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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. fokta
    Solaris with Custom Ear tip...
    for now, I can said, Fitting and Seal Issued is no more...
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  2. cwjohnsto
    How far does this stick out of your ear now?
  3. fokta
    quite noticable...
    but it sticks and steady
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  4. M3NTAL
    The Andromeda Gold has been a treat. I would not say it completely replaces the magic of the OG Andromeda, but it brings its own special sauce to the party. I enjoy the much denser image. Everything has a little more weight and is more forward. I think it is more cohesive than the Solaris and it is up to the end user to choose which type of bass they like. Neither the Solaris or Andromeda Gold / OG have what I personally think is correct bass, but no IEM I've heard has either. Closest I've gotten is LCD-i4 with EQ and the Mee Planamic with EQ, but nothing is perfect.

    I'm guessing there isn't much left to squeeze out of the current available balanced armatures. The SE Gold is literally just balanced armatures doing their thing at full-bore. @KB has your team ever tinkered with the Sony BA's (for science / curiosity?) I've been curious if Sony BA's can compete with whats available to Campfire. I'm only assuming that Sony wont let their drivers into anyone else's hands.
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  5. szore
    Look at you...
  6. szore
    Have you tried CL2 planar? I owned AndromedaSS and thought the sound lacked coherency.
  7. M3NTAL
    I have not and I believe it uses the same type of driver (possibly the same / tuned different) as the Planamic. Very low distortion driver that I'm assuming you could probably EQ them very close to one another. I wanted to check out the driver tech, so I opted to go the lower price option and have been very pleased with something that does not sound like any other IEM I've heard. Similar to the AQ Nighthawk, but a little easier to enjoy straight out of the box.
  8. szore
    Are you referring to the Planamic?
  9. ilovetoys
    After being a non-member lurker in this forum for months and reading what felt like thousands of reviews I purchased my first pair of higher end IEM's. Just wanted to thank you all for helping my decision to buy these.

    Absolutely floored by how amazing these sound. I was worried about buyers remorse until I pressed play. I own some airpods, CA IO's, 1more triple drivers, and I don't want to ever put any of those in my ears again.

    I just have one question. Do the SE's come with a different version of foam ear tips? As I have the IO and a fresh pack of the marshmallows and they feel nothing like what came on the IO or in the pack. I must have more of them. They hold little compression and are way softer but the same size.
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  10. Mlaihk
    Beautiful! You sure you absolutely need foam with the SEG?

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  11. virt
    Great pickup! Not sure about foams on the Andromedas though (or like, any IEMs I own), maybe I just love my variety of silicone and hybrid tips. Anyway, if you really wanted to test any differences between Campfire's Marshmallow eartips you could order a pair on their website, it may or may not be in stock. From what I know I think they're all called Marshmallows, although with use they might get softer? Theoretically, they should all be the same. I have owned 5 CA IEMs and from what I remember all their Marshmallow Foam eartips were really hard to remove when they came out of the box (I use small tips..).

    Don't take my word for it though, I am not a foam guy.
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  12. ilovetoys
    Silicon cause pressure in my ears.

    I already have a pack of the marshmallows and these do not feel anything like them. Much softer with less rebound.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  13. warriorpoet
    Have you tried Dekoni Mercury tips? Sounds like what you're describing.
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  14. ilovetoys
    I have a pack on the way. Someone PM'd me also suggesting them so worth a shot.
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  15. ExpatinJapan

    DX220, amp 8, CA super Litz (Solaris cable) and Campfire Audio Andromeda V3. JVC Spiral Tips ++
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