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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ph58
    sans titre-28.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  2. ph58
    sans titre-30.jpg
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  3. NewEve
    All pictures I've seen of the Andromeda SEG were with the Smoky Litz cable, so I guess SE… I would be surprised if they would have demoed it with another cable than the stock one.

    Also, on the subject of Balanced vs SE, I stumbled upon @KB who commented on the difference to be expected if using balanced on the Solaris thread:

    This settles it for me — I don't want my Andromeda SEG to sound larger — they're plenty large for me in SE.

    I also tried them with my Litz cable which came with my Comet and, although I am a darker/warmer sound signature person, I must say that the Smoky Litz cable (current version of the Sliver Litz cable) adds a tiny bit more details which was lost in the darker/warmer sound signature the standard Litz cable brought.

    No, clearly, @KB clearly nailed it with the Andromeda Special Edition Gold paired with the Sony ZX300 in SE.

    But that's just me.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  4. NewEve
    Yep, I noticed as well but completely forgot about it.
  5. Mlaihk
    I am poor to afford a proper house and proper home theatre setup, so I need a set of decent IEM to watch movies on my phone....
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  6. iBo0m
    It's a matter of preferences :) I hope that you have at least 5" screen :p

    BTW, I wasn't sarcastic! I watch movies on my laptop while commuting and not working. C are too big to be take with (I prefer IEMs anyway), so a good pair of IEMs that performs "well in all areas" are an unmatched gift.

    I was already asking some time ago about how IEMs performes watching movies, so-called "3D-effect", "dynamics" and such. However, nobody usually cares about it on audio forums, so I felt kinda dumb asking that again :D
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  7. Scorpion1611
    I use my standard Andromeda’s using the Apple Dongle for movies and TV everyday. The sound is fantastic, wide open head turning soundstage and great depth. No problems watching anything on an iPhone using the lowly apple dongle with the Andromeda’s. Music sounds equally superb too. My SR15 sounds better I guess but, not night and day. Considering the apple dongle was £10 and my SR15 over £500!
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  8. SpeleoFool
    FWIW, my first exposure to Campfire IEMs was at CANJAM SoCal in June. I'm not sure what DAP(s) they had on hand to help with demos (there were none on the table); I just used my AK380 with my own tunes. They used stock cables (so 3.5mm connections) by default, but when I asked if the Super Litz was available in 2.5mm balanced they pulled one out. I'd be surprised if they didn't also have 4.4 cables on hand.

    BTW, I never got back to you about my soundstaging impressions between Solaris and Andro Golds. While I definitely heard a better sense of "depth" with Solaris on some tracks, that impression wasn't entirely consistent for me, and I didn't find the differences in presentation particularly dramatic. The sense of depth seemed to be track-dependent. On tracks where the differences were more apparent to me, Andro Golds felt like a more intimate vocal presentation that was just as enjoyable as Solaris's more holistically balanced presentation. I really like both, and while I still lean toward Solaris for overall presentation and sound, the Andro Golds are more comfortable and have an exciting edge with stuff like bass heavy EDM.
  9. twiceboss
    my KZ ZS5 has no crossover too. And it the version 1 with massive soundstage.
  10. BeerNuts
    Wow really? I wanted to keep the Andromeda's Golds so so badly because I liked the size and fit vs the solaris, that bass was super fun as well. But man I just could not justify the downgrade in sound stage if I was only going to allow myself 1 IEM to keep. The golds felt more intimate like you said but only because they felt like a smaller space. It was more in your face than that on stage feeling of the Solaris.

    I was really wishing I had them yesterday actually. I had a ton of work and did a very long session like 8hrs of non-stop Solaris wear. It was really not as enjoyable as it could have been towards the end there. If I could get my Solaris sound in the Andromeda's form factor I would throw money at Ken. I also regret I didn't have more time with them before the return, but the hurricane looked like it was going to hit Florida and if it did then all mail out of state would stop and I would be stuck with them. I am thinking now about the possibility of maybe getting a used pair of green andros again just for the easy of wear form factor at half the cost of the golds.
  11. kdphan
    That was my first Canjam. Tried the Andromeda green, walked around, came back to the booth and bought it :)
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  12. BeerNuts
    Yeah I had the greens before the Solaris. I am trying very hard to stick to only 1 IEM but we will see.
  13. kdphan
    sticking to 1 IEM :o2smile:
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  14. SpeleoFool
    I really wish I could get Solaris sound in a CIEM. Nothing beats the comfort of customs.

    I just got back from my first air travel with the Noble K10 Customs that I picked up from Massdrop, I dunno, a year ago? I'm never flying anywhere without them again! The sound isolation was absolutely sublime. Even the plane engine noise was almost completely gone without any music playing, and with the tunes going there was nothing but my music in my world. I listened to music for hours on end, and yet my ears felt fresh and relaxed when I landed instead of strained by hours of engine whine.

    I'm intrigued by Equinox, but not sure it brings enough to the table over what I already have (Atlas + K10 CIEMs). The K10s have a deeper fit and, as I understand it, probably better isolation. They also pack a ton of bass, so if Equinox has an Atlas-like tuning that seems a bit redundant. But I'd love Solaris's relaxed and balanced signature in a well-isolated custom form factor!
  15. szore
    Money pit is right
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