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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. shadow_shooter
    Will you share your impressions of cable pairings? I'm noticing a big difference between stock smoke cables vs ref8 bal cable.
  2. NewEve
    Clearly everyone seem to agree that the Andromeda Special Edition Gold benefit greatly from a balanced cable.

    Which one do you prefer though? I'm curious.
  3. fonkh
    Someone with the Gold Andromeda here that uses the A&K SE 100? Im not a fan of Adapters, so im looking to upgrade my DAP (hybi r6) with sth. that fits the Andromeda and would appreciate some feedback.
  4. hawkward
    Same, I just got the gold Andromeda and am looking at upgrade cables. Nevertheless, it sounds really good stock on the DX200 w/ Amp9. Just considering what might be good in the event i switch back to an amp wth a balanced output
  5. shadow_shooter
    My personal favorite with dx200 is amp8 with ref8 balanced cables, 4.4 balanced output of amp8.

    I've heard amp9 is very analytical, that's why I'm using amp8 (and because it's balanced). I've tried amp3, amp7 and amp8 and I like the latter out of three. Digital filter also does affect the sound signature. I like anodizing, Slow roll off linear and slow roll off minimum options.

    Sound opens up with balanced cables and subs are better well defined.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  6. iBo0m
    Finally, someone thought about the movies! :ksc75smile:
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  7. Ryokan

    With the right fit and tips bass is no longer an issue. I'd be hesitant to buy Andro Gold (or Solaris) as they're bass heavy by comparison. Reading posts Atlas sound even more bass heavy. To me Andro green sound natural.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  8. theveterans
    Solaris bass heavy? I don’t know what kind of ears that person has or they forgot to turn off the bass boost EQ. Last time I demoed Solaris, it was definitely a bit leaner than even my Andromeda standard on the bass
  9. Ryokan

    That's the impression I've got reading people's posts.
  10. Tristy
    The Solaris definitely has more sub bass quantity and it *feels* bassier than the andromeda, probably due to the inclusion of a dynamic driver but I would be hesitant to say the mid / upper bass quantity is more. Andromeda does great mid / upper bass response for a BA
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  11. hiflofi
    Solaris wasn't bassy (vs LX, IER-Z1R) but it certainly wasn't leaner than the Andro. Had a lot more sub-bass and the mid-bass was more DD-like in its decay (slower but slightly more tactile as expected). Hearing things for yourself trumps the amalgamation of other people's impressions. Also, tolerances are different for everybody. One man's "very bassy"/"harsh" may be another's "not enough bass"/"smooth".
  12. Rockwell75
    So much this.
  13. Jackpot77
    Solaris has almost an "inverse BA" type of bass presentation to me. There isn't actually a huge quantity of mid bass, but there is plenty of impact and physicality. With BA bass you typically get volume but no slam, but with Solaris you get slam with not much commune (conparatibely). I don't think they are bass light, but that sense of physical tactility helps establish the "subwoofer" sorry of inordinate they can give in the really low registers without actually pushing out a huge amount of decibels. Just my 0.02c.
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  14. BeerNuts
    Solaris are not bass heavy at all. It has that same 10mm DD but it does not any major bass impact. Everything is super clean and detailed with them. Like i said in my review i wish sometimes the Solaris would kick like the Andro Golds.

    Also I emailed Campfire the other day and because of the holidays they just got back to me. The said that they demo the Andro Golds on ZX330, Z1, and Kann Cubes at the trade shows. I mentioned how the 3.5 was terrible on the zx300 but they didn't say if they use the 4.4 or not when demoing. No comment i guess.

    Its funny I think i have emailed them a few times over the years and their responses were always super short basic answers. They seriously need to hire someone for better support. Its like they make the warehouse staff respond to them or something, they just want to be done with them like emails are annoying. Uggh I have to talk to this guy about the $1300 headphones he bought from me, geez leave me alone kinda feeling. Really really weird considering the hobby and how much people like to talk about IEMs and DAPs.
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  15. M3NTAL
    I don't believe this has been mentioned yet - Special Edition Gold owners, check your pouches, there is a lapel pin with the SE: Gold Andromeda image. I need to check my Snow White pouches, but I doubt there is one in there.
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