I absolutely love the Polaris 2 and disagree with some of the shade that has been thrown at them. The bass is heavy, but does not drown the mids as much as some have said... at least with the Mojo. But I’ve been itching to try the Andros and with that little bit extra bass, I’m hoping these will be my endgame. I’m hoping I get 999 or 1000, but we’ll see. Depends on when the orders went through I guess.
  12. BananaOoyoo
    In the end, what really matters is how you feel about a product. I personally do think that the Polaris 2 is a pretty big flop, but my opinions shouldn’t take away from someone else’s enjoyment of an IEM.

    I’m guessing the gold is just sold out through Campfire? There should still be a number of them floating through their distribution channels if others, like @jordylee18, want to get a hold of them.
  13. mashuto
    I ordered mine last Thursday, and ended up with 885. So yea, will definitely be interesting to see if they truly went through the remaining 115 in like 4 days. Though I imagine some were likely sent to authorized resellers.

    Yea, I wasn't necessarily trying to throw any shade on the polaris 2, I just know that the bass is supposed to be large, potentially even larger than the atlas. I do own the polaris v1 and have heard that polaris 2 is even bassier. Whether or not it works for you is another story and if you like them, awesome. The atlas is also kind of polarizing, but I love them. I just know that even the "enhanced" bass of the andro gold doesnt match to either the polaris v1 or the atlas (definitely not the atlas). Again its not that its lacking, its just that if you are used to the DD bass, BA bass is another animal. Its much more heard than it is felt like with DD's. I found myself slightly disappointed at first specifically with the bass and how its presented, but have overall been very pleased with the golds because they excel at everything else. Its almost like if I could keep 75% of the bass of the atlas and physicality, the punch of it, then have everything else of the andromeda gold, that would be ideal for me. But thats just preference. Still loving the gold so far.
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  14. bwardrop
    As much as I love the Polaris 2, I fully realize I have not listened to as much as most of you. I’ve listened to a lot of midfi over ears, but my experience with IEM’s is just the Massdrop Plus, Nova and Polaris 2. So you all might be right. But the Polaris 2 were a massive upgrade in fun over my Novas. They have been a lot of fun and to be honest, I wasn’t looking to upgrade this year. But based on the buzz around the Andro gold, I just couldn’t help myself.
  15. BananaOoyoo
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