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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ilovetoys
    Does the cable you're using change the sound of your andromeda's? That cable is so sexy I want it just to match the screws of my SE.
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  2. weebull

    do you have hiss using the DX220 and Andros?

  3. mattiav
    A little bit, yes. With stock amp and low gain SE it’s barely perceptible, and not at all noticeable when actually listening to any music. High gain? Audible, still not noticeable when music is playing. Amp9 is a bit noisier but still very much a great pairing. There are plenty of recordings that have more background noise/hiss than the DX220 delivers (e.g. the 2018 ‘A Star is Born’ soundtrack). The Campfire Atlas is dead silent, for comparison.
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  4. weebull
    Thanks! I just ordered the gold andros and I am looking for a good dap to pair them with but I can’t seem to find a consensus outside the now old zx300. Would you recommend the ibasso?
  5. M3NTAL
    All of the recent offerings from Shanling should be silent with the Gold. I use the M0 on high gain with no noise. I'm waiting for the release of their new android based DAP.
  6. NewEve


    Andromeda Special Edition Gold

    - 0384 -

    Nicely done by Campfire Audio​
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  7. ExpatinJapan


    Campfire Audio Andromeda V3 (with the ‘Solaris’ Super Litz 4.4mm cable - it adds a lil sumting . A but more body and mids) and iBasso DX160
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  8. hellfire8888
    damn i cant even buy it..sold out
  9. NewEve
  10. M3NTAL
    @NewEve - which tips are those? They look like spiral dots pushed all the way down. How do you like them with the nozzle flush with the tip? The last time I tried Spiral Dots with the Gold I was having issues with the fit.
  11. NewEve
    These are the standard CA silicon tips (medium size I believe).

    The only alternative for me in terms of both musicality and confort are the Final Audio tips which also came with the Gold but I’m not too keen on how their surface feel.
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  12. ilovetoys
    I received the Dekoni's and I like how they're shorter and have the wider opening but they hold the squish as opposed to springing quickly back like the pair that were on the SE's. Maybe because they're brand new but they feel like they are pushing the walls of my ears open as they are returning to form. A little uncomfortable. Great seal though. I'm starting to think I just got a weird pair of marshmallows that weren't vacuumed as long in the chamber maybe or longer, I don't remember how the cure process works exactly.

    I also received some acoustune aet07's in the mail yesterday and I have to say this is the first pair of silicon tips that didn't bother my ears or make them feel like they were under pressure. These also made me realize I have one ear canal that is slightly larger than the other. Probably need a M or L for my right ear as these are M-. I get a nice seal unless I move my jaw and then the right ear is lost. I especially enjoyed listening to my classical music with these tips.

    Thinking of maybe having custom tips done so I stop buying 100 packs of tips. Anyone have recommendations?
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  13. warriorpoet
    @ilovetoys give those Dekonis a little time; they get softer with heat. Within 10 minutes or so it's like they aren't even there. :)

    I have seen custom tips, don't recall the make, however.
  14. hellfire8888
  15. tracyca
    Rocking my Andromeda v2 with the mojo & iPad Pro 11 inch. No hiss that I can hear. I forgot how good the mojo is.
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